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Renewal/Transfer to new Key?


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Please forgive jumping in here with what is probably a well discussed topic but with the madness that is my schedule and a couple of searches not really turning up a clear answer here I just need to ask directly.  I have had NOD32 running on about 30 machines. Our license is expiring in a few days and we have purchased a renewal, or so I thought, for the coming year. Instead of the same license being authorized for the coming year I received a completely different license key. I don't see anything on my original ELA site about adding the new license to these units and nothing on the ELA page for the new license about transferring them. So aside from manually having to go to every unit and tracking down every remote user and plugging in this new key I'm not sure how this works. I'm not running ERA on any server at this time so I don't know if that's what I need to be doing to easily fix this. Can someone give me a quick and dirty answer on what I have to do to  get this working?

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