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Found 7 results

  1. After installing the MDM..do I have to activate it somehwre in the EMSC? If yes, is there a detailed instruction? Regards Daniel
  2. When registering an Android device in Device Owner mode all preinstalled system apps like the camera app is disabled. How can I prevent this from happening or enable the apps afterwards?
  3. Hello guys, We've a customer where we installed the MDM with public IP address. The device is enrolled correctly and reporting to console however some hours later the Android device stops reporting back to console. If we open ESET for Android in the mobile then immediately it report back again but some hours later the same problem occurs again. It's like something in Android is restricting the connection to console when ESET is idle in the background. Re enrolling the device doesn't work because it said it's already connected. How can we avoid this behavior? Thank you.
  4. Hello, I configured MDM appliance and added my winldcard pfx to tomcat, everything green and ok. In ESMC Appliance, i also made a certificate setting and password en i get the appliance on its correct hostname in the computer list. (set the date in de passed and tried like 3 minutes in futre, i have no devices enrolled its first setup) on the appliance the mdm appliance stays red more on this later When i send out a enrollment e-mail i get a link with the appliance ip in the mail, not the fqdn and offcourse then i get an certificate error its not on ip. The appliance is red because it says " MDM hostname does not match HTTPS certificate " but the fqdn is correct and if i connect with it green and ok I tried set the policy organisation (hostname no longer there) to my server name, and because of it's a wildcar also tried only domain. its is *.domain.com and de mdm is hostname.domain.com else i would not get a green certificate when i connect to https://hostname.domain.com:9980/ If i look up the warning i mostly find its a feature, i can no where in de esmc set the hostname (or find it) and again when i enroll i get a link in the e-mail https://<ip adress appliance>:9980/<device id> and offcourse then the users get a certificate warning. how or where can i change it to fqdn and not ip? Kind Regards, Edwin
  5. Hello Guy's, I've installed the eset MDM in to my ESMC. I can add mobile devices too, but I can't use our DEP. On the https://business.apple.com/ I've added the new MDM server but it sad: "Never connected". I had insert the Token from APPLE to ESMC mobile device connector policy. Can someone tell me what is the problem? I can manage all of my added iOS and Android devices form ESMC, but I can't use DEP features. Thank you! David
  6. Hi Guys, I have been working very closely with MDM software for a while and I have come up with a list of 10 things that every MDM solution should incorporate to make sure that your mobile devices are as safe as they can be. Of course there is no MDM solution that can protect a mobile device 100% but I believe that having these guidelines will help you keep them as secure as possible. Standards for Password Strength - It is a requirement that mobile devices passwords and pass-codes meet or exceed these standards that have been set, including length and complexity. As part of this, there should also be a strict retry and timeout procedure created if a password is incorrectly input more than a certain amount of times. Platform Specification Requirements - A carelessly maintained mobile device can cause serious issues which can cause vulnerability within your infrastructure. Setting a minimum and maximum guideline for operating systems and platforms is key to keeping your devices safe and a device not within these guidelines needs to be restricted. Application Lock-down - You need to incorporate settings so that applications cannot access Contacts, Photos, Messages, Location etc by default, as depending on what country you are operating in, this could be a breach of the data protection and privacy laws. This should also dictate which applications will appear on the devices home-screen and limit access to nonessential applications. Quick Learning Process - Whatever MDM solution you are using, you need to make sure that the management is quick and easy to learn so that anyone new who needs access to the management can know what they are doing without having to take a lot of time practising etc. Single Point of Management - The management of the MDM solution must be accessible in one space like a management console where you can view endpoints, users and policies etc. Reporting tools - There must be a way in which in-depth information about device inventory, security risks and compliance etc can be seen through reporting tools. Device Lock-down - The MDM solution should be able to set up specific guidelines for accessing secure data, and rules should be set up to protect the device in a case where it is breached, lost or stolen. Policies - The MDM solution needs to have a policy that is customizable which can be built upon previous iterations, while also being able to accommodate an unlimited number of policies. Cellular Data Usage - The MDM solution should be able to integrate with the mobile carrier to ensure conscientious usage so that it is not abused. Services such as video streaming and music services should be disabled. Integration - The MDM solution should be able to integrate with other services that you have within your infrastructure so that there are no conflicts of interest and other issues. I hope this helps you guys and if you have any questions let me know. Regards, Kieran Barry
  7. Hello. I have a fresh mdm virtual machine from OVA under VMWARE and everything was working ok until linux system update. After that error message shows: HTTPS certificate chain is incomplete. Enrollment is not allowed. Please tell me how to resolve that.
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