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After automatic update server component to 6.4.265 Mirror not work

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i have a big problem with my lan.... i have schedule to update server file, Pc and remote administration component and have much problem...


I update File Security to 6.4.12002.1 and in 24 hout server stop work... freeze. restart server and update agent from 6.3.136 to 6.4.283 and seem work now (2 day for now...)

I update Endpoint Antivirus in many LAN PC form 6.32016.1to 6.4.2014.1 and agent too and now have problem with program that send automatic mail with Outlook that not work...

But the big problem is the remote administration server or Mirror that File Security do in this server!!!.

The automatic update of component od the Remote Administrator has work and now i have 6.4.265 version... but icon in windows menù is lost (?).

I can enter in console via web and it same to work fine but now tthe PC cannot update virus definition file... all version i have (Endpoint 6.3/6.4 and File Security 6.4)!!!

I try to delete mirror folder file... rebuild it form File Security configuration... re-download update... verify port 2221 TCP open in firewall, reinstall Apache HTTP as ESET site report but notthing


Can you help me to find the solution? How can i test the access of mirror?


Is a problem of Remote Administration, File Security or HTTP Apache? 

With the information of site ESET i reinstalla APACHE HTTP but i find that it's not present first in PC... i must use it or i can remove? 

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  • ESET Staff

I have read your post, but I am not sure I am getting it right.

So I will try to summarize:

  1. You have updated ERA components (agents / server / webconsole) to version 6.4 (from version 6.3)
  2. You have updated ESET Endpoint Antivirus from version 6.3.2016 to 6.4.2014
  3. You have updated ESET File Security from version (?) to version 6.4.12002.1
  4. Your network was set-up in a way, that ESET File Security 6.x was used to create a mirror (set by ERA policy ? Or set locally?), and all of your Endpoints were updating from this mirror server (hostname / IP address was set as the "update server address" in the policy for ESET Endpoint Antivirus)

What I need to understand is:

  1. When your ERA V6 was installed, did you "check" the option to install Apache HTTP proxy, that could be used for caching of the updates (it is an alternative to the old mirror server, that also allows communication with ESET LiveGrid, and licensing servers). If this was checked, and installed there are policies configured to "HTTP Proxy Usage" created in your Remote Administrator "Policies" section).
    1. If not, it is not related to Apache HTTP Proxy.
    2. If yes, the mirror is "redundant" if your network was configured properly
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