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  1. Hi all, Where does ESET RA server download virus signature updates? Our server tries to connect to tsm02.eset.com domain (, over HTTP, but snort identifies these connection as a malware-cnc RAT update. We tried to investigate the cause of that problem, and found some suspicious things in the HTTP post data. There is possible bot update command: hxxp://fast.onoodor.com:443/update?id=ff64a2f9 in post data. Anyone know about this? Regards, Altangerel
  2. Smart Security running on HP EliteBook 8460p with Windows 8 Pro 64 It is supposed on install SS should stop MS Firewall but it seems it is not the case. Some applications still trigger "Windows Security Alert" saying "Windows Firewall has blocked some features of this app" and invites me to let the app to communicate on Private and/or Public networks (see attached pic). is this normal?? My problem; While my wireless connection is seen as a private network and I get Internet connection w/o problem all the other networks (1 Ethernet NIC and 2 VMware virtual NICs) are considered "Unidentified Networks" with "Limited conectivity". (the trick of right clicking "Unidentified Network" to enable sharing capabilities on it does not work, (right clicking on this case does not bring any option). Then there's no way to convince Windows 8 that those networks are in fact "Private" networks with full rights. Even when I stop SS Firewall and MS Firewall is already stoped those Interfaces are blocked by some security level. If i.e. I externally ping the Ethernet interface I'm able to see the ping packet is read by the OS (Interface packet counters and Wireshark say so) but the answer to the ping is never sent... I can believe I cannot get a simple ethernet conection working.... Is anyone here able to tell me how to get these humble local net interfaces working??? Thanks
  3. ESET Smart Security 7 with default settings it prevents the launcher of the game Star Wars The Old Republic to operate normaly. error displayed is "The login service is currently unavailable. ..." if HTTP checking option of web access protection is turned OFF launcher operates normally. currently runing ESS 7.0.302.26 i dont know if problem exist in previous releases of ESS. probably it does. ive seen some posts about it but i dont remember if release versions were mentioned ask for more data if necessary edit 1 additional data playing with the on/off switch of that security measure it seems that the game itself is also affected by this problem
  4. Hello, I'm sorry if this topic has been addressed already, but I'm at a loss on this one. We had a trial version of ESET business antivirus (v 4.2.76) that was used past the trial license date (we didn't get the email for our purchased licenses in time). After the license expired, I started the process of uninstalling and pushing out the new version of ESET Endpoint Antivirus (v 5.0.2214) only to have half of the systems on the network stop responding after a restart. I made sure that computers had uninstalled, restarted, installed, and restarted again. But after they came back up I had no network access at all. The network adapters are visible and enabled, but will not allow any connectivity. I was able to perform a system restore on most of the systems, but 3 of them didn't have restore points. So unless I can find a solution, I'm going to have to wipe and rebuild them. One of these systems is thousands of miles away at a remote site, so a solution would be preferable. Any assistance with this one would be highly appreciated. I like this product, but if updates and upgrades have this issue, it's not a good fit for our company.
  5. Today I got a new hd to replace the old one. Installed my second pc [win7 32bit],tested new HD,all is fine. Most recent network drivers added (working ok) and went offline to install eset smart security 7.0.302. Seems to work good except I cant find 'network/firewall option in ESS. [snip] . . . . . Need new medication Im sorry,but I have somehow overlooked things.. solved now /regards
  6. Hi, I have two systems in Home Network in same Workgroup connected via cable to DSL router both running ESET SS 6. The Desktop is running Win 7 Pro x64. The Laptop is running Win XP Pro. Both systems connect to the internet individually through the DSL router. The Laptop can't view subfolders on the Desktop. The Desktop doesn't have any issues viewing folders and subfolders on the Laptop. Is this a possible firewall setting issue? Do I need to make any changes to the ESET Firewall configuration for this Home Network? Thank you in advance for your assistance. Regards
  7. Please see the attached image. I am testing ESS by downloading zipped infected files from some antivirus forum. Most of threat can be detected by ESS. But the page will be shown like this. I am running windows 8 Pro with chrome(latest version). ESS version is Please let me know is this a bug?
  8. Hello, Problem is pretty simple, but the recommended solution didn't work. I am using a file sharing app on my iPad and iPhone that is called Polkast which works great when I disable Eset protection temporarily. I have the eset software in "Automatic Filtering with Exceptions"....and have enabled uPNP in the trusted zone... hxxp://screencast.com/t/crfjtSbgQw5 however it may not be considered trusted because my wireless devices are on a different port on my router, but they are on the same network though. I need to let port 19500 pass, but it doesn't look like eset is going to let me. Anyone have a clue on how to make it work?. Thanks
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