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  1. ESET Virtualization Security 1.6.9 for VMware NSX has been released and is available to download. ESET Virtualization Security for VMware NSX natively supports NSX automation, micro-segmentation and automatic task execution that automatically moves infected machines to a different micro-segment to prevent the spread of malware, and then executes scanning. Once ESET Virtualization Security proves that a machine is clean, it is returned to its original place. Changelog Added: Agentless scanning of Linux Guest VMs Added: Admin select the criteria for when a VM is tagged or untagged via policy Added: Stop Managing task for agentless VMs Improved: Cleaning modes are now the same as those in other ESET products Improved: SVA agent is automatically restarted when a machine restarts or crashes Improved: Better performance sending logs to ERA in environments with more than 20 EVS appliances Improved: Agent performance and memory footprint Updated: EPSec lib updated to version 6.3.5 Updated: ERAg2 Agent Updated: Config Engine module Fixed: POCO vulnerability: CVE-2014-0350 Fixed: Security product and Security product version is now correctly reported in ERA Fixed: Object name is now correctly reported in ERA Fixed: IP pool DNS suffix parameters are now applied correctly Fixed: Audit log can now be downloaded through sftp Fixed: Security product and version is now visible in ESET Remote Administrator Fixed: An Integer overflow error causes broken communication to the ERA server Fixed: An issue with ERA connection after a VM is vMotion-ed Fixed: False positive error reports in the log for global tasks Fixed: IPv4 / IPv6 dualstacks were mismatched for ERA connection Fixed: An issue that caused possible DB information loss when the DB is overloaded Fixed: minor bugs System requirements vSphere 5.5 U2+ or vSphere 6.0 NSX Manager 6.2.4+ ESET Remote Administrator 6.4+ More information about ESET Virtualization Security for VMware NSX For more information and to download the product, visit the ESET Virtualization Security product page or contact your local reseller, distributor or ESET office. User guide: ESET Virtualization Security for VMware NSX
  2. ESET NOD32 Antivirus, ESET Internet Security and ESET Smart Security Premium version 11.0.159.x have been released and are available to download. Changelog Changed: The user no longer needs to deselect a check box during installation to install the product to a custom folder Changed: Updated LiveGrid status reporting so that yellow status is now not shown until a network connection is unavailable for 10 minutes Fixed: The Update window does not refresh after downloading a 3rd party installer Fixed: Device Control does not activate Fixed: Exclusions are not accepted during the initial scan that is made after installing Fixed: The scrollbar does not display in the Update window Fixed: Banking & Payment Protection does not show "Protected by ESET" when using the latest Firefox browser Fixed: Various internal and localization bugs Upgrade to Latest Version Upgrade my ESET Windows home product to the latest version Support Resources ESET provides support in the form of User Guides, fully localized application and online help, online Knowledgebase, and applicable to your region, chat, email or phone support. Online Help user guides: ESET NOD32 Antivirus ESET Internet Security ESET Smart Security Premium Visit www.eset.com/contact to email ESET technical support. For version 11 video tutorials, see the ESET Knowledgebase YouTube channel
  3. ESET Mail Security for IBM Domino versions 6.5.14018.0 and 6.5.14018.2 have been released and are available to download. Changelog Added: Attachments are stored in Domnio quarantine database Improved: Diagnostic logginf ro transport and database layers in Advanced setup Fixed: Mail server protection log shows duplicate entries. Fixed: Incorrect behavior of rules when attachments have similar names. Upgrade Upgrade ESET Mail Security for IBM Lotus Domino to the latest version
  4. ESET Endpoint Antivirus and ESET Endpoint Security version 6.6.2046.0 have been released. Changelog: Added: Ability to select logging severity for Firewall rules, HIPS rules, and protocol filtering URL lists for use reporting events to ESET Remote Administrator Added: A notification is displayed when connecting to an unprotected WIFI network Added: A true 64-bit kernel (ekrn.exe) Changed: Update files are now in the form of dlls to substantially reduce memory consumption and improve performance Changed: Enhancements of GUI including a new Update pane that lists the current product version. Removal of Virus signature database info (virus signature database has been renamed “detection engine”), updated Help & Support section, new Setup pane design, new Logs layout, new layout for warning and blocked web pages alert messages. Changed: Product initializes full protection including driver installation after activation Changed: Firewall uses the Windows network settings as a default (no user prompt after installation) Changed: Initial scan, which runs as idle scan, does not scan network drives Improved: Increased protection through support for AMSI (Windows 10+) Improved: Increased protection through Advanced scanning of browser scripts Improved: Various graphical enhancements Improved: Various wording changes in UI to improve user experience Fixed: Initial scan will not start when a laptop is on battery power Fixed: Other bug-fixes and optimizations Known Issues: It is not possible to update Endpoint 6.6 using Mirror tool from ESET Remote Administrator 6.5 and earlier or create an update mirror for Endpoint 6.6 using any product earlier than 6.6 (6.5 and older) Micro updates are not currently supported for Endpoint 6.6 Endpoint may not restart automatically after an upgrade if it is installed via the ESET Remote Administrator software install task with AUTOMATICALLY RESTART IF NEEDED enabled "Virus protection is out of date" may be displayed in Windows 10 Creators update AV remover does not detect specific third-party products on windows 10x64 "User rules file contains invalid data" may be displayed on Windows 10 when Device guard is activated under Upgrade Clients to the Latest Version Updated builds (version 6.6.2046.0 and later) of ESET endpoint products are available from the ESET Remote Administrator repository and the ESET download page. To upgrade clients on your network to the latest version, send an upgrade task to clients, or distribute the installer file to clients and run a local installation. Known Issues See our Knowledgebase article for known issues in ESET endpoint products. Endpoint v6.6 can update only from a mirror created by another Endpoint v6.6. Older versions or products do not create a mirror compatible with this version. We strongly recommend using an HTTP Proxy to cache update files in network environments. A new version of the Mirror tool that will also support creation of a v6.6-compatible mirror is in the works. Support Resources ESET provides support in the form of User Guides, fully localized application and online help, online Knowledgebase, and applicable to your region, chat, email or phone support. ESET endpoint products Online Help contains comprehensive reference information for system settings, configurations, installation scenarios and more. ESET Endpoint Security Online Help (User Guide) ESET Endpoint Antivirus Online Help (User Guide) Visit www.eset.com/contact to email ESET Technical Support For video tutorials, see the ESET Knowledgebase YouTube channel
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