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  1. As the title suggests when performing an upgrade of Windows 10 1511 (Education x64) to 1607 the installation fails. I have managed to dig through the logs and found the following in the "c:\$WINDOWS.~BT\Sources\Panther\setuperr.log" DRVMIG: Failed to inject driver package in the new OS (payload hardlinked): C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\ehdrv.inf_amd64_afab37c21652b95d\ehdrv.inf. Error: 0x80070002[gle=0x0000007a] I believe that ehdrv.inf is an ESET driver. I am wondering if the ESET engineers can take a look at this, as either disabling or uninstalling ESET before
  2. I activated a license for my smartphone from a gift card in a conference and the app was running great but after upgrading from lollipop to marshmallow on my Huawei P8 lite I had to reinstall the app and it doesnt accept my username and password nor my activation code, is there a way to reactivate my licence? Thanks in advance
  3. After updating ESS8 to ESS9 periodically blink open windows in OS Windows 8.1 on my Leptop and OS Windows 10 on my PC. Video of the problem in the attached file. bandicam 2015-10-14 12-37-26-514.rar
  4. Hello Team how to backup era 6.3/6.4 include agent connection & policy with database? Regards Vimarsh P.
  5. Hi ! I using Google Chrome for many years and Eset Smar Security same. I love Eset Smart Security, everything linked to it. I have uninstalled my Google Chrome and then I installed again, and my Banking & Payment security doesn't work. Before Eset detected automatically any banking or payment site like PayPal, but now even if I add it into Protected Websites from Banking & Payment protection doesn't work I'm using Windows 10 and I have the last updates. Can anyone help me? Thank you and best regards.
  6. After the latest update I keep getting the message "Attention Required - Parental Control is not Set Up" every time I start the computer. I'm the only user of the computer but there seems no way of getting rid of the message or reminder. The ESET front screen has a link to "set up rules" which only shows my account and as it is an Admin account I don't want to protect anything. I've tried everything I can think of without success, and I'm not going to create a mythical child account just so I can protect it. Anyone have a solution to this please?
  7. Hello, i'm already installed ESET SysRescue into USB. and everything is fine but i'm just wondering do i have to purchase a license/username and password ? if so, can i use the same license that i purchased for ESET smart security 9 ?
  8. Hi, We are facing issue while creating a installation package with the endpoint security product build Version 5.0.2265.0 specially with 64 bit installation packager. Please find the attached file for the error snap.
  9. when I want to upgrade my EES 5.0.2254 to 5.0.2260 using ERA remote install, all client failed with remarks " No upgrade for this client". I try manually upgrade install on the PC successful.
  10. Recently upgraded from Win 7 64-bit to Win 10 64-bit. I have eSet installed along with the Comodo firewall. After reinstallation, I've been occasionally seeing BSOD on boot in inspect.sys (Comodo). Working with the Comodo team analyzing memory dumps and they are suspicious that there's some type of interaction issue w/eSet. After uninstalling Comodo, I got one BSOD that the Comodo team reviewed and said was in eSet (ekrnAmon.dll). I'm running Win 10 (10.0.10586 and eSet 9.0.381.0). I have a memory dump if anyone from eSet would like inspect it. One other point. The evening I plann
  11. I've upgraded ESET Remote Administrator v. to v. and I'd like to report my experience with the procedure. ESET Remote Administrator v. was installed on s MS Windows Server 2012 using the ESET Remote Administrator 6 All-in-one Installers for MS Windows 64-bit. After the configuration ERA was running fine and we were able to remotely install and administer our ESET clients in the ERA Web Console. For the upgrade to ERA I followed instructions given on hxxp://help.eset.com/era_install/63/en-US/?components_upgrade.htm which recommends using the Remote
  12. Please advise any example rule in endpoint security to allow patch manager tools to run the scan on eset endpoint installed pc, we need to allow gfi languard product scanning and installation, once eset installed machine is not pingable also. I tried making my vlans as trusted and also other settings but no luck , any guidance to that will be helpful. thanks shaik
  13. my ID order is AM-55170-263XXX My eset id id : cho....ksa@gmail.com My email : cho....ksa@gmail.com
  14. If there is a new minor version, e.g. 5.0.2254 -> 5.0.2260, will theses features (e.g. Support for Office 2016) also available via module update to older version? (e.g. 5.0.X or even 4.X)? Or should always done an upgrade via upgrade task/PCU? THX a lot, best, meg
  15. Hi Forum, actually we are testing the ERA v6 virtual appliance von VMware vSphere. I have created the VM with the OVA-File and did some configurations, add computers and server. I successfully deployed the ERA-Agents and the Endpoint AV to my pc's and server. So, now I would upgrade my complete ERA appliance from server version 6.2.200, agent version 6.2.200 and rogue detection version 1.0.880.0 to the newest version. I followed the steps in the faqs doing it with the component upgrade task, but the result is a non booting ERA appliance. So I returned to the snapshot I took be
  16. Try to update von 2225 to 2228. Not possible And what means: Did 2225 not working within 8.1U1?
  17. I have eset smart security 8 and i know the version 9 has been released for while now but i still don't get a notification in the program to upgrade mine also when i check for update it says my product is up to date (ver. 8.0.319.0). my question is do i have to uninstall the current product and download eset 9 manually from the website or it will be released eventually via the program itself for eset 8? also is it safe to stay with the 8 for now or should i manually upgrade it sooner?
  18. Hi, i have a question because i once tried to update our Eset Mail Security for Linux on a debian based machine from version 4.0.10 to 4.5.3. I opened a support case at the german support team by mail in january, but they did not reply to me. I hope someone here can help me. After the upgrade to 4.5.3 the behavior differs from the state before. I tried to send the eicar test virus to my internal test account. With the old version 4.0.10 the recipient gets the cleaned up mail, the "full" mail goes into the quarantine. The daemon_notification_script was called and sent a mail to the administ
  19. Hi all, i am currently upgrading all my clients servers running EFSW v4.5.xx to v6.3, and i have so much troubles... Uninstallation of v4.5.xx on windows server 2008 R2 x64 always fails (about 10 times, on different servers, brand, physical or virtual...): the uninstaller starts and bloc on "drivers uninstallation" phase. and after it's a big deal to success ! i have to stop all the msi process, hard reboot the server, execute the esetuninstall.exe /nosafemode, reboot cleanly and after that, i can install, the news version ! it's a nightmare i have dozens of server to migrate, please
  20. Hello! I am new to the forum and over a long time i used NOD32 again. Yesterday i was battling a computer virus that basically destroyed windows defender and started making all sorts of interesting stuff like installed all kinds of different programs and disabled this and that, popped up something here and there - it was obvious, i was infected and it scared the hell out of me since it used programs in non readable languages for me, like Chinese and Russian, i had a feeling someone had hijacked my pc, and thats a scary tought aswell. Sadly enough i didnt have antivirus installed before that
  21. Hello team, We are facing an issue with the Migration from 5.x to 6.x - Unable to export from Migration tool. I have already installed the ESET V6.3 on the new server and im able to login to web console. Now the migration process is in progress where I’m unable to export old database from the old server using the migration tool. PF below link where we are facing the same issues. https://forum.eset.com/topic/6748-migration-from-5x-to-6x-unable-to-export-old-database/?hl=migration+tool And if I manually stop the Remote Administrator Service and continue, the next error is the same
  22. Hi, We recently upgrade around 25 computers that were running Windows 7 and ESET Nod Antivirus 4.2.76. They are now running: Windows 10 ESET Endpoint Antivirus 5.0.2254 The Windows upgrade was done first, followed by the ESET upgrade. However what we are noticing is that at least a third of the computers keep showing this error via a pop up on their screen when they log in, and also in the ERA Console in the Event Log: "Communication with the driver failed. HIPS does not work". All research I've done on this so far seems to indicate that this error should go away after the fi
  23. Dear Support, We pushed out remote administrator agent on some clients which were having the eset 5 version and that other remote admin server is still available but since the agent is pushed those clients do not take update. Please advise if i can rectify that situation till i push new eset 6 to that clients. Also i have issues which mac agent pushing, after the agent installation using live agent methods i can push the eset 6 but cannot do the agent pushing initially. shaik
  24. Eset 6 has more security features and has a good engine but the remote administration tool is becoming annoyance as task to do simple remote installation increases by going to server task and then client task and activation so many tasks.... Well i am living with it but main issue is now that all my clients show this error"Windows Security Center indicates that the feature is not installed or is not running properly" my domain policy is no security center and windows firewall since long. Now that eset has firewall feature i have it with the domain level network trust and automatic mode.
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