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Found 2 results

  1. I'm having some issues with the ERA Apache http caching proxy. I've updated a few test machines to EEA 6.6.2046 and the 6.6.2046 installer looks like it was pulled from the cache properly but after the install and forced reboot there was another update (modules?) This wasn't pulled from the cache instead it was just proxied through Apache on the ERA server. [Wed Sep 20 09:53:59.467075 2017] [cache:debug] [pid 6468:tid 916] mod_cache.c(1214): [client] AH00768: cache: hxxp://update.eset.com/ep6.6-dll-rel-sta/mod_002_engine_30152/em002_64_l0.dll.nup not cached. Reason: Authorization required After about 15 minutes downloading I noticed this in the ERA proxy's error.log: [Wed Sep 20 10:06:23.072275 2017] [cache:debug] [pid 6468:tid 900] mod_cache.c(1214): [client] AH00768: cache: hxxp://update.eset.com/ep6.6-dll-rel-sta/mod_002_engine_34802/em002_64_l2.dll.nup not cached. Reason: Response status 404 And the client's EEA update tab now says "Modules update failed, file not found on server". However, the client in ERA is listed as "modules updated", with the correct EEA version number (ESET Endpoint Antivirus 6.6.2046.0) but an old definitions version - 15873. (current as of now is 16112). I guess this is because the hourly update task hasn't been run yet? I then manually click "check for updates" on the client and it's now downloading another file (em023_64_i0.dll.nup) through the proxy again instead of the cache. This file is 16MB, the previous one that failed (em002_64_i0.dll.nup ?) was 75MB. After a lengthy update the client then goes through the "updating modules x/6" process and now looks fine on both the client and the ERA. Tried it on another machine and exactly the same results. The installation file is cached but the modules aren't. When the machine gets logged in after the forced reboot the user is presented with a big warning popup telling them "modules update failed, file not found on server". If I manually run check updates or manually force the scheduled hourly scheduled task to run the modules are now updated but are still not being cached by the ERA proxy. if I run htcacheclean -a -p "c:\programdata\apache http proxy\cache" I get a little over 1100 entries so some things are being cached fine but not everything.
  2. Hi How can I verify that Endpoint clients and agents (configuration according to hxxp://support.eset.com/kb5950/#Policy2useHttpProxy) are using my new Apache HTTP Proxy? And how can I verify that Apache HTTP Proxy is properly functioning? I have Windows domain with ERA Server (based on CentOS virtual appliance) at one host ERA Apache HTTP proxy based on Ubuntu 16.04 server (configuration according to hxxp://help.eset.com/era_install/65/en-US/index.html?http_proxy_installation_linux.htm).
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