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ESET Smart Security (9.0.408.0) & Chrome

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I recently installed ESET and have been plagued by poor performance ever since.  Connections to www are very, very slow (or just don't connect at all). Once connected, TV streams and things download perfectly satisfactorily.  The only thing I've tried is to disable HTTP protocol scanning (as seen in a YouTube clip (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sGuL17TXR2Q), which seems to solve the problem...  But... ESET warns me that I have disabled  anti-phishing & web protection.


With web protection enabled: my PC is turned into a brick.


I am not very PC-literate (bear in mind when replying!!).  What do I do?  Current situation is unacceptable.

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The HTTP scanner provides essential protection against threats coming from the Internet and therefore should not be disabled. I'd contact your local customer care and provide them with logs from ESET Log Collector. Also you can drop me a pm with the output from the tool.

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