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EIS 10's update is not functioning properly on one of my computers

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So, I have Windows 7 x64 with EIS 10 installed. When I start Windows, before I even attempt to connect to the network, ESET's update animation starts. I connect to the internet, and the update animation and process just go on indefinitely.


The only way I can make it to work, is to cancel the update and then click update again. It works after that, but every time I have to manually update.


I tried this: - Clearing the update cache from the settings

                 - Switching to pre-released updates, then switching back to regular updates


None of these worked. I have to mention that this was a fresh installation done on my computer.


I have a screenshot attached with the indefinitely updating.


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You could try doing a repair of EIS via control panel>programs as that is the easiest thing to do. Otherwise I'm thinking an uninstall/reinstall is in order.  hxxp://support.eset.com/kb2788/

I've just reinstalled the program, the issue persists. Any other ideas?

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