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DESlock Enterprise Sever 2.7.1 and DESlock Client 4.8.11 have been released and are available to download.

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DESlock Client 4.8.11

  • Improved: Full Disk Encryption. New utility Bootloader Keyboard Manager allows management of which keyboard layouts are available in the pre-boot authentication. Access via new Settings FDE page.
  • Improved: (Enterprise Client only) Full Disk Encryption. Encryption status of Workstations is now available via the notification area icon.
  • Fixed: Fixed an issue where disk layout information may not be correctly reported on systems with an SD bus disk. On standalone clients the error seen would have been "This copy of Windows is not installed on the primary boot drive. Running full-disk encryption may result in data corruption and being unable to start your computer." (Reported with ASUS EeeBook). On managed clients, the problem can either show no disks for the workstation or report that disk information has changed when starting encryption.
  • Fixed: Full Disk Encryption. When upgrading from versions prior to v4.8.0 to v4.8.4 or v4.8.5 only the BIOS keyboard layout was available.
  • Fixed: Full Disk Encryption. After upgrading from versions prior to v4.8.0 to v4.8.3 it was not possible to add additional keyboard layouts to pre-boot authentication.
  • Fixed: (Enterprise Client only). Full Disk Encryption. 'Prompt user to choose their own password, before encryption starts' option when starting FDE would prompt the user for their password, then not actually use it, nor would it use the password defined in the Enterprise Server. (affected v4.8.4 and v4.8.5)
  • Fixed: Full Disk Encryption. Improved pre-boot authentication keyboard support by adding a workaround if normal initialization fails. (Reported on an HP Elitebook 850 G3 with a French keyboard).
  • Fixed: Full Disk Encryption. Fixed an issue when Windows was not installed on the first partition on the system disk.
  • Fixed: (Standalone Clients only) Full Disk Encryption. Fixed a problem detecting GPT disks configured as dynamic disks.
  • Fixed: (Standalone Clients only) Full Disk Encryption. No longer allows the user to use the reserved name 'admin' when starting FDE.
  • Fixed: Full Disk Encryption. Fixed a problem encrypting GPT disks with no ESP.
  • Fixed: (Enterprise Client only). Clients receiving a pushed installation would have always seen the 'Reboot' dialog in English. (affected v4.8.3, v4.8.4 and v4.8.5)
  • Improved: Settings (Control Panel) user interface tidied up.
  • Improved: Settings (Control Panel) 'Do Nothing' option added for notification icon double-click.
  • Improved: Full Disk Encryption. New Settings page to access common FDE actions is available when Workstation is encrypted.
  • Improved: Virtual Disks are now supported on UNC (network) paths.
  • Fixed: Shredder. Fixed some issues with the desktop icon.
  • Fixed: Shredder. Fixed on x64 platforms where if a user right-clicked in a shell folder view (For example: a file browse dialog) the host application would crash.
  • Fixed: Optical Media Encryption. Fixed an issue which affected some internet dongles. Devices which use emulated CD devices to communicate could be blocked when using any Removable Media Encryption policy mode other than Open. (Reported with LG L-03F 4G/LTE Modem).
  • Fixed: Optical Media Encryption. Now blocks and throws an error for all files on paths which exceed 260 characters.
  • Fixed: Optical Media Encryption. Updated to allow the re-use of formatted CD-RW discs.
  • Improved: Spanish version has an updated help-file.
  • Fixed: Managed Uninstall can now use non-ANSI passwords. (Enterprise Client only).
  • Fixed: Fixed a problem with installation repair. (32-bit / x86 only).


DESlock Enterprise Sever 2.7.1

  • Fixed: Resolved timeout problem running various reports.
  • Fixed: Resolved a few translation errors.
  • Improved: Added language support.
  • Improved: Translations for Polish, Japanese and Chinese (Simplified and Traditional).
  • Replaced Alerts with a more comprehensive Events logging system.
  • Improved: Enterprise Server admin password reset tool.
  • Removed PHP extension requirement and reliance on a single PHP version.
  • Improved: Support for formatting time in time zone other than in UTC.
  • Improved: Database restore code which could sometimes leave the database in an incomplete restored state.
  • Improved: Extra checking to some control panel entry fields.
  • Proxy server can be provided with user name/password during setup wizard, even if it doesn't prompt for credentials (via a 407 error code).
  • Improved: Configuration option to specify path to OpenSSL binary file.
  • Fixed: Issue creating backup when organization name was Unicode.
  • Fixed: Problem creating new login role in control panel.
  • Fixed: Problem uploading custom SSL certificate.
  • Fixed: SQL injection privilege escalation attack.
  • Fixed: Minor user interface improvements.
  • Updated to latest versions of libCurl and OpenSSL.
  • Fixed: Resolved problem with logout where user still appeared in the active list for a period of time after actual logout.

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