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  1. Hi, In earlier versions of ERA, we can set a network rule, based on public IP. Now, with ERA 6, in templates, I just can set a rule based on computer network adapter IP (LAN IP) So, I can't differentiate if a computer is inside or outside my internal network, because it could has the same IP addressing behind the NAT that my internal network. You can say: - Hey, make a different cert for the computers you need to differentiate! -, but that's not the solution, because I want computers to get internal policys if they are inside the network, and get external policys if they are outside. You can say too, that use DNS servers item, but anybody can change it. So, I would like to know, if it's possible to include in the template items (in a future version), the item "IP public". Thanks.
  2. Related to this thread: https://forum.eset.com/topic/7611-eset-endpoint-security-web-control-category-lookups/?hl=web+control For security purposes, we are restricting (or have begun restricting) outbound DNS queries that exit our infrastructure to only go to OpenDNS' global DNS server fleet. The thread I referenced above stated that queries for Web Control hit off of ESET's DNS servers for name resolution. Can somebody provide the IPs or CIDR blocks for this functionality?
  3. Can't get the ESET firewall to play nice with Blizzard games, specifically World of Warcraft and Hearthstone. I've used ESET for years, played these games with it previously. But this last month, it refuses to let them connect. The only way I've been able to run either is to disable the firewall the entire time I play, and that's not a good solution. That also tells me though, that ESET is definitely the problem. Every other thread I've seen on this topic ends with "delete all the existing rules and put it into interactive mode" but that has not worked for me. Interactive mode is how I normally leave the firewall, and it works for everything else, but I am never getting the pop-up for these. I've even tried a trick I've learnt with some other programs, which is to disable for 10 minutes, run the application and then wait for ESET to 'discover' it when it turns back on. But in these cases it just shuts down all communication at that point. Which in WoW kicks me off, and in Hearthstone crashes the application completely. I've been trying to manually configure both applications. First allowing all, then specifically allowing the ports indicated on https://us.battle.net/support/en/article/firewall-proxy-router-and-port-configurationbut I'm not getting anywhere with that either. It's possible I'm setting it up wrong, because I have no idea what I'm doing there. Does anyone have any thoughts? I feel like I've exhausted all the normal solutions here. Surely someone else has managed to get either of these to run through ESET.
  4. Dear Support, I am having approximately 300 Mac machines needs eset, i am trying to install the agent remotely with all the required remote sharing enabled on mac as shown in knowledge base but the task fails. If i use the live agent installer method and install the agent first then i am able to push the antivirus. Please advise troubleshooting method to control the process remotely. thanks shaik
  5. One of our clients using VLan and connected with Point 2 Point connection over lease line. There are around 550 workstations & 30 VLans configured with different IP range such as,, and so on. They have installed ERAS 6.3 on 10.0.3 network and RD Sensor is able to detect workstations from the same IP range but not for other IP range. Server is able to ping client workstation from different IP range and vice-versa So kindly let me know if we can add IP range in the setting or anywhere in ERAS so that RD Sensor can detect other workstations too from different IP range.
  6. Eset 6 has more security features and has a good engine but the remote administration tool is becoming annoyance as task to do simple remote installation increases by going to server task and then client task and activation so many tasks.... Well i am living with it but main issue is now that all my clients show this error"Windows Security Center indicates that the feature is not installed or is not running properly" my domain policy is no security center and windows firewall since long. Now that eset has firewall feature i have it with the domain level network trust and automatic mode. Whenever new client is deployed it turns to yellow warning mode with above error, tried my level best to resolve , support is no good for middle east customers. Please advise what can be done as i am stuck with eset now as it has been renew for 1 year for my 1300 clients. Thanks in advance. Shaik
  7. Hi There Using MAC OS X Endpoint and trying to setup web control with Categories, this is not working. How does ESET do its category lookup? I am not seeing any network traffic from the client that may be blocking the lookups. Regards Mohamed
  8. I have a reproducible environment that we can see the issue in, here are the steps to reproduce the issue: System: Windows 10 64-bit or 32-bit. Jukebox Player Steps To Reproduce: 1. Install Jukebox Player from Numecent. 2. Install NOD32 Antivirus 9.0.318.0 3. Navigate to: hxxp://numecentcloud.com/service 4. Login with credentials: <can be provided in private to ESET R&D if needed, please contact me.> 5. Cloudpage Adobe Photoshop CS5 32-bit. 6. Run ESET NOD32 Scan (or any other virtualized application). Results: You will be unable to get to any web site on TCP 80 or 443 when ESET is enabled. Turning off the Antivirus will correct the issue. I have reported this 2 times to your support team and both times my tickets have been closed without any warning or resolution. This issue impacts many universities in the US and Europe using our combined software for BYOD implementations. I would like to stress that we have a very large number of users getting a very bad experience as a direct result of this issue and we currently have no option but to inform them that this is an outstanding issue with the ESET product and the only way to resolve the problem is to choose another anti-virus solution.
  9. We are currently pushing out EES using ERA 6.x. We have a policy in place that disables the ESET firewall after installation. During installation, however, our test users saw a drop in network connectivity for a split second. Unfortunately, this had the effect of dropping SQL connections for applications, dropping RDP sessions, etc. I am assuming this is due to the initial install state of the firewall, but I don't know that for certain. Is there any way to prevent this behavior before I try pushing out org-wide? Thanks!
  10. win7 x86_64 eset smart security 9.0.349.15 when i am open the eset smart security 9 network connections tool, and click the cross button at the top corner to close the eset windows.(the windows is now showing the network connections.) it happen. Some software menu will blinking,flicking,flashing constantly.
  11. Hallo, ich hoffe mir kann jemand auf Deutsch helfen. Ich werfe in letzter Zeit öfter einen Blick in die Firewall-Fehlerbehebung. Dort finden sich allerhand IP-Adressen. Einige lokal aus meinem Netzwerk die mir bekannt sind, ich allerdings nicht weiß warum mein Fernseher versucht auf meinen Rechner zuzugreifen, einige aber auch die mir völlig unbekannt sind. Habe die mal durchs "Whois" gejagt, mit besorgniserregenden Ergebnissen. Da sind Adressen aus Osteuropa dabei, aber auch aus den USA. Das macht mir Angst. Sind diese Anzahl an Zugriffen normal? Der DHCP-Client von Windows wird in einer Stunde rund 80-100 mal geblockt. Sind diese versuchten Zugriffe normal oder muss ich mir gedanken machen? Bin eigentlich ein sehr vorsichtiger Mensch, lasse meinen Rechner regelmäßig von ESET prüfen, habe auch alle Schutzmechanismen auf "sensibel" gestellt. Zusätzlich nutze ich den Malewarebyte Scanner. Ich setze auch in regelmäßigen Abständen mein Windows neu auf. Auch meine Fritzbox 7490 ist auf maximale Sicherheit getrimmt. Wie kann ich herausfinden was das ist und es dann abstellen?
  12. I am trying to connect RealVNC to several home computers and the viewer times out on ever attempt to connect to the server on my other machine. I had a port conflict with voip device but by adding a router exception and changing the default port to 4900, still no connection. From an earlier post I see that the eset personal firewall needs some exceptions as well, but though a retired systems software developer, I can not understand all of the options in the current release of smart security 9 with that post. I would appreciate some help in the detailed descriptions to make this work The laptop is connected wirelessly to my tp-link WR840n router and all computers but one are using Eset Smart Security They are also all windows 10 machines. I am not in the mood to start looking at a tcp line monitor tool to find out just what is happening, but can if need be. My network security knowledge is a bit rusty, so detailed instructions would be greatly appreciated. Walt Johnson Spokane, WA
  13. This morning, my Mac started to be very very slow on web, but mails, ssh & co were not affected. Later I noticed that https traffic was not affected. A few checks later, I replaced the -default- "80,8080,3128" in Prefs/Web protection/Ports used by HTTP with "8080,3128". Instantly, my web browsers came back fast; I repaired the web ESET Cyber Security OS X 10.11.3 Latest versions of Chrome, Firefox and Safari Hope you will fix this fast, since I am no longer protected. Best regards Lol Zimmerli SysCo
  14. Hi team, sorry for my previous post... BUT i see that the console is still unable to show the public ip of remote devices. What is the interest to see a lan IP ??? Now it's been one year i am waiting for this, and i see that 6.3 is still not as good as v5 was... Shall we hope a fix for that ? thank's.
  15. Hi team, sorry for my previous post... BUT i see that the console is still unable to show the public ip of remote devices. What is the interest to see a lan IP ??? Now it's been one year i am waiting for this, and i see that 6.3 is still not as good as v5 was... Shall we hope a fix for that ? thank's.
  16. Hi, We deployed in the passed ESET file security to our costume servers though our own private repository, used only by our customers. Is it possible to extract the latest version so we can deploy the RPM automatically 500 servers? If no what alternative unattended methods are there. We currently run esets-4.0-8 on all linux servers and we want to update to 4.0-10 Thanks in advance for your response.
  17. Since I've updated my ESET Smart Security software and also tried the new module of bank site protection, I can't connect to any bank site that I need. The message displayed is that the browser is not able to conect via SSL. I would aprecciate any help available.
  18. Just upgraded from Win 7 to Win 10. I've got ESET Smart Security 9. My issue is that native MS programs such as Edge browser, Store, Skype and Search (internet, not local) is not connected to internet. My PC has ethernet cable connection to the router. Programs like Firefox and ESET (e.g. update virus database) works just fine, i.e. the PC does have internet access. Solution: Disable "Personal Firewall" in ESET. So, for me to use Edge, Store, Skype or Search (internet) I have to disable ESET firewall and activate Windows firewall. Anyone seen the same?
  19. I am using Windows 10 Home edition 64 bit and ESET antivirus 9.0.318.0 After starting my system last night, i noticed that none of my email accounts were working and then when opened secure websites i couldnt opened them as well. I have then searched the internet and found some guides to re register all DLLS and then reset internet explorer, contact ISP, do telnets and so much stuff I have even paused the ESET protection thinking it might be doing it, But even pausing the protection didn't fixed the issue. I have spend whole night and was about to destroy my system and get a new one, finally i have found an advanced settings tab in ESET, In WEB and EMAIL menu , i have disabled the SSL/TLS filtering and everything started woking fine. I can only say that, This is madness ESET should thinking about this, how they are treating their paid customers.
  20. On 2 pc' s (Windows 10, build 10240 RTM) I installed ESS 9. When printing a webpage from the Windows Edge browser, print jobs keep pending and won't print. The same page printing from Internet explorer (installed on the same computer) just works fine. When I disable the protection from ESS (with the firewall still enabled) print jobs are successful. So there must be a kind of conflict between the Edge browser and ESS. I tried several advanced settings within ESS, but without any result. Only with ESS protection disabled print jobs are finished! I was having the same problem on 2 computers. I reinstalled ESS V8 on one of them again, and the printing problem was gone!
  21. Now that there's been a sufficient amount of exposure about Windows 10 sending information back to Microsoft (even when the user has adjusted the privacy controls), I'm wondering if this is where Eset will be able to shine. In other words, does Eset flag via popup alerts any of the surreptitious transfers of information Windows 10 performs---and if so, what should we be looking for as they're detected and brought to our attention? Has anyone started listing them somewhere? Thanks, in advance! --Timothy Kline
  22. I've decided to try out Eset Smart Security. After the trial was over I decided to remove it (didn't like the program tbh). After the removal, I could not connect the internet, both ethernet and wi-fi drivers were broken. I tried to remove and re-install the drivers but it did not work. I had to use system restore to make it working again. This program is the virus itself! I've been searching the forums for 2 days and I could not find a working solution. So I'm stuck with this useless program. Anyone have any solution for this? I'm using windows 10. I regret the day that I downloaded this software...
  23. Hi, I restarted the remote agent service and checked the agent log when i see this mesage error: 2015-04-01 13:59:38 Error: NetworkModule [Thread 13ec]: Unable to resolve any endpoints.resolve: (0x2af9), Este host não é conhecido (Unknown host) 2015-04-01 13:59:38 Error: CReplicationModule [Thread b78]: CReplicationManager: Replication (network) connection to 'host: "my fqdn Era Server" port: 2222' failed with: Unable to resolve any endpoints.resolve: (0x2af9), Unknown host. The ping and nlsookup tests are ok. What mean this?
  24. Hi guys, I've seen a lot of threads mention this error 'Error initializing personal firewall' & just wanted to start my own thread re my issues with pc's having this problem... Seeing a firewall problem on 2 pc's, both running Win10 64-bit... 1st pc: Upgraded a month ago from win8.1 to Win10; it had ESS v.8 running without any issues but I chose to upgrade to ESS v.9. when it rebooted it gave the error 'Personal firewall has stopped working'; I ran the un-installer in Safe Mode & re-installed ESS v.8 which has worked successfully since then without any issues, so I'm reluctant to go to v.9 & will leave it for the time being This pc was fully patched prior to & after the Windows upgrade, everything else is working on it 2nd pc: Has had no AV installed but had been scanned clean of viruses Was Win8.1 fully patched, upgraded to Win10 then windows updates done again Installed ESS v.8 & after reboot it gave the error 'Error initializing personal firewall' Not sure whether to try installing v.9 or not? Thanks in advance. Jtk
  25. I'm try to install ERAS on CentOS 7. Installation successfully, trying restart once for makesure. But after one client connected and restart server again, there are no information about connected client ( even agent on localhost ) I am also see for an agent and server status, everything fine
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