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Merging Retail License Keys


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Are you guys able to merge retail license keys (i.e. 2 1YR 3 PC licenses into 1 2YR 3PC license)? I spoke to tech support, they directed me to sales, and sales was unsure whether it can be done or not.



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I too need kinda similar info.


I am running Eset Smart Security 9...won the license in MalwareTips giveaway...Expiry 30 April 2017

I have now won MalwareTips giveaway for Eset Smart Security Premium 10 1 year License.


Can you merge both the license & give me a single license for Eset Internet Security 10 i.e remaining days of previous license + 1 year of new license for Eset Internet Security 10?

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Quoting @foneil from an earlier similar topic (see original post here)...

On 03/12/2015 at 4:25 AM, foneil said:
Regarding "the ability to activate a new license and have your days remaining merge into the new licens," technically this licensing functionality doesn't exist in the Home licensing model (afaik), and any merging only applies to renewals (per q18 in the FAQ):
  • How do I add, subtract or combine my previous license(s) before renewing?
Our Sales Support team will be happy to assist you. License modifications are allowed within 30 days of your initial purchase or within 90 days of your renewal date. Please use our contact page for further assistance.



The relevant ESET Knowledge Base Article with this Licensing FAQ can see seen here, now as q21.

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Added link to KB article and mentioned repositioned question.
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