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Found 6 results

  1. i have a problem when creating installer via server API. i don't know what to set for "endpointRepositoryPackage", "package_app_id" , "package_os", "package_os_systems", and "package_version". i've tried some possible values with no luck, when i test download the installer it fails. i create all in one installer using this json { "Era.Common.NetworkMessage.ConsoleApi.Repository.RpcCreateStoredInstallerRequest": { "staticObjectData": { "name":"Test installer", "description":"olala vit" }, "storedInstallerData": { "agentPeerCertificateUuid": { "uuid":"agentpee-rcertific-ateu-uidddddddddd" }, "endpointRepositoryPackage": { "package_app_id":"com.eset.apps.business.ees", "package_description":"ESET Endpoint Security", "package_lang":"en_US", "package_name":"ESET Endpoint Security", "package_os":"WINDOWS", "package_os_systems":"WINDOWS XP, VISTA, NT 4.0, 95, 8, 7, 2000, 10", "package_version":"6.6.2064.0" }, "staticGroupUuid": { "uuid":"staticgr-oups-uuid-stri-nghereeeeeee" }, "acceptEula":true, "installerType":1, "serverHostname":"hos.ti.pa.ddr", "serverPort":"2222" } } } i need guide for this. thanks in advance
  2. hi. i'm trying to get license uuid. i activate a license using this json. i'm expecting to get the license uuid from this request. { "Era.Common.NetworkMessage.ConsoleApi.Licenses.RpcAddPoolByLicenseKeyRequest": { "licenseKey": "KEEY-KEYY-KKEY-KEYE-KEEY" } } instead i got this json { "Era.Common.NetworkMessage.ConsoleApi.RpcExceptionData": {} } server log : 2017-11-23 04:35:22 Error: ConsoleApiModule [Thread 7feba17ba700]: 23394 Error while processing AddPoolByLicenseKey request: CEcpCommunicator: ECPRequestMessageLinkSeatPools request failed, error=0x2051d000. 2017-11-23 04:35:22 Error: ConsoleApiModule [Thread 7feba17ba700]: Untranslatable CInterModuleException: CEcpCommunicator: ECPRequestMessageLinkSeatPools request failed, error=0x2051d000. something went wrong there, i can't understand. however, i can see the license in the web console. i need to get the license uuid so i can assign the license to a specific group, and create activation task. tanks in advance
  3. halo, i have a question, how to move access group for "user" and "permission set" via serverAPI? or what serverAPI request which has similar effect as web console menu "permission set->setting->access group -> move" thanks in advance.
  4. halo, my environment : ubuntu, era 6.5. i'm trying to create a policy data based on "built in policy". i can not find the required data ("Binary data of the serialized policy.") for "policyData" attribute. here is my json. i erase the policyData.data content, because it is very long. { "Era.Common.NetworkMessage.ConsoleApi.Policies.RpcCreatePolicyRequest": { "staticObjectData": { "name": "Antivirus - Maximum security ole", "description": "Taking advantage of advanced heuristic, LiveGrid, IdleState Scanner, Automatic device scan after connection, SSL filtering. Detection of potentially unsafe, unwanted and suspicious applications is not affected. Exclusions are overwritten." }, "policyData": { "data": "long data......----------", "product": "eset.local.products.endpoint" } } } so far i manage to find the qualified product names they are in the tbl_policies table, but i cant find the "Binary data of the serialized policy." i tried to use the extremely long "policy_data" field from the same data. the JSON reponse was okay, but in the web console the settings panel not working, displaying error message "ERROR WHILE INITIALIZING CONFIGURATION EDITOR". i have no idea what else to try. any insight are welcome. thanks in advance.
  5. i try to set add access type for Groups & Computers in my permission set. via serverAPI. here is the json : { "Era.Common.NetworkMessage.ConsoleApi.Security.RpcCreateCompetenceRequest" : { "staticObjectData": { "name":"permission_set", "description":"permission_set" }, "accessRights" : [{"accessType":1, "resourceUuid":{"uuid":"00000000-0000-0000-7004-000000000000"}] } to create access rights "read", "write", or "read use" using 1, 2,and 5 values respectively. i though they were binary "001", "010", "101", which match perfectly with the terms "read", "write", and "read use". so i can use "111" for functionality "read write use". "111" is 7 if i use this value in the json, the API return error { "Era.ServerApi.SimpleResponse": { "result": false, "error": "Can not parse protobuf from message. Json message is: {\"staticObjectData\":{\"name\":\"test\", \"description\":\"test permission set\"},\"accessRights\":[{\"accessType\":7, \"resourceUuid\":{\"uuid\":\"00000000-0000-0000-7004-000000000000\"}}]} ." } } 3 ("011") and 4 ("100") also not working, return success but no permission granted. The accessRight property is not a binary representation of the 3 column ("read", "write", "use"), so how to set an access right to "read write use" ?
  6. hi i'm running era 6.5 on ubuntu. i'm trying to find a way to access uuid from static group id, dynamic group id. I need to get these information for making some automatic operations. But i cant seems to find a way to access those information via JSON. the only way i can figure out how to get those information is via database access. Am i missing something? or accessing the data base is the correct way? thanks
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