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Thank you ESET

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For the benefit of any ESET staff who might read this forum...


I just wanted to say thank you for providing what is probably the only decent AV solution for Linux desktops, both in terms of detection rates and the very slick UI/UX.


The next nearest competitor is Sophos, which recently and quietly dropped support for the GUI, and which has lower detection rates for both Windows and Linux malware.




I'm also happy to report that, to my pleasant surprise, NOD32 installs and runs flawlessly on Gentoo, a somewhat exotic meta-distro that is not officially supported by ESET (although this is often the case with Gentoo, which also runs Steam flawlessly).


My use case is that I need a flexible rescue tool in a heterogeneous home computing environment, comprising a range of hardware, operating systems and both Free and proprietary software, and for me that means a Gentoo bootable USB thumbdrive including a good AV tool, amongst other things.


Sadly the only Free (as in freedom) Software tool available, ClamAV, has a detection rate as low as 15%, making it essentially useless, and most of the other proprietary AV solutions for Linux are targetted purely at enterprise users, so it seems NOD32 is the only viable solution for the Linux desktop.




I'm only on day two of my thirty-day evaluation, but I expect to pay for a full license at the end of the trial period, given my experience so far. I'm also considering the Windows version to replace Avast! as my current Windows solution, and the Android version as well. I note that ESET offers a "Multi-Device" license pack that represents approximately 30% discount.


Please continue to support this product.


Thank you. :)

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However, Gentoo users should note that NOD32's installer, along with nearly all third-party Linux application installers, has no knowledge or understanding of OpenRC, and as such it will fail to add the service to the default runlevel, although it will properly install the service in /etc/init.d.


This is easily rectified with:

rc-update add esets default
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