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  1. After installing the MDM..do I have to activate it somehwre in the EMSC? If yes, is there a detailed instruction? Regards Daniel
  2. When entering license number , it keeps getting ECP.20032 I have checked internet connection. https://support.eset.com/kb2434/ also have no description on the error googling with "ECP.20032" also has no description. Does anyone knows what it means, Thanks.
  3. Not able to activate and I see that https://edf.eset.com/edf is returning a 502 bad gateway...
  4. I had to reinstall Windows on my computer, and when it came to installing NOD32, it would not activate. I tried with both my active license keys, as well as the free trial in both Windows 7 and Windows 10 with no success. This leads me to believe there is an issue on ESET's end. If that is the case, when do you expect the issue(s) to be resolved?
  5. Good day I am having issues activating the license on some of the client systems in my organization, I have created a client task for this and I have been able to get over 500 systems activated via the ERA, I have even had to repeat the task creation to get it to work a couple of times to no success. Is there a work around this, I don't want to resort to offline activation.
  6. We had a server that the ESET Administration software was installed on. There was recently a critical issue on it, theVM needed to be rebuilt, we used the existing vhd drives the VM used previously therefore nothing was changed (Server FQDN and IP address remain the same) I am now having a problem where I am unable to activate the ESET endpoint security software (new installed versions and already existing ESET installations) , it either hangs on the product activation screen or fail (Error code: ECP.4098) such as below: What could be the problem?
  7. The below error is showing when i m trying to activate my activation key. I am in United Arab Emirates. There was an error registering your activation key. Please contact support.
  8. Hello, I wanna install the free version of (ESET NOD32 AV on a desktop which not connected to internet and I can't connect it to net, so I have an activation issue where activation require internet connection and I can't do it. Any solution? thx in advance.
  9. Hi, I'm trying to reinstall ESET Endpoint Antivirus at a customer which has new virtual sessions on a cloud server (Microsoft) I was able to install the product but the activation keep turning for hours and not working although I mentionned the key I have tried to make activation offline with the licence file dowloaded from Admin page but it's a .lic file and procedure ask a .lf file , then it's not working what else can I do ? thanks Salva
  10. I installed ESET Endpoint Security on a bunch of Windows PCs and, after installation, I noticed to my horror, that all Remote Desktop ports have been blocked (and I'm many miles away, but VPNed into the network) for all machines. I don't see anywhere in any instructions (the ERA guide) how to make changes to the firewall ports via Policies (to allow RDP in). HELP! Is there ANY instructions, anywhere that shows EXACTLY how to create policies of this nature - I've looked and only see really rudimentary stuff - nothing on ports?
  11. Dear Eset users, hxxp://www.amazon.in/ESET-Multi-Device-Total-Security-User/dp/B01LZS0EBV?tag=googinhydr18418-21 My eset smart security is about to expire. In the above link its been mentioned in the product details that it'sa multi device product. I would like to know how many devices in each category (O.S) can be used. I use a laptop and a desktop running windows and an an android phone. Can i use this product in all the three of the devices. I don't use a linux or mac device. And what if i start using an android based tablet ?. Please let me know..
  12. Hello, I just purchased a two computer license for ESET Smart Security. I activated the license on both computers. On my laptop running Windows 8.1, it allowed me to enable Anti-Theft; but it won't allow me to "Finish Anti-Theft configuration." All that happens is it keeps wanting me to create a new account; it doesn't ask for me to "pick a name" for my computer; and I end up on the instruction page that tells how to do it...except, of course, I can't and have been going in little circles for the past hour. Then, I tried setting up the Anti-Theft on my laptop that is running Windows 7, and it is asking for me to choose a name; yet I'm concerned that I will only be able to register one laptop for the Anti-Theft, plus my Android device. What should I do? Am I going to be able to register my Windows 8.1 laptop? It's the more valuable one so if I only get to choose one, that's the one I want, but it won't let me...what I really want to have BOTH of my licensed laptops covered by Anti-Theft, is this possible? How can I do this? Can I use one email address and have all three of my devices show up in one account? That would be ideal! Any advice would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks in advance! (I attached two screenshots: both are concerning my windows 8.1 laptop that it won't allow me to configure) ~kkatblue
  13. When i try to activate eset file security on one of my windows servers i get an error code ECP.20004. I have cleared update cache and also used the " netsh winsock reset " command but still to no avail. Please i need help asap.
  14. G'day! I'm new to NOD32 AV and it works perfect for me - it's faster than others I ever used (McAfee & Norton); UI is so~ easy to use; ... I really love it! However, I have worry about the license: my friend bought the box version from China and I activated in Australia. It is legit to activate a key from another country? Will I get banned? Cheers
  15. Good Day When trying to upgrade a workstation from the ERA we are getting a http error on the era. GetFile: Failed to process HTTP request(error code: 20017, HTTP response code: 503, url: 'hxxp://repository.eset.com/v1/com/eset/apps/business/eea/windows/v6/6.4.2014.0/eea_nt32_enu.msi') and GetFile: Error reading HTTP response data (0x4e2a) ​ Our Fire wall allow's anything thought that is todo with the Eset DNS *.edf.eset.com *.eset.com *.eset.eu *.e4.uk *.cloudapp.net' *.trafficmanger.net *.Cloudapp.net
  16. Hi, Does anyone know if there is any problems with the activation system as it won't let me activate my Esset antivirus software Say could not reach activation server error message attached Thanks Brenden
  17. hello friends. i download and install the latest eset antivirus 10.0.369.0 version of eset site. 1- after install, i open my computer. right click on disk drive. i did not see "scan or clean with ESET" in "right click menu". 2- eset activation windows did not allow me to go to main eset window to view and check new version. i want have 2 top item without activation only for viewing new version options. thanks i am sorry for my very poor english.
  18. Hi All, We are facing issue while activating ESET retail products (EAV & ESS) in several locations. Activation failed with error ACT.33. Please find attached error screen shot. As we have observed this is not a machine related problem. Please suggest what can be done further. Thanks.
  19. My ESET Smart Security 9 is about to expire and I can't renew it... I click the renew license link through the SS's main page and it sends me to my web browser which tells me "That username or license key is not recognized by our system " I contacted live support, and the guy tells me that there is an internal issue and to phone the support line. Your support line is only open Mon-Fri 8-4:30pm, I work the same hours, and I'm not taking time off to renew something that should be so simple! Should I just be buying a new antivirus program, or is this problem going to be resolved in the next day or so? I question how well my system is being protected when a simple renewal system is beyond ESET's ability to repair! What happen to you ESET? I use to swear by your antivirus, now you can't even protect my email on Windows 10, or at least provide the data to view under your program... see my other posts from a near a year ago, that still haven't been resolved. Maybe you can help someone else by replying to this...
  20. I don't understand why my licence was cancelled after one day. I bought a licence for 5 machines, but when I used it in 4, the licence was cancelled and my money didn't return back HELP, I opened 3 tickets but the answers are sooo slow!
  21. Hi, I have tried from different machines and browsers but I am unable to access your web page to buy eset. Link is : https://www.eset.com/tools/store/ We get an empty response from the browser.. Regards HN
  22. hi i got an error act.33 unable to activate with my valid key. i purchase another key since mine was terminating soon and i get same error. i have windows 10.... i tried uninstalling and re installing, cleaning eset files and folders and services.but no succes after either. thanks Steve
  23. i bought two boxed 5u-3y multi dev ESS packs with Box Serial Numbers: ESS05U399976 and ESS05U399988, manufactured by IP Softcom (India) Pvt Ltd for ESS Distribution Pvt Ltd, on 10 Aug/2016. i have not yet opened/scratcd/tried any of ESS05U399976 actv codes, as i don't need them right now. i tried few times to actvt ESS05U399988/5, ESS05U399988/1 through ESET international site (..error reg..) and through the application itself(..invalid.. ; Act.5) indian site is down under construction!! for some time!! contacted customer supprt, provided all requested info to eset.support@sakri.in support called me, and told me that the actv code i been trying is blocked by eset, and that i should try all the actv codes one by one, see which one works!!!!! keep the working ones and sent copy of Not working codes to them !!!!!!........ so i called them and told them the fact. they told me that eset blocked ?boxed prods from aug/16, and likely all 10 are in. so i should open all and sent them scanned/capt. img copies of actv codes. i like Eset, using/providing/gifting it for some time. but this is embarrassing, time consuming waste.., so i would like to know what is this actually. ship out and block ??
  24. eset nod 32 antivirus shows activation error and THE LICENSE KEY U HAVE ENTERED IS INVALID what to do i brought it from amazon
  25. Hi, i Need help on migrating hundreds of pc from our old RED antivirus to green one (eset) we use : ERA on OVA EEA 6.4 ERA Agent not all pc have internet connection, about 95% connected to lan We have installation script setup by our reseller after installation, we create client task for product activation in ERA and run it on the new client but not all computer can be activate successfully, much of them failed.... I really think my old RED is better than eset on activation, eset still need huge improvement to catch up.. Many thanks for any responses and answer....
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