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Encrypt a shared folder then allow specific users to update this folder


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hello everyone


I am looking to create an encrypted folder this folder should be shared with specific users, and those users will be update that folder, so is there any way to do that on Deslock?

And do they need to have deslock activated on their computers as well?

Your reply is highly appreciated

As a result I am looking to create an encrypted shared folder with a specific team so everything will be added to this folder will be encrypted automatically.

any reply or help would be highly appreciated



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If you want a secure location that multiple people can access, then I would recommend taking a look at either using virtual disks or an encrypted archive to store data inside of them.
How to use DESlock+ Archives - hxxp://support.deslock.com/KB378
How do I use Virtual Disks? - hxxp://support.deslock.com/KB338
Yes, all of your users will need DESlock+ installed and also have the right encryption key so that they can access the contents of either an encrypted archive or virtual disk.


Regards, P.R.

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