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ESET and a Cybersecurity Training Suggestion


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I am a PC technician who recently discovered the wonderful software that is ESET Smart Security / NOD32. In the past I steered clients away from popular AV software such as Norton and McAfee, as I believe they're bloated, confusing software suites that often times (in my experience) wreak more havoc on a client's system than a potential infection could have caused. My go-to AV software of choice was typically Microsoft Security Essentials. It's free, clean, lightweight - all of which are qualities I wanted in the AV software I use and recommend to clients. However, for a while I've been researching different software, comparing results of AV Comparatives and Virus Bulletin (among others), and concluded that MSE is no longer offering an acceptable level of protection. I refuse to endorse a product that I know is inferior and ineffective, so I began my search for a new product.


I noticed that ESET had been ranking quite highly in several AV comparison tests, and decided to run the 30 day trial on my home desktop and work laptop. Long story short, I was very impressed. It shared all the qualities which made me fall in love with MSE (except the price tag), but the with the added bonus of being very effective. I proceeded to purchase a 5 user family license and used the remaining 3 licenses to install ESET products on my girlfriend's desktop, father's desktop, and mother's laptop. They became my guinea pigs, but what is a better test of AV software than to install it on the systems of 3 users who routinely infect their systems?


My girlfriend resisted my suggestion that we replace MSE, as it was something she was used to and hardly noticed. I finally sold her on ESET after demonstrating it to her on my system. She found the UI to be very clean and intuitive, and was even impressed by the ESET android - she felt the whole package appeared very sleek, modern, and high-tech. After installing it on her system, I now catch her fiddling around with SysInspector snapshots, and looking over the running processes list for anything suspicious, and she's very quick to inform me if anything looks out of place.


My parents on the other hand - well - let's just say I haven't heard anything from them. As the saying goes, "no news is good news".


This all leads me to my suggestion. I think the Cybersecurity Training included with ESET products is a great feature. It won't make your grandma an expert, but it's a great crash course for novice users and teaches a lot of what should be common sense regarding security and safe internet usage. As I've recently started selling ESET products to my clients, I would love it if the Cybersecurity Training had a certificate or some proof of completion, which my clients could print and redeem with me for credit towards future service. I believe the short course would educate a large number of people, but I'm sure many wouldn't bother to spend half an hour sitting through it, or think they know more than they do and don't feel as though they would benefit. Despite a user's possible reason for avoiding it, I believe many could be enticed into completing it by offering some incentive. Other technicians or shops who endorse and sell ESET products would have the ability to offer similar incentives, and ESET could even offer some incentive for users who complete training (such as a small subscription extension).


Thanks for reading - curious to hear your thoughts.

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  • ESET Staff


This type of real-world example is impossible to duplicate in an office setting, and we will bear in mind your observations and suggestions in the development of future support and training content. I have passed your posting here along to my colleagues who work with the Cybersecurity Training program. Thanks for taking the time to share these insights with us, I'm glad that your girlfriend and your parents had a good experience!

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