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I am very disappointed by this forum

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I am a French customer Eset and I am very satifaite of my product.
On the other hand, I am very disappointed by this forum. Why? Because it here is several months which I try to reset my password of my initial account on this forum (user name: Sicilia42) unsuccessfully. In every attempts I nevertheless followed the procedure but I have never received from email allowing me to end the procedure to reset my password.

I specify that I connected today, with my account to tweet to be able to post this message. Furthermore, know that I also tried to contact you by email on four occasions there also no answer from you. For me it is clear that you attached not much importance for the customers ESET who nevertheless pay their license.


I hope that on the occasion of my last message on this forum, a person in charge can bring me an answer.

Best Regards


GardienESET (Sicilia42)

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We are sorry to hear that. In case of any issues with this forum, please contact moderators and we will do our best to help you resolve it as soon as possible. It could be that a verification email for resetting the password didn't reach you due to being intercepted by an antispam filter on the way. Let us know if the problem still persist and we will try to look up in logs if the email was actually sent out from our system.

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