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Do I need to upgrade old v8 8.0.310.0?

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First off I didn't like v9, and will wait for bugs to be fixed in v10-


I didn't like the "iffy" virus definition updates in v8, and trialed a couple of other IS products on my laptop?

They were slow & buggy, and I downloaded a fresh v8/installed.


My laptop now shows v8.0.319.0, and my desktop shows v8.0.310.0?


Do I need to do something... to bring my desktop to .319, or...?-

If so over the top install, or...?



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I wouldn't hesitate with upgrade to v10 as it also addresses bugs from v8 and v9 besides other improvements like Ransomware protection, smaller memory consumption, improved performance and many more. By the way, what do you mean by "iffy" virus definition updates? Updates are same for all versions in terms of the code.

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