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Peter Randziak

ESET Mobile Security for Android 3.5 BETA is available

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We are happy to announce that the BETA version of significantly improved and refactored ESET Mobile Security for Android is available via the Google Play BETA channel.

To join the test please follow https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.eset.ems2.gp on your Android device, then just click on “BECOME A TESTER” button (login to your Google account may be required).

In case you do not have ESET Mobile Security for Android installed, proceed to installation by selecting “Download the Mobile Security & Antivirus app on Google Play”.


What's new in this BETA?

-New Anti-phishing which supports more browsers and works on all supported Android versions

-New permissions model requiring permissions when needed by enabled functionality

-Simplified Anti-theft feature

-Many improvements and changes under the hood


Please give these features a test ride along with the setup wizard.

When you join the program, you may apply for a 3-month premium license so you can test and enjoy the application fully.

In case you experience an application crash, please select to send us the crash report.


Thank you for your participation,


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I was start with testing today on my Huawei P9 with Android 7.0 and ESET report me that system app "SMS and MMS" from Huawei is dangerous, including TrojanDropper.Agent.AOU . This is weird state :-)

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I like this version !

2 ideas :

1-LiveGrid list of applications safe/unknow/dangerous (as process on computer)

Example from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.funnycat.virustotal :



2-Cleaning cache Browser : i cleaned many phone/tablet with spam popup...


Thank you

Edited by aranud
example picture

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I found folder on my phone "Eset" with fews pictures.

But the option in Anti-Theft for take picture when pin is bad (2 times for me) is disable .


And again this morning, i switch on option to take picture ON But pin 3 times fail. With 1 fail, Eset take one picture...

Thank you

Edit : i suggest to upload picture on cloud or send pper email and not stored in the phone

Thank you and sorry for bad english

Edited by aranud

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