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Protocol Filtering - Interfering with Web Browser


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Hi All,

I was wondering if anyone here has been having issues with protocol filtering interfering with browsing, specifically corrupting images and causing page rendering issues? (source text, blank pages, multiple refreshes to correctly render).


I have raised the issues to ESET and currently they have me ignoring my browser (chrome) in the list of SSL filtered application. This seems to solve this issues with SSL based pages, but does nothing for non- SSL pages. Originally they had me disable protocol filtering all together but I did not like having a gap in my protection (temporarily was ok) so I re-enabled it. This issue does not generate any events in the logs.


I never had these issues until recently (probably the last 2 weeks or so).




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Chrome released a new ver. 55 the beginning of Dec.. I beleive Eset plans to address issues with it in the next Eset release upgrade.


You might try rolling back to any older ver. of Chrome or use a different browser until the issue is fixed.

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If you have v10 installed and the issue also occurs with pre-release updates selected, I'd recommend to carry on as follows:
- enable generation of advanced protocol filtering logs in the Diagnostics setup
- reproduce the issue
- disable logging
- collect logs with ESET Log Collector

- contact Customer care + pm me a download link to the logs.

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