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  1. Hi There, I have some trouble to play to my last buyed game : Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Multiplayer Issue. Firstly, i was thinking it's was a game issue but, because of the fact i have played some multiplayer session without creating rule in my firewall. But after five session, it's done !!! impossible to connect to the multiplayer session. So i create a rule for my game, same issue. I have disabled my firewall and, it's work !!! So i don't how to configure my eset nod smart security to play my game on multiplayer (i've change the firewall rule's creation than interactive to learning, nothing) section with my firefall enabled (i've recreate firewall rule with the game exe indeed). Can you help me, please ? Thanks. PS : excuse my english, i'm french.
  2. good day ladies and gentleman.. - I'm using ESET Smart Security 8 on Windows 8.1 Pro x86, Office LAN (has proxy), IIS 8, my computer IP Address is xx.xx.x.44, other computer IP Address is xx.xx.x.45 (on the same network), both use Firefox 33.1, proxy turned off. ** I open my xx.xx.x.44 on my browser. IIS 8 default page appeared. It works. I open xx.xx.x.44 from xx.xx.x.45 on Firefox. Error page appeared. It's not work. I turn 44's ESET Personal Firewall off. Open 44 from 45. IIS 8 default page appeared. It works. I turn 44's firewall on. Open 44 from 45. Error page appeared. It's not work. So it's safe to assume that I have a firewall problem. My ESET Personal Firewall Filtering Mode is set in Automatic. I change the Filtering mode to Interactive. I open 44 from 45. On the 45 browser is loading. On my 44 appear this.. then I do this.. then I click Allow I do refresh on 45. IIS 8 default page appeared. It works. I leave my current firewall mode like that. I set log for that rule, so that I can see anyone that access. Then I remember, in my office network, there's some computers that have virus that always 'walk' from its den to another computer through network. Not long since I set the log. I see this.. I believe that I only access my 44 from 45. The 29 must be that virus. Then I see on the detected threat. I can't find 29 on the log. I don't know, but I think if the firewall for "Application : System" is already set to allow, then ESET won't detect any virus that come through it. I don't know.. so if I leave my current firewall setting like that, am I safe? ** good day ladies and gentleman.. - I'm sorry, thank you..
  3. Hi, I am having trouble with SSL and Endpoint Security and require advice. I am using Remote Administrator Console to manage EndPoint Security 5.0.2229, we are using a policy and I have been asked to restrict access to certain sites, I can block http but when I enable https protocol checking it impacts a majority of the sites we use (Outlook and Lync mostly) What is the best way to manage the Trusted Certificates, I really don't want to spend time importing every SSL cert we need, or running in learning mode, can I allow every Cert then blacklist specific sites? What have you found is the best way to manage SSL Certificates? Thanks for your time, James
  4. Few days back I switched to Eset Smart Security version 8 from Norton 360. One thing I liked about Norton was an applet that let me see all the devices on my network. Does my ESS-8 have an applet that does this ? I've browsed the menus and can't find one.
  5. I am having a strange problem. I have Eset Smart Security 7 installed on all my PCs. The problem I am having is that from my wifes laptop I am able to see and read/write all shared folders on my own PC, but when I try to connect to hers, either through Homegroup or Network, it will not connect unless I disable her Eset Firewall. I have reset her Firewall to default. switched to interactive mode but i never receive any prompt when trying to access her shared folders from my pc. So the only way we can share files is to disable firewall. If anyone can help me with this problem it would be much appreciated. Both PCs are running Windows 8.1 and Eset Smart Security 7
  6. Since a few days I can't backup or restore from my NAS. The service-screen keeps telling "Starting" or "Stopping". In ESS 7 I've, as far as I know, opened the port (22936). Novastor keeps telling there is "no connection with engine" (quote "connecting to engine", after a few minutes: Unable to allocate the backup engine). In Services (Windows 8.1 pro) there is no possibility to Stop, start or restart the service. It have been working and I have made backups. I don't now what has been changed in the meantime. Can anyone tell me how to solve this problem?
  7. Hello, long time eset enpoint user and first time forum poster here. In the RAC policy editor, we have added all our company networks as zones (and checked the mark to add them to the trusted zone). The main goal for this is to make sure the client does not have to add their company network to the trusted zone each time (via the allow sharing dialog). This works perfectly so far. The second goal is to allow some services to work between our networks without hassle. (They are all connected with company-wide vpn) More specifically, I would like to be able to ping to my clients on other sites. This does not work unless I temporary disable the eset firewall. In the firewall rules, the standard rule "Allow icmp communication in the trusted zone" is present. So, this should work right, considering that all my company networks are added to the zones, and they in their turn are checked to be in the trusted zone? To get around this problem, I tried to add a new rule to allow icmp traffic in the zones I created myself, but I am only able to select "Trusted zone","Addresses excluded from IDS", "Addresses notified about unavailability of TCP/UDP ports", "Addresses excluded from protocol filtering", "DNS servers" and "Local Addresses" as zone selection at the remote side. Any help to as what I am doing wrong?
  8. Hello, I've noticed there is no support for certificates stored within Window's certificate stores and instead you have to specify certificate and key files directly (eg: HTTPS for Dashboards, Mirror etc.) and there doesn't appear to be a way to specify the key for a provided PFX package either. Is there any plan to support better key storage mechanisms? Regards,
  9. Hello I've had a quick search but I can't find anything related to this issue. We have smart security installed on several machines. The latest installation presented a post-installation problem unseen before. OS = Windows 8.1 Pro Installed product=ESSH-N2-4, ESET Smart Security 7 When running as a standard user, connecting to a new network, such as a new wireless network when out and about, the UAC dialogue box pops up asking for an administrator password. This is, it seems, something to do with ESET as ESET is doing something (to secure the new network?) when we try to connect. The dialogue box mentions that the programme trying to change settings (and thus driving the UAC dialogue box) is ESET. This is a problem as we obviously do not want to give standard users the administrator password. How can we change the settings to prevent this behaviour?
  10. I bought an AV not a firewall system on purpose, but your AV acts like a freaking firewall. My epson printer worked great wirelessly until I installed your NO OPEN DOOR AND WE NAILED ALL THE DOORS SHUT software on my system. I have an Epson Artisan 837. It is 12:45. I teach at 7:20 in the am. The printer was working magically until your software came along. I have gone in to advanced settings and told your software to allow every Epson file in the world to work and nothing. I even uninstalled and reinstalled the Epson software and nothing. I even supposedly turned off your software and still NOTHING. If anyone has any advice how to make a freaking antivirus let my system go so that it can print, please let me know.
  11. I Am Using TPLINK-W8968 Router.I Upgraded The Version Of Eset Smart Security Yesterday From 7.0.302 to 7.0.317.4 After That My Network Connection Has Been Blocked.I do the same configuration as previous version, but it doesn't work. I am unable to access internet from my pc but able to access from my phone, laptop. I called Eset Customer support they said "No Serious Issue, Configuration Problem", But that was not very helpful the problem remain same, i tried many different ways like putting ip into safe zone, exclude from scanning but it wont help. turning off firewall also doesn't help, Seriously, very disappointed if ESET unable to fix this problem. i Have still 10 months license Remaining.
  12. Hello everybody, I have a problem. On Windows 8 there is a fonction for share your conexion Internet by ad-hoc network. My problem is that my firewall lock the connection. When I turn-off the firewall, all it's ok. I would like to put an exeption on my firewall, but I don't know how to do that. Can you help me please? Thank a lot.
  13. Hello all, I've been using eSet smart security for years now without much problem but today when I turned on my computer there was a message telling me that a new internet connection was connected or something to my computer. Then it asked me to choose either strict protection or public sharing I didnt know what to do so I pressed strict protection. Has someone hacked into my computer by any chance? What should I do to confirm my suspicions? The screen that I encountered looked like this picture expect that I am using Smart security 5 hxxp://www.eset.eu/buxus/images/Pictures/DIALOG_EPFW_TRUSTED_ZONE.png EDIT: I found my way into a list of connections and found the one that was registered in for today and I deleted it but does that solve everything?
  14. Hi! Im using InputDirector (ID) to share keypad and mouse between computers. Very often Im copying clipboard from one computer to another one. This functionality is suddenly not working, Im suspicious its caused by some upgrade of ENDPOINT Security. When I switched temporary off Firewall on source computer its working again. I do also share folders and files and this is still working but not clipboard sharing. Message from ID is that 192.169.x.y is not responding. I have tried to find any settings related this but found nothing. I set Trusted zone for local network and " Allow sharing" is enabled and computer is visible (as I wrote file/folder sharing is working). I have no idee what is wrong.
  15. We are running ESET Endpoint security in our offices to block employees from accessing urls that are not work related such as Facebook, etc and we have thought so far that the Web Access Protection feature was working for us when I realized today that if I add https on any url that is not on my Allowed Addresses list it will go through. www.facebook.com -> BLOCKED: OK https:www.facebook.com -> NOT BLOCKED! I use the allowed addresses list so whatever is not there should not work. How can this be fixed?
  16. I am currently experiancing Port Scanning attacks from some of my domains about 5 minutes after establishing an FTP connection. My hosting provider is shifting the blame (of course) to a Eset misconfiguration. This is not the issue as I have other hosting providers with almost identical configurations and no issue. I have other domains on other IP's with this host and similar configuration and no issue. I am now documenting which specific ones have the issues and which ones do not. So far all attacks originate from domains that are using WordPress from veried versions and veried configurations with 2 seporate IP addresses. Has anybody heard of anything like this. Is there a way to scan for the origin of this issue on a shared hosting envirnment?
  17. Greetings! Number of users in my organization reports a problem updating the virus signature database when they are not connected to the domain. How can i configure it properly?
  18. Hello, I am not able to set up ssl in my settings. There is no way to oben the normal dropdown field. Can someone help me to fix this Problem. Thank you Benni
  19. I created a server, did everything but i still cant connect to the server. I know its the firewall because i can connect using the ip method (console command "connect ipserver"). Other than that, i cant connect. My question is: how to allow the server to connect ? Allow the ports. I tried everything and didnt worked. This is what it looks like In the Personal firewall is automatic mode. I even added a port forward in the router configuration
  20. My work network has some PCs still running Windows XP, and given the ending of support for that OS and the security issues that go along with that, I'm wondering if blocking those PCs access to the internet is worth doing. I have a few queries regarding this - can I use Smart Security's firewall to do this, and if so, how? Can I block internet access while still allowing full access to the local network? Does having access to the network negate the benefits having the XP systems blocked from the internet? The remainder of the PCs on the network are running Windows 7. I'm aware that the best option is to update to a newer OS, but that will mean updating the PCs and while that's the plan at some stage it won't be in the immediate future.
  21. I have an optometry practice with a network of 8 or so computers, which has been running (mostly) happily under the protection of various versions of Smart Security for a few years now. About 6 months ago I purchased a new piece of eye-testing equipment (an OCT scanner) which came with it's own PC and software - the instrument does it's thing and the software is used to view the results. As I have multiple consulting rooms the software was installed on a couple of other PCs so that results could be viewed on them as well and everything was working fine until it occurred to me last week that there was no security software on the PC connected to the OCT. I duly purchased another license and installed Smart Security 7 and now I can no longer access the software from the PCs in the other consulting rooms. I've tried creating a rule on all the computers in question to allow the application, but this unfortunately hasn't worked. I've also tried running Smart Security in interactive mode, and this results in a pop-up appearing on the OCT's PC when another PC tries to access it, however if I click on 'allow' and 'remember this rule' I get a warning stating that the rule is too general. This is creating significant workflow issues, and unfortunately the OCT's software developer hasn't been able to suggest a solution. Does allowing a rule that is too general create significant risks? Any help much appreciated.
  22. Resolving host names and issues would be relative to your DNS servers,not ESET. Please know what you are talking about. The resolve hostname is ONLY for the Network connections list under Tools > Network connections. It simply means for the connections you are making on said IP address , show what their hostname is as well. ESET doesn't convert this information for you. Your DNS servers do. I do not have the issues you are talking about at all, its apparent i am using different dns servers then you. Try switching to different dns and test. Here is Googles : https://developers.google.com/speed/public-dns/ Here is OpenDNS which i use: hxxp://www.opendns.com/ Thanks and let us know if your issue persists after switching. You may try other DNS servers closer to your area as well.
  23. I've been running into random issues after upgrading to 5.1.38 (from 5.1.34), where some of my clients (EES 5.0.2225.0) don't report back to my ERA Server with current information. For example, my ERA console reports that A,B,C,D don't have current virus definition updates, even though they reported back to the server within an acceptable timeframe. If I manually check the definition updates on those clients, they're updated to the latest and greatest, per the GUI. I've restarted those affected, and beyond the initial connection to the ERA Server, they don't report back again. Thx, segFault.
  24. I seem to be having an issue with my network where I cannot browse my own PC's (PC with Eset SS 7 installed) from other PC's on my WLAN network. I have a total of 3 PC's connected to this WLAN network in which I share files between and print etc. One of the three PC's use Avast and the other uses Kaspersky as an antivirus program. Accessing those PC's with my main PC (Where Eset is installed) always works without any issues but the moment I try to browse shared files from my main PC from those 2 PC's then I am unable to, I get an error message saying that the network directory I am trying access does not exist but the moment I disable Eset then the problem is gone. Keep in mind that I've been having this issue for 3 years where sometimes I able to access my main PC from the other 2 PC's and sometimes (most of the time) I cannot. I had Eset installed on the first two PC's but then all the PC's on the network were unable to share files via WLAN network. I have read a particular article showing Eset users how to go about fixing network issues by enabling a few features and by enabling interactive firewall which as you know pops up alot. Is there any alternative to fixing this issue without having interactive firewall enabled?
  25. Hey all, I've been having an issue ever since installing Windows 8.1 Pro that I never had happen when using Windows 7. I have Smart Security 7 installed and configured to use Interactive mode. I have a Freenas machine set up with hundreds of movies which I view using XBMC. All works fine when viewing and playing the media normally, however when I scan the drives for new media, the connection to the machine is completely lost (mere seconds into the scan), and only comes back upon disabling the firewall. I also use a media manager to automatically download artwork for my movies before hand, and the same thing happens whenever I begin scanning the drives for new media. I'm at a loss as to what can rectify the problem and would appreciate any and all assistance given. Thanks.
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