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Beware of over-aggressive antivirus remover! (removes Firefox?)


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ESET's antivirus removal tool, which is what is used when you create a task in the ERA to remove "3rd Party Antivirus", is extremely aggressive and will remove not only 3rd party products, but also any ESET products as well!  AND Mozilla Firefox!  Why, why, why would you think Firefox is an antivirus program?? Thank goodness you don't think Office is an antivirus program or I'd be dealing a whole bunch of really pissed off people! And, why would you call something a "3rd party a/v remover" and then remove your own product!  


Here is the list of programs removed by ESET a/v remover: 




Someone really didn't think this through...   


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This is a known issue which will be addressed in ERA 6.5 soon. You can uninstall 3rd party applications as follows:

1, Create a new agent policy that will report all installed applications and assign it to the desired dynamic group.

2, Select the desired computers and choose "Send wake-up call" from the context menu to enforce agents to connect to ERAS and download the policy.

3, Wait several seconds and then send another wake-up call to avoid waiting until agents connect to ERAS next time automatically.

4, Create a Software uninstall task while selecting the desired application from the list.

5, Send the task to clients.

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