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Renewal problem


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Hi I'm trying to renew my NOD32 as its been telling me for days that its due to expire.


I've had nod for years and I've never had any problems with this in the past.


However, this time round, every time I go to the renewal page and try to buy I get the message:


There is already an existing identical renewal in the order list for this licence. You will need to resolve any outstanding issues with that order before you can process this transaction.


the attached file has a screen print for this.


Apart from being singularly unhelpful - you need to sort it... really, ok - HOW?


I tried going through email support, where I assume my message wasn't read, as all I was sent was a link to the renewal page, which of course carried on with the same behaviour above.


So my questions:


Is there some sort of basket available (the order list) on the site I can access to continue this existing renewal?


Has anyone else had/solved this problem?


and which other anti virus software would you recommend if this doesn't work?


Thanks for any help




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