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where is my software ?


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yesterday I have purchased the NOD32 anti-virus software , completed the payment... I was supposed to get an email from ESET within an hour. After more than 24 hours I still haven't gotten anything. Does ESET have some kind of custumer support or a help desk ? I called their office in Bratislava, but their representative couldn't help me with his broken english, all he could do was directing me to this forum. 


Now I want to know if there's a way to get in contact with some kind of help desk or custumer support or getting my money back.





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Hello sorry to hear about your problem, I don't work for ESET just so you know, but I have always got the email a couple of minutes after I have renewed my license.


Did you check so it didn't end up in your "spam" folder, sometimes it can do that even if it shouldn't?


And are you sure you wrote in your e-mail adress correctly (I always double check), so it wasn't sent to some other adress?


In any case, I am sure we can get our issue sorted ASAP. :)


Edit: could also be useful for ESET to know from what website you bought your license.

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If you are from Belgium and purchased the license from the Belgian distributor, please fill in the support form in Belgian or French to contact the local Customer care. In the mean time, you can activate a 30-day trial version which will provide full protection until the issue is sorted.

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new_noob ,


I had one of my clients have the same thing happen to her.

She purchased software, and also had email from noreply@eset which had the receipt or the order, but no place to download the program in email or the license.

The trouble turned out to be due to using aolmail and she contacted customer service who assisted in providing the license to a new email provided security questions were answered.


You will definitely get some help. Thanks for your patience. It will be worth the wait, and also as Marcos stated, you can download the trial which gives the same protection as the licensed version until the matter is resolved.

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Si has realizado una compra en linea, en la pagina de ESET te podrian ayudar.

Pero si has realizado una compra con un producto fIsico a traves de un Partner Local, debería de haber un numero de teléfono para que te puedan solucionar tu inconveniente.



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