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ESET SS 6 Firewall Configuration for Two PC Home Network

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I have two systems in Home Network in same Workgroup connected via cable to DSL router both running ESET SS 6. The Desktop is running Win 7 Pro x64. The Laptop is running Win XP Pro. Both systems connect to the internet individually through the DSL router.


The Laptop can't view subfolders on the Desktop. The Desktop doesn't have any issues viewing folders and subfolders on the Laptop. Is this a possible firewall setting issue?


Do I need to make any changes to the ESET Firewall configuration for this Home Network?


Thank you in advance for your assistance.



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As discussed here before, the best mode to start with might be the following :

Learning  mode

Allows all activity and automatically creates and saves rules based on user behavior; this mode is suitable for initial configuration of the Personal firewall. No user interaction is required. Learning mode is not secure, and should only be used until all rules for required communications have been created. The Personal firewall should then be set to Automatic mode with exceptions or Policy mode.


While not a permanent mode to use, as you can see, it would probably be the easiest to get you up and going and allowing your network shares through. Then can switch to a stronger mode after your local network is running smoothly.

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Thank you for the replies.


I was able to resolve my folder sharing issue, but I have concern that my networked systems may not be as secure as they could be from threats on the Internet side of the DSL modem. The folder sharing issue was a Microsoft Windows Network setup issue. If you are connecting two different operating systems with Win 7 on ome of the computers, you need to establish identical password protected user accounts on each computer. Once I created the accounts with password login, I was able to view the files and folders on the Win 7 computer from the Win XP computer.


HomeGroup is a feature of Win 7 that only applies to networked Win 7 systems. Both my computers are running ESET SS 6 and one is a Win 7 Pro x64 desktop and one is a Win XP Pro laptop both connected to my DSL modem via Ethernet cable. I set up a Workgroup and the two computers in the Workgroup have access to the other computers folders and files.


I don't know how to determine if my firewall configurations with this type of setup are sufficient or if I have a wide open threat access. I've viewed the ESET training feature on the ESET SS 6, but that information was very basic and doesn't explain firewall settings from what I've seen.


Is there a good example or tutorial on firewall configuration settings that explains the recommended settings and what to look for? I don't see anything that explains the proper port configurations and protocols. Should both system have the identical firewall settings?


Thanks in advance for your assistance.



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  • ESET Staff

Hi Tjg79,

We have an article that addresses the topic of Windows Homegroup networking on Win7 specifically. You can take a look here. I'm glad you were able to resolve your issue, just wanted to add that if it helps with your peace of mind.


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Thank you for that information.


Although, I'm not using Windows Homegroup networking in my case, because I'm networking a Win XP system with a Win 7 system. I'm using Windows Workgroup networking. It's my understanding that Windows Homegroup networking is only applicable when you are  networking Win 7 systems only. Do you have a similar article on Windows Workgroup networking?


My two PCs are both configured with the ESET firewall, so I presume they are individually secure. My concern is when the two PCs are passing folders and files between each other. The packets pass through the DSL modem which is my default Gateway; is this network traffic secure in a Windows Workgroup network?


Thank you for your assistance.



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