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Internal Server Error

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Hello there,


I'm a new user with Eset File Security. Sometimes I get an email with error message from Eset File Security on my server.


I do not have much informations except this (in french):

06-11-16 00:16:37 - Lors de l'execution de Mettre a jour sur l'ordinateur DC-01, l'evenement suivant s'est produit : Erreur de serveur interne.


It say: "the event Internal Server Error occurs when updating DC-01"


I do not know where to get more information about this error and can not  find anything on internet.


Thanks for help.



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  • ESET Staff

Hi Lenif,

which version of File Security do you use?


Please check "Events" log in File Security, errors should be logged there. How often do these errors occur?

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Hello, thanks for reply


It does not occurs since sunday 00:20 AM


I do not found any logs except what was in email received. See attachment (Sorry my installation is in french)





Eset File Security v6.3.12010.0
Base des signatures de virus: 14413 (20161109)
Module de réponse rapide: 8998 (20161109)
Module de mise à jour: 1067 (20160630)
Module d'analyse antivirus et antispyware: 1504 (20161018)
Module d'heuristique avancée: 1172 (20160718)
Module de prise en charge d'archives: 1256 (20161011)
Module de nettoyage: 1128 (20161025)
Module Anti-Stealth: 1103 (20160927)
Module ESET SysInspector: 1262 (20160923)
Module de protection des fichiers systèmes en temps réel: 1010 (20150806)
Module de prise en charge de la traduction: 1539 (20161013)
Module de prise en charge HIPS: 1249 (20160928)
Module de protection Internet: 1280.1 (20161019)
Module de base de données: 1086 (20160920)
Module de configuration (36): 1359.5 (20160920)
Module de communication LiveGrid: 1021 (20160310)
Module de détection et de nettoyage de rootkits: 1006 (20160715)
Module de protection réseau: 1297 (20161103)


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