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Eset endpoint security BSOD windows 10 anniversary epfwwfpr.sys


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version 6.4.2014.0 


During the automatic update to windows 10 x64  anniversary edition (1607)  KB3199209 we have been receiving the error IRQ_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL on epfwwfpr.sys. 

Using the windows 10 recovery, command prompt we rename the driver in the system32/drivers folder and allow the update to install.   We then install the cumulative updates for 1607.  When that update has completed epfwwfpr.sys is restored and no further issues occur. 


Our initial response was to remove epfwwfpr.sys, deinstall eset,  allow the updates to run,  reinstall eset.


epfwwfrp.sys is version 6.4.2012.0 dated 5/23/2016


Does anyone have another solution for this issue?    I have 40+ machines and would like to not need to fix the BSOD on each individual case.






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we are aware of one possible BSOD tiger related to process termination, but is quite rare so it shouldn't happen each time on upgrade.

It is fixed in the planned 6.5 version and the fix was back-ported to version 6.4, but not released yet.


Can you please send me (via private message a link to compressed memory.dmp) a full memory crash dump so we can check if is it the same issue or something different?


Regards, P.R.

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