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AI's Smarter, How to eset keep up products?


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Hello everyone,

First of all my interests in Malware analyze and C++ programming.  :) 

A few days ago, i reading about artificial intelligence in the CYBER protection. AI's can be smarter and better than nowadays anti-viruses. in the past 10 years anti-virus applications they are the people's choice to protection against malware or virus. But now malwares including ransomwares and spywares is larger and more than before. So AV applications can't provide protection for users against all the malwares.



Malware detection and remove is the process AFTER the malware recognition by av companies.

AI's cyber protection can remove and protect user BEFORE the malware recognition.



** Finally i have a one simple question, How to ESET keep up products while applications detect malware only by signature ?!  :huh:


(sorry for my bad eng)

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There are hardly any "traditional" AVs nowadays that would solely rely on traditional signatures as you can read from time to time. ESET is no exception and we utilizes a multi-layer approach to protect users. Advanced techniques both on user's part like LiveGrid, Advanced heuristics, smart DNA signatures, Exploit Blocker, Advanced Memory Scanner, HIPS, Ransomware protection, Botnet protection, Network protection and on ESET's part (automatic replication and advanced DNA signature creation, etc.) provide very quick response to new emerging threats (including ransomware) and thus protect users from getting hit.


For more information about ESET's technologies, please refer to https://www.eset.com/int/about/technology/.

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