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  1. When registering an Android device in Device Owner mode all preinstalled system apps like the camera app is disabled. How can I prevent this from happening or enable the apps afterwards?
  2. Hello guys, We've a customer where we installed the MDM with public IP address. The device is enrolled correctly and reporting to console however some hours later the Android device stops reporting back to console. If we open ESET for Android in the mobile then immediately it report back again but some hours later the same problem occurs again. It's like something in Android is restricting the connection to console when ESET is idle in the background. Re enrolling the device doesn't work because it said it's already connected. How can we avoid this behavior? Thank you.
  3. I have purchased license version for 1 year for my android mobile handset but after 1 month my mobile is damaged and technicians also unable to open, hence I purchased new one and installed ESET again. Can you please help me urgently how can I recover license version
  4. Hi, My daughter managed to add a user on her tablet protected with parental control. The new user can't add apps but doesn't have any time restrictions on existing apps. How can I control all users? How can I disable the function with several users on Android? Niklas
  5. For the third time in a month, I have received a notification from the "App Permissions Monitor" on my Samsung Note 8 Android phone with ESET Mobile Security Installed that ESET Mobile Security has used the phone's camera. I was not doing anything "active" with Mobile Security at those times nor was I using the ESET theft-prevention page to test or activate tracking. Any ideas?
  6. Hi there, ​ I have noticed on the latest version of Android Mobile Security 3.3.17 0-0, that Remote SMS command feature has changed. When sending a remote command such as: eset find password , the SMS and response now appear in the target device SMS inbox as well as sending the same response to the interrogating device - before they were intercepted on the target device i.e. did not appear in the target device inbox. To the best of my knowledge this did not happen in previous versions, and the old behaviour made sense i.e. you want to locate your phone first without any potential thief knowing you are tracking the device. The target device is a Galaxy S5 running Android 6.0.1 Has anyone else observed this different behaviour? Many thanks in advance for any assistance, confirmation etc.
  7. Hello, I have a problem , my nexus 5 locked and ia doesnt remember the password to unlock him . I tread to send a link for my email , but its not worked ESET just dont send it . I tread to contact ESET Customer Care , but they ignore me . In short , I want to know, how to reset the password with friend's phone ?
  8. This question is directed to both forum posters and moderators: I own a licensed version of ESET Multi-Device Internet Security which covers my MacBook Air, Windows HP Pavilion laptop, and any Android device I may add. This suite covers most of my devices (except my iPad and iPhone), now, I am wondering if this will also cover my Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8. I recently installed the Android portion from Amazon's App Store onto my Kindle Fire HD 8 and the installation was error free, However, when I check and manage my devices online, I see that although my Kindle is visible, it states that my Kindle installation is not manageable. Is there a proper way to install the software and activate it so that it is manageable? I don't recall the exact difficulties I encountered, but it may be a combination of lack of theft protection or manageability. Any advice that may facilitate this, is welcome. If what I am attempting is impossible at the current time, then I would welcome that information also. Perhaps I need to set my Kindle's installation protocols to accept installation from the ESET store in addition to Amazon's App Store? Anyway, if someone has done this or has attempted this and discovered some incompatibility, that news would also be welcome. If a moderator can point me to a White Page on the subject, I would also appreciate that also. In short, I would welcome any advice. Regards Jack's_Son
  9. Why isn't the Phising Protection for Firefox supported? Firefox is an open-source browser and it has many mobile add-ons. I can't imagine that Firefox has no API that ESET could use to integrate Phising Protection. I used: ESET Mobile Security for Android 3.0964.0 Firefox 31 Also see this: MDN : Extensions for Firefox for Android
  10. I spoke with one of your tech supports who has also seen this on the device and he has said he will be alerting your senior developers, but I thought I should make others aware, I have just purchased a Motorola Moto E for my sister, and it runs Android 6.0, it didn't come with the "Browser" application installed as previous OS' did, it came with Chrome, Now when I was setting the phone up, in Chrome I enabled Data Saver, which sends all traffic through Google's servers and the Parental Control App, does not detect the websites being visited, thus allowing access to blocked content. Turning this off enables the web block to work, however you can just turn it off again without the need for the parental pin. Thanks Have a Good day.
  11. Hello, i have some problems with my account. In my account shown Anti-Theft is disabled, but in my device is enabled! I send an attachment. I appreciate any help Thanks
  12. Hi, I can't delete a threat. It shows me a error. The error is: Can not Remove [filename]. No access external archiving. Groped to use the default file management tool. Why? I have Android 5.0 Lollipop on Galaxy S5. Thanks
  13. Dear all, We are facing problem with ESET Endpoint Security for Android communication with Remote Administrator(ERA) using mobile device connector. We have installed and configured ERA and MDC, then we have installed ESET Endpoint Security for Android using enrollment process. We are trying this in the same network where ERA Server is running. For more information please find attached screen shots. Please suggest further. EESA Error.rar
  14. Parental Control not monitors the web activity. And when it was free 30 days, and after a purchase does not show on which sites are visited the child. Please help! Blocking application is working properly. Web sites are blocked normally, but does not show any site to which the child has gone. P.S. Sorry for my English.
  15. My new Nexus phone uses the Google Project Fi wireless service. It uses a custom company-provided SIM card to allow call switching between two different US wireless carriers, T-Mobile US and Sprint, and also Wifi, and the device will switch between these three options for calls even as they are in progress. The goal is to provide the best coverage and when possible route calls over wifi to keep costs low. When the phone changes between these options while on a call or idle and searching for the best signal, this is being detected as a changed SiM condition and tripping the ESET anti-theft and locking the device. The SIM has not in fact changed but it does have different IDs depending on which network is in use at that moment. For example I just took a call that began over T-Mobile but since I am in my wifi at home, the phone handed off to the wifi and ESET locked the device the second the call ended. This is the third time in the last day anti-theft has locked the device like this due to conditions that are entirely normal for this particular device and cell company. Yesterday I was driving around and went from one wireless carrier to the other as they had different signal levels, and the other was standing in line in store where it swapped over to wifi and back to the phone carrier. Bam, it locks. It would be nice if ESET could look into the way Project Fi SIM cards work and adapt to it so it doesn't cause these false theft locks. As it is, I am going to have to turn off anti-theft and wing it and I am not happy about this. But at least my phone won't be locking itself after every network switch.
  16. Hello, I am a member of Crunch Fitness Gym. I just tried their WiFi for members and it uses their app to log you in. ESET mobile security says it is an unsecure connection. I think it just doesn't recognize the app signing me in as security and expects a WiFi password. I think I may have to take my ESET password to the gym to override it or allow the network. I have emailed them to ask more about their WiFi security, but I want to know I am secure at the gym because the apps I will be using require my passwords to things like email and eBay. If they have an app that requires your gym username and password do you think it is safe to tell ESET MS to allow it? Is there a way to tell ESET that this network is secure, but it just uses an app it doesn't know about?
  17. Dear Forum, I installed the free version of Panda Mobile Security 3 months ago and activated the anti-theft function. I replaced my regular SIM with a local SIM at my travel destination and my phone has locked it self out for 8 days now. I am able to log in with my encrypted password at the initial password prompt, but after this l get a privacy pin code request, which l cant remember??? Another phone at another location is configured as backup for recovery purpose. Please help, what is required or what do l need to do???? Thank you Infinix
  18. Today EMS detected Duet as Android/Locker.EJ during an on-charger-scan. It's the official app from Google Play and hasn't received an update in the last days, so it's very strange that it's now detected. From a description of the same thread (group) I've read the malware should block access to the device. However nothing like this occurred. So is this a false-positive? Edit: Link to this thread sent to ESET labs.
  19. Please bookmark or RSS the following ESET Knowledgebase article for the latest updates we make regarding this vulnerability: How can I protect my Android device from Stagefright vulnerability?
  20. I'm thinking of investing in Eset Mobile Security for Android. I've noticed the recent thread on this board about EMS Anti-Phising not working for the Firefox browser. So, does Anti-Phising work for the Google Chrome browser in Android? And does EMS other functions such as real time protection also work for Chrome? I never use the default Internet browser for Android, only Chrome. I just need to know if EMS will keep me safe as I surf with my preferred mobile browser. Basically, what works and what does not work. According to the product information on Eset's website it seems that the Firewall isn't supported for Android, but everything else on the list of features is marked. Thanks in advance
  21. I currently use finger print scanner on my Samsung Galaxy S5 and I was surprised to see that ESET Mobile Security doesn't see that as a secure option for lock screen in your anti-theft module. Would it be possible to add finger print scanning as a secure option for the lock screen in your anti-theft module? Regards John
  22. Has anyone had the following occur to them at all? Both of my Nexus devices,a Nexus 4 and Nexus 7, protected by EMS had licence verification issues. The licence information was either lost/corrupt/deleted and EMS stated the licence period had expired. The licence verification check would loop for a minute, abruptly stop, declare there was an error with the server or my internet connection and restart the entire licence verification process. Approximately an hour later both devices ended up having 'trial' versions activiated instead of their full licences. One licence I bought directly from Google Play during the #SafeChristmas campaign and the other licence was bought through Eset Australia. At a minimum both devices had 8 months left on their licence period. Only one Google e-mail account is set on each device (no multiple accounts per device) and prior to last night I never had a single issue. I contacted the helpdesk (#TICKET 142432) and a friendly customer care representative, Peter Sinal, went through the steps of verifying one Gmail account was set as the primary account, that my Google Play account e-mail matched the primary account and that my devices were set correctly. I sent the helpdesk a few follow up e-mails after following their instructions to the letter without success. I deleted, rebooted the devices and reinstalled fresh copies of EMS several times without success. After two hours of frustration, the issue magically resolved itself. I never found out what caused the issue as Peter dropped of the e-mail radar which is a shame. EDIT: my partner informed me the same thing happened to her - a fresh install of EMS and the problem disappeared. Cheers.
  23. Sorry for this really useless post, but I found the last changelog of the latest vupdate of ESET Mobile Seurity so funny that I had to post it. This was it: I mean the last thing: So, ESET, you made/added "small bugs and small bug fixes and optimisations"? The last things (the bug fixes) are nice, but the first thing... So this is either programmer humor or it's just a mistake. Anyway, it was funny to read this. And BTW all other things of the update worked nicely.
  24. Source: hxxp://www.antivirusworks.com/ESET-Mobile-Security-Home.asp Hello, I tested EMS since a quite long time now and here is my feedback. I hope it will be useful. And yeah, I know there was recently an EMS Feedback Competition, but I didn't joined it, because I wasn't able to win, because I'm not North-American. But for me that's no reason to don't give feedback, so I gave me a little more time and here is my feedback. What you should know about the device on which I tested EMS... The device #Technically Device: Samsung Galaxy S4 OS: Android 4.4.2 (KitKat) Rooted: No ESET Mobile Security for Android: v 3.0964.0 (downloaded from Google Play) This is what I noticed... Mistakes / Errors / Bugs The most mistakes I found were translation errors. You really should check your translation. There were not only spelling mistakes, also some parts are just "forgotten". Because I'm German I only checked the German translations, especially in the Help file and there especially many space errors. Here are all mistakes I found marked in red (and I'm not a professional translator!): I added a spoiler, because this are so many pictures that you can go mad if you have to scroll over all. #Help #Translation #Translation #Knowledgebase #UserInterface And now I want to show a special mistake in the app. If you press the menu button and tap there "Support" you come to the following page. There stands the knowledgebase is only available in English. And now we try to understand two ESET customers: One English-speaking (left) and one (e.g.) German-speaking (right): Ok, for the English man it's now no problem. And for the German man? He tried it and tab on the button... Tadaaa...! So there are two problems: It's useless to write "only English" there when the language is set to English It's also in some cases untrue, because you can switch the language. Maybe you should edit it, so that the user is automatically redirected to his language when available, when not available then you can display this message "only in English". Another error I found was this: on myESET I coudn't find a siren button anywhere! #UserInterface #Technically #myESET Edit (2014-09-06): I tested it again and I think that the siren button is only displayed if the device is marked as suspicious or stolen. So you at first have to mark it as stolen?! Maybe this could be changed and the siren button should directly added to the myESET site.And this is something I already posted, but anyway I want to repeat it. In this post I tried to kill ESET with the task manager. It disappeared from the notification area, but I throught it was not really "down" and it was only the GUI. But then I tested Anti-Theft and it don't worked properly! It sends nothing to myESET! #Technically #myESET #Critical #Crash And: I think about 2 times ESET crashed with the Android message "ESET Mobile Security has stopped." (or something like this). I have the buttons "report" or "close", but if I tap on "report" it only wants to report this to Google and I think then it won't get to you and I also won't give Google all information about this. #Technically #Crash Sorry that I can't provide more information, but I can say that nothing badly happened. EMS was already there in notification area and it worked ok after the message. This is really not bad (it's only an display error) and I also don't know if it's your "fault", but sometimes there is a small bug. If I'm in a "submenu" of EMS and tap on the top left on the "back-button" (I know it's not a really back button, but you know what I mean...) then there is this animation: The screen zoomes out (and got smaller) in the middle of the screen. Sometimes the "background" in this animation isn't the previous screen, but it's just black. #UserInterface see also the 13st point at AntiTheft/myESET at suggestions. There is also bug. In your customer care dialogue there is at the field "issue description" only one line! I think this is a mistake and there should be a multi line box. At first to structure what you write (with paragraphs) and secondly to not discourage the user to write more details. #UserInterface #Support On the optimization page of AntiTheft under GooglePlay services stands something that is very confusing: #UserInterface #Anti-Theft The status is green and ok, but in the text below stands the opposite. (Of course Google Play services are active in reality) Edit (2014-08-10): see this post. Maybe there is something wrong with the version numbers. They are completely different. #Technically #Antivirus also see the 9th point of my suggestions for ESET Mobile Security Edit (2014-08-27): If you are in a Roaming net (I don't mean data roaming), then ESET noticed this and notificate you. So far so good. But if I clicked on "change setting" I can't switch roaming off. I only come to the settings where I can change what Roaming net I wish to have. I think it's just impossible to change the roaming setting on the device. So if this is the case you should replace the button "change setting" in this case with "On your device this setting can't be changed." or something similar. #Technically Edit (2014-09-21): At the first start of EMS (tested on another device with the newer version 3.0.1040) you can select at the first or second screen whether you want to provide ESET with statistics about the usage of EMS to improve EMS. (and no I don't mean LiveGrid - this you can select later) But once you (de)selected this you cannot change this setting anymore. In the settings of EMS for Android you can't change it anywhere. #UserInterface Edit (2014-10-08): The name of the device owner isn't displayed when the device is locked. If this is by design then I would suggest to make an option where the user can select whether the name should displayed or whether not. #UserInterface #Anti-Theft This are my ideas... Suggestions ... for ESET Mobile Security I would like to see more information and settings for advanced users. Like in ESS. There are many settings and I find this great! Here are some examples what you can add:show date/time of VSD updates (not only VSD number) #UserInterface #Antivirus auto delete log files (configurable) #Technically #Antivirus more details for the settings of ESET LiveGrid (like in ESS) #Technically #Antivirusyou should not just be able to activate or deactivate LiveGrid. You should be able to activate and deactivate statistic sending of data and activate and deactivate submission of samples like here in ESS: let the user configure what hints should be shown. (let the user select for what he wants to get a notification: Information/Warnings/…) #Technically #UserInterface add option to make a custom scan (e.g. for only scanning the download dir or a new entered SD card) without having to scan the complete device #Technically #Antivirus Edit (2014-08-11): I noticed that this was avaliable in EMS v2. Why have you deleted it? Edit (2014-08-10): And it would be nice to have a more detailed logging. IMO it's a bit too few that you can see actually: #Technically #UserInterface #Antivirus Edit (2014-09-06): You should be able to set the number of wrong PINs/passwords/password patterns until the device will be locked by ESET. Also it might be useful to set another count of wrong tries for making the first photos (and these will be used later if the device is really marked as stolen) #Technically #Anti-Theft save the log files on SD card if available to save disk space #Technically add option to manually submit a sample to ESET #Technically #Antivirus And I know it would be hard work, but it would be a unique feature (3): Add SysInspector for Android, so you can (like in ESS) make a great log! #Technically Or at least you can also add the ability to "only" send the log files from EMS to ESET for supporting. (I saw this thing already in your customer care dialogue. OK) And although I already said this too I want to repeat it: Add the phishing protection to more mobile browsers. Especially Firefox and Dolphin! It can't be such impossible! If you have to write to the producer of the browsers or make add-ons or I don't know... But especially for an open source browser (like Firefox) I can't understand that it is not supported! Don't say there is no API - be proactive and take the initiative! #Technically #AntiPhishing I also already said that a web protection, additionally to phishing protection, might be useful. #Technically #AntiPhishing I really don't want to bloat the product, but maybe some widgets would be nice. Just to view the actual state (antivirus, anti-theft and especially Security Audit) or to quickly start a scan or to quickly block the last caller or to see the ESET robot dancing (no - just a joke with this robot ). #UserInterface Just a small tip. In the "new features part" there is just a listing of text. Why not "linking" it to the new features, so that the users can try it with on click... eh... tap. #UserInterface I also found a secret function. If you go to the Application Manager, view the App Info for EMS and then click "Manage disk space" then you came to a secret display in EMS. The first "bug" is, that this has nothing to do with disc space, but that's not the problem. The second is, that you have a repair function there. Nowhere else you have something and this is the only way to come here (you can't come there through the "normal GUI"). #Technically #UserInterface Edit (2014-08-10): And now the real bug. (I just forgot to write it...) - This display is every time displayed in the devices default language. Regardless what language is set in the EMS settings. #Translation Edit (2014-09-08): You should unify the version numbers of the Android version downloaded from ESET.com/Google Play and Amazon App Store (a complete suggestion you can found here) and you should try to update them quite at the same time so the versions in all 3 "App stores" are the same and up-to-date. Edit (2014-10-08): You should be able to filter the log files. #UserInterface Edit (2014-10-08): I think it would be a nice idea to add statistics like in ESS and NOD32. #UserInterface Edit (2014-10-08): If you select a file in quarantine then there it says the "date" at XY. But I think this can be improved, because a date can be quite anything, e.g. the file creation date. But because it's the date when EMS detected the file I would change this to "detected" instead of "date". #UserInterface ... for AntiTheft / myESET: #myESET #Anti-Theft (all points in this part) more things should be logged (on myESET). E.g.: #Technically log when the password is changed per SMS log when the password is reset online this both would be good because then you could find out if an unauthorized person changed your password You have already SIM protection. Why not make the same with the SD card (if there is one)? #Technically Especially you should centre this information more: #Help #SupportIn the description of the app on Google Play should be at least a link or a description why and for what the app needs so many rights. This description can be found after many research in a kb article. Link to this article directly in the Google Play description! I can think and I also read ratings on this app on Google Play where some users complain that there are many rights needed! And this can be prevent (IMO many) users from downloading this app. But if they have an explanation why this rights are needed then all is good! (Without reading the kb article1 I can think why many of these rights are needed - because of Anti-Theft!) You should make a list of all SMS commands.2 So that users can e.g. print a PDF file and then they have all this commands. Or maybe make an option to send this list directly to a trusted friend, so that he also always have this list. If the device is in suspicious state then make also a screenshot from the device. And I don't mean e.g. a wrong PIN/password at the lock screen entered, but some other things... #Technically Today modern smart phones have many sensors. You make only use of a few if it's stolen. Make use of them! That's the advantage of Anti-Theft on mobiles over Anti-Theft on laptops!3 So here a few examples what you can use: #Technically #JustAnIdeaTemperatur: I think sometimes it can help in what temperature the device is. E.g. when it's winter and the temp. is room temperature then you can be sure that it is in a room. orientation sensor: With it you would be able to see if the device lays on the ground or a table or if it is e.g. in a pocket. For displaying this information the most fantastic thing would be to see a 3D image on myESET.3 With the help of HTML5 it is possible! humidity sensor4: similar to temperature Gravity sensor/Accelerometer: to see if it falls down or may smash (it would also be good if you could see this in "activity" like "device is fallen down" and maybe it could also release suspicious state) Barometer: with it you would get out how high the phone is. (e.g. on a mountain or in the Netherlands ) Proximity sensor: to see if something is in the near RGB sensor: to sea how dark it is (again to sea if it is in a pocket or outside of a pocket) Sound record: (OK, it's not a real sensor)start/stop record controllable from myESET Automatically record if sound is higher than set volume Edit (2014-09-14): Or make it in a way that you can call your locked phone (from a trusted friends phone number) and the call will automatically accepted, so that you can hear it in this way. send names of near WLANs #Technically #JustAnIdea send names of near Bluethooth devices (maybe only if battery is over 50% or so to save energy / see "Power saving") #Technically #JustAnIdea Power saving: (of course this is really important (maybe the most important thing) for anti-theft, because if the battery is empty, then it's empty! You think: "The thief will reload it!" - I think in many cases he won't do, especially after he saw that it is blocked! And also it hasn't to be stolen. Maybe you just forgot it somewhere or something else) And this all of course only applies when the device is marked as stolen! #Technically maybe make it graded, so that it deactivate the one thing if the battery is charged under 90, the other thing under 70% and so on... let the display fade out set the brightness to the lowest or set it to automatically automatically close running apps (they are not needed anymore) and maybe let the user set exclusions before blocking the device only activate WLAN/Bluethooth/GPS when necessary (e.g. if you want to collect every 10 minutes the device location then activate GPS before, find the location and send it to myESET and deactivate GPS afterward or check every 1 minute for WLAN networks and between this time deactivate WLAN) automatically activate "energy save mode" (of Android) Even if this was already said by some other users I also want to say it: Remote Activation of WLAN/GPS and all these necessary "optimizations". It should be activated automatically when the device is marked as stolen and if it is looked. And I know many apps that can activate/deactivate WLAN, so it should be possible! #Technically If the device is locked and you have registered trusted friends, then their numbers are shown on the lock screen. Maybe this is useful, but maybe the friends don't want this, so please let the user decide if he want this and add an option to switch this off. #Technically #UserInterface And now an a bit science fiction... But I have to say that it is - theoretically - possible (right now, not only in the future), but there are some reasons and technically things against it. You also don't have to take it seriously and if you want to call me cr zy, mad or something like this after reading this idea, just do it, but let me tell this idea... 3 Right now mobile phones have many facilities for sending data... or to say it more like a human: to communicate. And what you can do with this "chance" is called Internet of Things. It's not impossible, but it seems to be a bit unreal... Maybe in 20 years this will change... #Technically #JustAnIdea Now to my idea. The idea is just that the ESET products should cooperate, especially EMS. If one device with EMS is marked as stolen it should automatically look for other devices with EMS (via Bluetooth or something else) and if these devices perceive that there is a device "in trouble" then they can "help" it. They can e.g. provide a limited volume of their data volume and let the device use it's internet connection. (useful abroad when roaming is turned off) Or they can also use their own GPS to locate the device more exactly. Or and this wouldn't be such like the Internet of Things, because a human ("oh no, no device!") will be included, they can display a message on the "helpers phone" that there is a stolen phone nearby. So the helper could go on pursuit! OK, now you know what I mean and I think you can understand that this idea is a bit fantastic. And this was - if I remember correctly - also said by a user, but you know... I want to say it again so you know that's also my opinion: If the device is locked you can do quite nothing. That's good, but, apart from the fact that the thief could get crazy, because every button he pressed and every touch he does results in doing nothing5, just the displaying of this blocked thing is dangerous. #Technically #UserInterface If someone knows that it's blocked by ESET and even if he don't knows ESET he surely can get the idea that he will tracked. And that's the reasons for the idea that you should make something like a fake Android-lock-screen. The thief won't get appalled and he thinks it's a normal mobile phone. If you then get your phone back you at first have to unlock the "normal" Android-lock screen and after this you have to unlock the real protection by ESET. So the Android-lock-screen should just work as a "hidden layer" and after it's there is the real "protection layer" by ESET. If I deactivate notifications from the Application manager then nothing happens! I would suggest to add this as a suspicious action, because a normal ESET user wouldn't do this! And here also appears a bug: After reactivating the notifications ESET isn't anymore displayed in notification area. But I found a workaround: Just change the language to anyone and rechange it to system default or what you have before and the icon reappears. #Technically Edit (2014-09-06): If you connect it to a computer then no data is displayed and you also cannot add files. That's good! (or was this an error). Anyway if it is possible you might also try to receive some information from the computer (or at least the USB port?), because most likely this computer is a computer from the thief. At least you should display "Connected to a computer" and "Disconnected from a computer" as an event in the Anti-Theft "log". #Technically Edit (2014-09-06): There should be added a "siren off" button to myESET (is already there) and a SMS command to mute the siren, because you should also be able to deactivate the siren if you activated it by mistake or any other reason and you want to save the rest of the battery. #Technically This is what I want to ask... Questions If SIM protection is activated and one time no SIM is inserted, will EMS also block the device? (I didn't wanted to test it, sorry) #Technically #Anti-Theft The default setting if malware is found is to delete the file. Why not quarantine? #Technically #Antivirus In the options of Anti-Theft you can deactivate SMS commands. What is deactivated when you do, only SMS commands from any phone number (with password) or also SMS commands from trusted friends? #Technically #Anti-Theft And now a special question. I'm using Android KitKat and if I create a rule there stands my system doesn't support SMS/MMS blocking. So far so ok. But in the help file there stands the complete SMS and Call Filter (so SMS/MMS and also Phone Filter) won't work! So this is strange. I don't tested it, but I'm sure you can say me what's true, don't you? #Technically #Anti-Theft #Help [sOLVED] Edit (2014-08-27): You can scan a phone number. If you tab e.g. from an instant messenger or SMS on a phone number you can not only call it, but also scan it with EMS. What will be scanned there? What should ESET scan in a phone number? Edit (2014-10-08): Now I got this out. If you scan a phone number it will scan for USSD codes and warn you if there are some. This functionality is included in EMS, but there is also a free ESET USSD Control which will do the same. In the description of this app are also more information about the feature, but maybe I will later open a topic about this. Edit (2014-09-06): Does EMS also provide cross-over-platform protection, that means that e.g. also Windows malware is detected? If not you could maybe add it... #Technically #Antivirus Edit (2014-10-08): What do you think about adding something like "remote encryption" additionally to remote wipe. This would be good if you want to secure your files after it is stolen, but you don't want to delete them. And another question: If you do a remote wipe will these shred the files (so they can't be restored) or do you only delete them conventional? If not you could add also this shredding. #Technically #Anti-Theft This is what I like... Praise And at least the things that I liked. I don't want to write all here down, I only wrote down the special things that I want to point out! A help file. Although many people wouldn't find it such useful I find it really good. It's ESET style! #Help Nice GUI! It's also ESET-style! (I don't have to say more, everybody who had used an ESET product ever, knows what I mean) #UserInterface Language switch. Especially for this feedback it was really useful for me to have this language switch inside. (If people now say "This consumes disk space!" then I can only suggest that you can include English and the system default language in the next version of EMS and the other languages can be downloaded manually (inside the app)) #UserInterface #Translation Scan finished!... End So you are at the end! Thanks for reading this! You have just read 3144 words or about 8 A4 sites (only text) or 316 lines. OK, maybe you don't read it all and flew over it... Anyway: ESET you created a very good product and I have only *some* ( ) things that can be improved. I hope that you at least implement some of my ideas in future versions of EMS. Of course you can't implement all and I understand this (not only because of this crazy one idea... - don't you know what I mean? Read carefully again! ;-)), but I hope I could help you! 1: I will read this later. Sorry... (now I read it) 2: I know that this is described also in the FAQ article. But I want just one file, a PDF file e.g. And there also just make a table or something like this with "command and syntax - action". So if a user e.g asks here in this forum where he can find a complete list of all SMS commands then we can just give him the link to the kb article. 3: I don't know that other mobile AV products have this. This would silhouetted EMS against other mobile security products. 4: This isn't available on much phones. 5: Please ask your psychologist for more information. ;-) Funny thing at the end? I got the message (and that's true!): :-D Important: Don't quote this whole post!! Info: At the right there's a kudo button. (if you are logged in)
  25. I just want to ask why the ESET Augmented Reality app needs the permissions it's actually requiring. Why does it need access to the location (even the exact location with GPS)? And why does it need access to the devices and app history? This are two permissions I really can't understand, so I'd like to know for which ESET AR needs them. Related: More about app permissions And BTW: Who created it?
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