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Found 5 results

  1. Dear ESET support team, This is Sky from IObit. Please forward this email to the person may concern. This is Top Urgent. Your ESET Cyber Security Pro has falsely reported our MacBooster 4 and blocked it by your PUA blacklist. Here are the two links: hxxp://amc.macbooster.net/check.php hxxp://www.macbooster.net/purchase/macbooster4.php?(null) Our two links are totally safe, please remove them from your PUA blacklist. If not, would you please let us know which parts of MacBooster 4 that do not meet your criterion, so we can modify our MacBooster 4 ASAP? The download link of our MacBooster 4 is hxxp://download.iobit.com/mac/MacBooster_4.pkg Your prompt reply will be really appreciated. P.S. We attached a picture, which is from one of our users.
  2. I'd like to automate the deployment of ESET AV Remover in my business network to cleanup installations of 3rd Party AV products before pushing out ESET Endpoint products to all my users. I've been searching for a way to do this without user intervention, but just can't seem to find one. Ideally I would be able to run ESET AV Remover in the background and have it remove all AV protection from the workstations, and write a log to the file location of my choice. Is this possible using a command line or similar tools built in to the product? Or would I have to go to some automated 3rd party solution? Thanks!
  3. Is it possible to install AVRemover_eea_nt64_enu.exe (AV Remover for Endpoint Antivirus 6) silently? I tried calling the executable from the command line with a bunch of previous used switches but had no success.
  4. "Antivirus is dead" In May Symantec stated that Antivirus is dead. And of course this statement was immediately discussed. Jerome Segura, a researcher at Malwarebytes called it "quite [...] bold" and added: hxxp://www.ibtimes.com/antivirus-really-dead-security-professionals-symantecs-declaration-1580308 Also Kaspersky disagrees: Kaspersky rubbishes Symantec VP's claim that antivirus is 'dead', calls it marketing stunt More information also in this article: No, anti-virus software isn't dead (yet) It isn't a 'moneymaker' anymore Ibtimes.com concludes that Also ZDNet reported this: Symantec discontinued Norton Antivirus And today a German publisher has published that Symantec will discontinue the development for Norton Antivirus. As a new customer you can't buy it anymore! Symantecs stated on its own website: hxxp://www.symantec.com/endpoint-protection Time to change?! But I'm sure that some user want a light protection that only protects against malware. (maybe because they want to use a different firewall or something else) So maybe it's time for you to change your malware protection software. I can recommend the brand-new ESET NOD32 Antivirus in the 2015 edition (that's version 8). But why ESET? It has many great technologies, e.g. a system that monitors the system events (HIPS) and that could also be controlled by the user or an exploit blocker that is specialized for blocking exploits in PDF readers, Java, Browsers and more. In the new version this exploit blocker was enhanced amongst other things. BTW: Of course ESET also has a complete protection suite, called ESET Smart Security (with a firewall and many other features). If you want to use it you can also do this - but nobody forces you to do so.
  5. In February of this year I acquired a Dell Precision M4700 64-bit laptop running Win7sp1 --- great hardware, seriously incomplete and inaccurate documentation --- which consequently has taken a half year to set up (long boring story, so I won't inflict it on others here). But during that time I wasn't worried about security because the internet cable was almost always disconnected, and Windows Defender was turned on. But during the months I spent setting up my M4700, I think I saw somewhere, probably at Wilders, that although the installation warns that before installing NOD32 other antivirus software (from other suppliers such as Symantec or MacAfee) should be uninstalled, that disabling Windows Defender is NOT necessary. Is that statement true for NOD32 v6, or did my imagination create it? Of course if disabling Windows Defender before installling NOD32 v6 IS necessary, of course I will do that. But if it is NOT necessary to disable Windows Defender before installing NOD32 v6: a) If Defender is disabled before installing NOD32 v6, can it be enabled after NOD32 v6 has been installed? b) If Defender is NOT disabled before installing NOD32 v6, can it be disabled after NOD32 v6 has been installed? Does Defender provide any protection that Eset doesn't? If Defender does not provide any additional protection, then I might as well disable it --- why waste time updating Defender's signatures. But if Defender provides some extra security, I may want to enable it (if the threats Defender protects against are relevant to me). I would very much appreciate clarifications of these issues. R.N. (Roger) Folsom
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