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How to disable the free upgrade (to ESS) prompt


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Hey guys,


I've seen a forum post on here from 3  years ago about the 'free upgrade' but it didn't answer what I wanted to know.
bear in mind, this has only just started happening in the last 12 months here in Aus.

The "Click here for a free upgrade" prompt to upgrade NOD32 to ESS
I've got a 'yes' button and a 'not now' button (in really freakin small print. Really ESET?)
I don't like and don't want ESS, I'm totally fine with NOD32 as are the rest of my customer base (I'm a freelance tech)

The problem is, there's no "do not show again" box to tick, so I"ve had this prompt on my home PCs a handful of times each now and it's really annoying.

Is there any way to permanently disable these messages?



On the same note (in case ESET folk are reading), I gotta say I think it's a pretty poor tactic on ESETs behalf. It's the kind of marketing I expect from malware and PUP distributors, really dents my faith.
I have customers that call me and say "There's a window saying I have a free upgrade, should I press it?" - my automatic response is "absolutely not".
I have regular, lay customers who, if you say "yes upgrade this, no don't upgrade that", get confused and before you know, they've installed Driver Booster and the entire catalogue from IO-Bit

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If you have an older version of EAV, you should be offered upgrade to EAV v9, not ESS. Upgrade to v9 can only be postponed if you are not using a fully supported version (v8/v9/v10). Please supply me with the output from ESET Log Collector so that I can check some registry values that are used to determine which ESET product you have installed.

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