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  1. Recently, I've had a number of clients become interested in upgrading their ESET Endpoint Antivirus to ESET Endpoint Security so they can leverage the Web Filtering feature. I have all the clients in RSAT, however whenever I try to push the package for ESET Endpoint Security, it comes up with an error saying that "No upgrade is available for this client" I've tried manually updating using both an .exe and .msi and it still complains that the product exists on the machine already, even though it is technically different. How can I do this without having to touch all of these machine
  2. I was using ESET on Mac OS X (10.8) on my MacBook Pro (Intel) and it seemed to be running just fine. A couple days ago I upgraded to Mac OS X 10.9.2 (Mavericks) and now I can't tell if ESET is running or not. There used to be an ESET icon in the menu bar and now there is not. Here is a picture of the piece of my menu bar where the ESET icon used to be: grab.tiff Things I have tried: I restarted, even logged out and logged back in I looked around in System Preferences and can't find where to set stuff to appear in the menu bar I looked in System Preferences under Users &
  3. Upgrading our installation of ERA server. We have been using NOD32 Antivirus 4 for business. Should I upgrade this to Endpoint Anti-Virus? What's the benefits / drawbacks? Are there any significant differences? Which is better?
  4. Hello, One month ago, I used the ERA maintenance tool(v5.1.38) migrate the ERA server from the old one to a new one with a different IP address, server name follows the ESET manual. Today, I found one issue that is I cannot remove client in era console(v5.1.38). The progress bar is always stay there at "Deleting 1%..." I use the sql server management studio express to manually delete the client in DB is no problem(Test database) on same server. Old Server Name:WS1 Windows 2008 R2 Std+MSSQL 2008 R2+ERA Server 5.1.34 New Server Name:WS2 Windows 2012 R2 Std+MSSQL 2008 R2+ERA
  5. Hi, I have major problems upgrading my free version to the premium version downloaded from the Amazon app store, although payment was taken I find I cannot complete the upgrade process, it starts the process of checking the license but then goes back to the buy new license page within the app. Contacted c.s. who just sent me to a help page which didn't help, then said to delete then reinstall the app which also didn't work. I've had no further reply from them so am asking here for help. Tia.
  6. <2014-02-19 16:20:26> PrepareCertificates: Entered <2014-02-19 16:20:26> HTTP_SERVER_CERTIFICATE_TYPE: "PEM" <2014-02-19 16:20:26> HTTP_SERVER_CERTIFICATE: "configuration\cert-5610657217347144-rz-antivir.pem" <2014-02-19 16:20:26> File was not found <2014-02-19 16:20:26> ERROR: Certificates were not prepared! <2014-02-19 16:20:26> Execute sequence terminated with error <2014-02-19 16:20:26> SafeServiceOperation (type=1) <2014-02-19 16:20:26> Starting prior server 'ERA_SERVER'... <2014-02-19 16:20:26> Direct start failed (code=5) <2014-02
  7. Hello, I have Nod32 v6 for windows XP Pro 64 bits and want to upgrade to v7. By reading the documention in PDF, I notice I can upgrade from the menu of the AV or "over" the old one or by downloading the offline installer. I wish the cleanest method. Thank you.
  8. I have version 4 for the past tow years. I have insert every year username and password that I have parched . I have a "green eye" and everything is up to date. Is there duty to update to a new version?
  9. Hi, I'm on XP with SP3 using v4.2.71.2. Is there any value in upgrading to version 6 or 7? I have a 3 user license. The other 2 pc's are running Windows 7 with version 6 installed. If there is, do I need to uninstall version 4 prior to the ugrade? NOTE: I downgraded back to version 4.x because version 5 had the issue with external USB drives locking up the pc. There was an old topic on this back on the wilderssecurity forums discussing the issue. I do have the malwarebytes driver (mbam.sys) in my \driver32 folder.
  10. I am running ERA which monitors about 45 machines, all running EP Antivirus. I have decided to install EP Security on each, as I want the centrally managed desktop firewall. Before I start rolling out EP Security, I have a couple of questions that I can't find definitive answers to: 1. Do I need to uninstall EP Antivirus before I install EP Security 2. If so, can this be done through ERA I've been using ERA for years but only very basic aspects of it so your help and patience would be much appreciated. Regards Paul
  11. I'v just purchased End Point Licenses. We recently updated all our mac's to latest OS mavericks, but when downloading products I see there is no downloadable version for mavericks. ¿When will you support latest mavericks OS? ¿Will it work if I install current version on my mac's with mavericks?
  12. Buenas tardes a todos, estoy escribiendo en español ya que no tengo un buen control del Ingles para escribir, aunque voy a poner la traducción debajo que me haga el traductor de google para ver si me pueden ayudar. En todo caso que me direcciones a un Foro en español de Eset en caso que exista. Necesito encontrar información, documentación o alguien que ya tenga experiencia con la herramienta Rip & Replace de ESET. Necesito hacer una migración de un antivirus que no es ESET, que ya tengo funcionando y se que dicha herramienta es para eso y asi no tener que desisntalar e instalar toda
  13. Hello, I'm sorry if this topic has been addressed already, but I'm at a loss on this one. We had a trial version of ESET business antivirus (v 4.2.76) that was used past the trial license date (we didn't get the email for our purchased licenses in time). After the license expired, I started the process of uninstalling and pushing out the new version of ESET Endpoint Antivirus (v 5.0.2214) only to have half of the systems on the network stop responding after a restart. I made sure that computers had uninstalled, restarted, installed, and restarted again. But after they came back up
  14. Hi, Can somebody inform us if it is safe to do an "overinstall" (this term is used in SOLN3313) of EMSX 4.5.10015.0 over an already installed EMSX 4.5.10011.0, in order to upgrade to EMSX 4.5.10015.0 ? Kind regards, Danny van Iersel.
  15. Can anyone explain, what the internal differences/ advantages are 7.x Antivirus only vs 6.x Antivirus only ( appart from the fact that it is better most of the times to run the current version ) to propose upgrade to customers I was not able to locate any document explaining the changes.
  16. why these both packages not conflicting each other (by default)? I do not think that both can running on the same time, right?
  17. Hi, there. Since last month, I was trying to install ESET Smart Security 6(ESS6) but I can't. I hope my lappy doesn't get any virus I am using the offline installer. This is what happen during installation: You can view it in this album: hxxp://imgur.com/a/9duvo#0 At the end of the installation It always end up with this : hxxp://i.imgur.com/jPJQl7Q.png My lappy information: OS Name : Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate Version : 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 Build 7601 System Type : x64-based PC Installed (RAM): 4.00 GB I will upload the installation log here.
  18. Unable to upgrade to a new version.After clearing the update cache,still no help.
  19. Hello, The majority1 of ESET's software uses a version numbering scheme composed of four sets of numbers. Here's how to decode it! {major version number}●{minor version number}●{build number}●{wave number} The first number is the major version number, and it refers to the generation of the technology for that particular product line. Note that the major version numbers do not always line up across product lines. For example, Version 6 of ESET's consumer line, Version 5 of ESET's endpoint line and Version 4 of ESET's server line all use (roughly) the same underlying engine and detect
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