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ekrn not start on windows 10


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after the last update of windows 10 i found that windows defender is installed and eset antivirus stop workking.


i tried to disable windows defender and start eset antivirus manual, everything works good.


But after restarting the computer eset not stratup, i tried to check the service status & i found that eset is set automatic but not started.


now i start eset service manual after every restart or shutdown.


this is a printscreen of service status.


Sans titre.png


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Using 2 AVs or HIPS systems is not recommended. They may clash or cause issues like this. ESET's HIPS is vital as other protection modules, such as Advanced Memory Scanner, Exploit Blocker and Ransomware protection depend on HIPS and those are modules that are effective in protecting you from zero-day malware.

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