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Microsoft Windows 10 Defender remains active

Guest MarcoO

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Dear ESET and forum members,


I got ESET Smart Security 10 installed on Windows 10 1607 with activated Anti-Theft module (yeah it is a Notebook).


Since the latest program update 10.0.369.1 the Windows Defender remains activated after every boot or restart. I deactivated the Defender but it turned on every time. I deinstalled ESET over the Windows Uninstaller and installed it again but that changed nothing.

The Defender symbol is visible at the taskbar even if I deactivate it.


I haven`t got this problem at my PC where I updated ESET to that version too and friends of mine haven`t got this problem on their PCs too.

I called the ESET support but the friendly man didn`t know the problem and couldn`t help me.

Maybe you got a solution.

I know that I can deactivate the Defender by editing one or two keys in the Registry but I want that ESET controls the Defender.


I want to mention that before the program update I hadn`t got that problem and I only did this, so no Windows updates or other things installed at this time.



Many thanks for your help!



Best regards

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