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Found 1 result

  1. Hello, I configured MDM appliance and added my winldcard pfx to tomcat, everything green and ok. In ESMC Appliance, i also made a certificate setting and password en i get the appliance on its correct hostname in the computer list. (set the date in de passed and tried like 3 minutes in futre, i have no devices enrolled its first setup) on the appliance the mdm appliance stays red more on this later When i send out a enrollment e-mail i get a link with the appliance ip in the mail, not the fqdn and offcourse then i get an certificate error its not on ip. The appliance is red because it says " MDM hostname does not match HTTPS certificate " but the fqdn is correct and if i connect with it green and ok I tried set the policy organisation (hostname no longer there) to my server name, and because of it's a wildcar also tried only domain. its is *.domain.com and de mdm is hostname.domain.com else i would not get a green certificate when i connect to https://hostname.domain.com:9980/ If i look up the warning i mostly find its a feature, i can no where in de esmc set the hostname (or find it) and again when i enroll i get a link in the e-mail https://<ip adress appliance>:9980/<device id> and offcourse then the users get a certificate warning. how or where can i change it to fqdn and not ip? Kind Regards, Edwin
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