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How to recover licenses from crashed OS's, non-functional PCs


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I have multiple MSP licenses with around two dozen seats per. Over time, a number of the client stations have crashed in such a way that an orderly license removal through the ERA console was not possible. I've deleted the old entries and just bought new seats, thinking the system would catch up eventually. The seats are not coming back.


I saw another post that alluded to a command that could be run that might square-up the license disparity, but the post did not give any details. Does anyone know what that command may be? Is there another method to reclaim the licenses that I seem to have lost?

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  • ESET Staff


You should login with your security admin credentials to ESET License Administrator, locate the "seats" that have not connected in last 30 days (for example), in "unit management section" and deactivate them from there.

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