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  1. Good morning, Every time we update a policy for our users, eventually all of our changes disappear. We definitely tell it to apply and finish, but when we go back in, maybe not the first time but soon all changes are lost. We are on the latest era 6 version installed on windows 2012. Thanks!
  2. What would be the best way to automate deployment to new Active Directory joined computers? Ideally we would like to have ERA configured so that when a new computer is joined to the domain and placed in a specific Computers OU, ERA would notice that new computer after the next AD sync, and then automatically push out the Agent and then the Antivirus to that computer. I cant seem to find any documentation on doing this with an AD OU (Static Group).
  3. Hi all, We are trying to make the ERA server and agents to run as dynamically as possible, by that we mean: We do have several group of users that don't have the right to the same ESET products and do have different policies applyed... Therefore we: Generate a peer certificate per user group Create a new dynamic group template per group Create a new dynamic group (per group) and apply the group's template To finish we generate an agent live installer for each user group That way, each agent live installer has a different certificate for each group, and so: each new agent is directly connected to ERA and computer is set in the correct group (thanks to the dynamic template that is matching the peer certificate serial number). Well the problem is that this is theory and doesn't work ! The problems we encounter: When the peer certificate has a password, the agent live installer setup never ends (we don't know why, we tried it on WIndows 7, 8 and 8.1) When the peer certificate has no password, the agent live installer works but afet er setup the new computers are still in the "Lost & Found" directory of ERA Here is what how we did it: Here we allready have a peer certificate per group ! Create a new dynamic group template: In the Web Console, navigate to Admin > Dynamic Group Templates > Click on "New Template" (down on the left). Click on Basic to roll out the settings page Enter a Name and a Description for the group template [company name - Peer Certificate detection] Click on Expression to roll out the settings page Select "+ Add rule" > click on "Peer Certificate" > "Serial number" and click on "OK" Back in 'Expression', paste the Peer Certificate serial number. Click on finish (down left of the page). Create a new dynamic group: In the Web Console, navigate to Computers and click on "All" (in the left "Computers" menu bar) > New Dynamic Group. Click on Basic to roll out the settings page Enter a Nam and a Description for the group [company name] Click on Template to roll out the settings page Select choose existing and select the template you just created. Click on finish (down left of the page). Create a agent live installer: To generate setup scripts In the Web Console, navigate to Admin > (under in the left menu) "Agent Live Installers": Server hostname: <OUR_SERVER_URL> Peer certificate: ERA certificate ERA certificate: Select the Peer Certificate you just created To finish click on "Get installers" We really need this to work as we cannot go on moving computers in groups and setting policies for hundred or thousand computers manually. PS: It seems to work, but only when the dynamic group is directly under "ALL", bu not when the dynamic group is in a "Static group" Which doesn't fit our needs ! If someone has a clue about the problem, he/she will be welcome... Thank you
  4. I'm using ESET RA v6 virtual appliance. I created a custom policy to disable HIPS feature on my ESET File Security v6 clients. All FS clients are members of a group and the policy is assigned to the group. When I check HIPS status in Setup menu on a client short after rebooting it (otherwise HIPS won't turn off), it says that HIPS is disabled. HIPS is also listed as disabled and grayed out in the Advanced Setup menu which is expected as I'm managing it via RA policy. However, after some time HIPS gets automatically enabled on all FS clients (HIPS status in Setup menu - enabled, HIPS status in the Advanced Setup menu - disabled and grayed out, no changes in the policy). If I reboot a client again, HIPS gets turned off, but after some time it starts back on again! Any ideas why this is happening? What I should be doing to keep HIPS turned off permanently? Thanks.
  5. Hi all, in my tests with v6 I´ve identified two security breaches, first with password protecting client settings user can stop protection any time without entering password and second ondemand scan sent by Remote Administrato client task can be stopped by the user. In version 5 it´s not possible.
  6. Hello, I am very new to the ESET management and deployment. I have two questions with respect to the ERA Server. Question 1: I have deployed two ERA servers in two locations (geographically two locations) and configured Replication between them. I have designated one server as Primary and other one as Member. Now, I am able to see both the ERA servers from the Primary Server console and clients of both ERA servers in the Primary Server as well. This is fine till this point. Now actually my question : If my users are travelling from one location from another location will the ESET Nod 32 Antivirus client installed on their laptops choose the Primary server automatically based on the location or they will be configured with one Primary server as fixed irrespective of the location? Question 2: I have a old ERA server in a different environment running on 4.x. It has almost 100+ clients having ESET NOD 32 Anti Virus Business Edition running on them. Now I need to upgrade this ERA server to 5.x. Will it impact the existing clients? I came across the forum for this question stating that when I upgrade all the client connections will be terminated. Also, I need to migrate the policy from 4.x to 5.x. But would like to get some more inputs on this like is there any tool from ESET that will do all the migration at the time or after the Version upgrade etc., Any help would be highly appreciated. Many thanks in advance.
  7. Hello, I have been trying to figure out how to design a policy that allows WMI connections. I am running a few scripts to keep the inventory updated and with the default settings WMI is blocked. Tips I have tried are (will update as I get them): Unchecking "TCP port scanning attack detection" in IDS I switched to Interactive mode and created a separate rule when the WMI query was captured by the firewall but the rule generated is C:\Windows\svchost.exe Any Any which seems a bit to relaxed - or am I wrong? Also WMI seems to use dynamic ports between 1024 and 2000... I saw some people who use Spiceworks having the same issue, although I do not use Spiceworks. Did anyone here get this to work?
  8. Hello, I just updated my remote admin server and console and when logging in again I discoverd that the set password is gone, as well as my policies. I still see all clients in the list, as well as my recent connections (I used to have multiple eset remote admin servers). Is anyone familiar with this behaviour or knows where I could retrieve the old policy?
  9. Hi, We have been trying the get the Device Control enabled, which we have done, but only on the Default Policy. I created a new policy (I have tried new policy with no parent), and a child polidy under the Default Policy. Made the required changes. But when I right click on a client and Set Policy, the Requested Policy shows the new policy - for a while, then it 'reverts' to the Default Policy. What have I missed? Thanks, Simon.
  10. Hi, is there any way to update/replace the license files in File Security remotely (via ERAS)? Thx a lot, Best, Meg
  11. Is it possible to generate notifications only on Events which occurred on Special scanner modules (like imap, Pop or mail). Alternative, is it possible to set the object (E-Mail) in the notification filter? THX a lot, Meg
  12. I have created a 'Workstations - Filtered Internet' policy in policy manager and an associated entry in Policy Rules and the Group Manager. I have assigned one workstation to this group as a test (the new policy is a child policy of the 'Workstations' policy) and confirmed that settings are applying correctly to this workstation by adding a path exclusion to the new policy then checking the exclusions on the workstation once it picked up the change. The issue I am having is that I am unable to set up any kind of filtering of websites. The Workstations - Filtered Internet policy only has the Web Control > Settings > System Integration 'Yes' and Web Control > Settings > Rules defined, the rest of the settings it inherits from the parent policy (Workstations). The two rules I have in place for Web Control are a category based rule to block Social Networking and a URL based rule to block https://www.facebook.com/, ideally we would like to only use category based filtering but I added the URL filter as a test. Neither of these rules seem to be having any effect on the PC assigned to the group, however. It can still browse to Facebook as always. The server is running ESET Remote Administrator Console Version 5.0.511.0 and the client has ESET Endpoint Antivirus 5.0.2214 Any advice on how to get the filtering working would be greatly appreciated!! I have followed the KB article for deploying filtering using RA Console to no avail!
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