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Activation failed: ACT.33


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Hi All,


We are facing issue while activating ESET retail products (EAV & ESS) in several locations. 


Activation failed with error ACT.33. Please find attached error screen shot.


As we have observed this is not a machine related problem. 


Please suggest what can be done further.




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  • ESET Moderators


The error ACT.33 shows up when a license is used in a country/region it was not issued for.

(Some licenses have a country lock, as part of our license leakage prevention program.)

I assume the license was not purchased from an official ESET reseller - many times licenses on auction portals (like eBay) are sold by companies or individuals who bought them in a different country and are trying to make profit by selling them again, without being authorized by ESET to do so.

In cases like that, you can only ask for a refund of the license - and in the future, always make sure you only purchase ESET licenses from official sources.



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