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Autumn Challenge - results

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Hello, forum members!
Three weeks have passed and the Autumn Challenge is now over.
Our thanks go to everyone who participated and contributed to the forum - you make this place a community hub, a place where people can find help with their issues.
This challenge has proven fruitful and thus we would like to repeat it in the future as well, as we saw a boost in member interaction during its course.
As promised, here are the winners of the motivational prizes:

1st: itman, with 25 points
2nd: puff-m-d, with 19 points
3rd: TomFace, with 14 points
4th: jadinolf, with 4 points
=5th: mandiato, with 3 points
=5th: cyberhash, with 3 points
7th: Phoenix, with 2 points
=8th: yeoldfart, with 1 point
=8th: toxinon12345, with 1 point
10th: peteyt, with 0 points (but most posts of the non-scoring participants)
11th (consolation): RomN, with 0 points (and the second most posts of the non-scoring participants)

We will contact the winners regarding the details of sending the prizes soon.
Congratulations to the winners and once again thanks to everybody who participated and helped the forum community!

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