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  1. I have ESET Smart Security running on Windows 8.1. Will ESET Smart Security continue to work if I upgrade from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10?
  2. Yesterday I was upgrading ERAS to 6.1.444.0. After I've upgraded it I'm not able to install EFS 6.0.12035.0 using task: Software Installation. I'm also not able to update EFS 6.0.12032.0 to version 6.0.12035.0 using task. I've verified on a few servers. The whole process is ending in 3 steps: 1. ESET Remote Administrator Agent - Starting task 2. Operating system - Task started 3. Operating system - Task failed I've verified that both ERAS and other servers are connecting to each other. I'm also able to remotely update virus signature databse or export configuration but installation doe
  3. Hi, I got problem with ERA V6 since when we try to push upgrade from server to client v5, there were has been error, and the upgrade was fail. since that we need to got to one by one client pc and need to remove back eset manually in safemode, and Install back manually. We think the problem with the kernel since It stuck went to remove the kernel. we got about 2k pc, and it was trouble for us to do one by one. any idea how to resolve this issue without need to going to client pc.
  4. Hi, I've seen that Kaspersky has a protection module to tell you if your webcam is been used. This would be a great feature to add to Eset, because some people like me get a bit paranoid if my webcam is on. Can you please consider this suggestion. Thank You
  5. Got this error on Web-Console after upgrading from 6.1.28 to 6.1.33. Can't login anymore. All services running. Using Appliance and upgrade routine as described here. Suggestions? THX a lot
  6. Quite many topics were opened about the fact that (mostly) version 8 isn't released as PCU yet, so that the button "Check for new product version" isn't saying that there is a new version out. If you have questions why the ESET software didn't show a "upgrade-message" or why it isn't upgrading automatically I suggest you to check my post in another topic. I give a short explanation for all this questions and I linked to some kb articles that show how to upgrade exactly or how to get ESS or NOD32 checking automatically for upgrades. And for the last thing I have a suggestion. As you kn
  7. Please provide a step-by-step guide on how to upgrade ERA Server Virtual Appliance 6.1.28 to version 6.1.33. Thanks!
  8. Under Advanced/Update setup in ESS 8 it is checked/setup to "Regularly check for latest product version" and also "Always update program components". Last night while browsing the forum I noticed that version 8.0.312.0 (the newest version) was available but both of my PC's had version 8.0.304.0 installed and ESS 8 was saying the version installed was up to date. I was under the impression that that ESS would upgrade to the newest version automatically. I didn't even see any kind of notice that a newer version was available, like a pop-up window or such. If an ESET user did not see the post
  9. Sorry for this really useless post, but I found the last changelog of the latest vupdate of ESET Mobile Seurity so funny that I had to post it. This was it: I mean the last thing: So, ESET, you made/added "small bugs and small bug fixes and optimisations"? The last things (the bug fixes) are nice, but the first thing... So this is either programmer humor or it's just a mistake. Anyway, it was funny to read this. And BTW all other things of the update worked nicely.
  10. A little background first. My organization currently has a small test environment for EES 6 for Mac and PC. All computers were upgraded from EES 5 (PC) and Nod 32 v4 (Mac). We just began experimenting with v6 policies. First We noticed one of the PCs shows a "Smart Scan" in the computer scan tab with a scan date of 12/31/1969 4:00 PM, which is strange because we did not enable the "First Scan" policy. The scan itself has not made any progress and has been running for two days. The scan still appears in the computer scan tab after several restarts. Second In the computer scan logs, e
  11. After upgrading to 6.1.450, where can I change the language of the user interface? seems there are two values in config.cfg, but didn't know which values represents the other languages. THX 4 help
  12. Maybe you have already noticed this in this forum... It is... a huge release... (I was also stunned although I knew already that ESET will release this soon - if you follow the news from ESET then you could already saw a news) ESET has released the next generation of there security products for business! (in most cases this is version 6) But before you say "I can't find it..." - yes actually it was only released in the US - it will be released worldwide in the first quarter of 2015. Now you can check all the news out: [press] ESET to Launch Completely Redesigned, Best-of-Breed Busine
  13. I just thought I list some gripes that I have with this ERA 6 upgrade process that hopefully can be address or at least noted: 1) I use Endpoint Antivirus, but when the agent gets deployed to all the computers in my network, it whines about Windows Firewall in security center being disabled. This is by design on my network as I disabled the Windows Firewall in group policy while connected to the domain network. 2) The process of certificates are not clear when it comes to deploying ERA Proxy Server. Can a PDF with instructions on how to get this up and running be made, as well as getting
  14. Good evening from Greece, I didn't want to bother support for this minor problem. I had installed ESET SS7 and yesterday i got a message that i can upgrade it. I pressed OK and the installation of ESET SS8 started automatically. When i open the ESET interface, it freezes every time i choose the option "Computer Scan" from the left panel. It freezes for about 5-6 seconds. Of course the scan works fine. Every other option, like "Setup", "Tools", don't have this problem. I'm concerned if that could indicate another major problem, like a bad installment, and i must re-install it, o
  15. An hour ago I got this error code 0x80070652, and it has been quite annoying since then as I have to go through this extremely vast content written on the Internet, and get this – I have not got a single piece of writing I can appreciate. Please make my day! Anyone!!
  16. Hello, I am very new to the ESET management and deployment. I have two questions with respect to the ERA Server. Question 1: I have deployed two ERA servers in two locations (geographically two locations) and configured Replication between them. I have designated one server as Primary and other one as Member. Now, I am able to see both the ERA servers from the Primary Server console and clients of both ERA servers in the Primary Server as well. This is fine till this point. Now actually my question : If my users are travelling from one location from another location w
  17. Recently I posted a suggestion about ESET and IFTTT. IFTTT is an online service for automating things. It can e.g. deliver notifications to very different devices (Android, iOS and Philips Hue...) in very different ways. That's why I especially suggested this for the business products of ESET. Now I'd like to extend my suggestion. ESET products with potential for IFTTT But there are more ESET products where it could be useful to integrate this. Especially some of them are already online services, so it's easier to include them to IFTTT. But what I am talking about? ESET Anti-theft ESET Soci
  18. Recently it was said by @Marcos that v8 doesn't support Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) or older anymore. It requires Windows XP Service Pack 3. So I looked into the knowledgebase and it's saying the same. What operating systems are ESET products compatible with? (Home Users) System Requirements for ESET Smart Security / ESET NOD32 Antivirus (Home Users) So, because it was said that v7 even support Windows NT 4.0 SP 6a, I'd like to ask: Are these versions (under Windows XP) still supported? After this I looked on the official download pages of ESS and NOD32. There it says: S
  19. My primary purpose in writing this topic is a complaint, and wondering why after many years with NOD32, I am not informed or prompted about a new upgrade. I upgraded to version 5 in 2012, and as recently as January 2014 when I renewed my license for 4 pc's, nothing ever made me aware that version 5 was no longer the latest version. Why is that? I submitted a ticket almost a week ago about what I believe is a false positive on a download for an established software. Eset did not respond beyond the automated response. When I emailed them inquiring, they said it was a mess up in the ticket ro
  20. hello in 7 and 8 version of eset smart security 'product update 'have problem because with release new version when clicking on 'check for updates' tell us your version is latest and this is big problem but in previous version this part was very usefull please check this bug
  21. Hello, I just updated my remote admin server and console and when logging in again I discoverd that the set password is gone, as well as my policies. I still see all clients in the list, as well as my recent connections (I used to have multiple eset remote admin servers). Is anyone familiar with this behaviour or knows where I could retrieve the old policy?
  22. Running Vista Pro 32 updating V7 to V8 went into error and installation resumed after reboot. But license date ( username, password ) was lost / cleard during this procedure. Went OK on other machine ( W7 Pro 64), will check further installations........ Update: OK with 2 W7 32 machines.... ( so only a hick-up ??? )
  23. Hi! In a Windows 2003 domain environment I tested upgrade of ESET Endpoint AV from v. 5.0.2225.0 to v. 5.2229.1 on MS Windows 7 Pro. SP1 32/64 bit using the ESET Remote Administrator Console In ERAC the diagnostics of Windows push installation using credentials of the domain administrator was successful: n37.vred.local Diagnostics user context: VRED\administrator Operating System: Windows 7 Professional x64 Edition Operating System Version: 6.1 ESET Security Product Name: ESET Endp
  24. anyone agree with me?I always think the big eye is the most beautiful icon among all antivirus softwares.I hope it will get back to normal.
  25. Hello, ESET Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange Server Version 4.5.10021 has been released and is now available for download in all supported languages. CHANGELOG This release contains the following changes: Added: support for Exchange installations running on Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Added: New scanner setting for the detection of potentially dangerous attachments Updated: New version of Mailshell AS engine (6.5.18), with new data files in the .msi package Fixed: Various bugs For more information or to download a copy, visit the ESET Mail Security for Microsoft Exchan
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