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  1. Dear , good morning . I need to know if there is any guide to change the static IP address from the command line of the virtual admin that was downloaded from the web and runs under debian. currently the system is configured by default as the virtual is already downloaded , which is dhcp , want to change these parameters to static ip able to directly assign the IP address, but can not find a guide on how to parameterize this regard .
  2. Hello all, I am having an issue with running ESET on Windows 10. I am coming off a fresh install with Windows 10 Enterprise. I fully update Windows successfully and then I enable RDP. I then install ESET NOD32 antivirus. once I install the application, Base Filtering engine never starts up completely. The status in Services.msc stays at Starting. I've attempted to use the Registry Fix and adding Everyone to the registry tree but this still does not work. I need a fix for this if I want to continue using NOD32. I've duplicated this in a virtual machine on ALL versions of Windows 10.
  3. We use Remote Administrator 6.4 on our In-House Windows Server. This manages our ESET Endpoint Antivirus. Although the majority of our business operates within our Active Directory Domain, we have a few laptops not joined to our domain. These laptops also never connect to our local network. How do we allow these laptops to check in with our Remote Administrator so that we receive reporting to the Endpoint's status? Is there documentation that details this? Currently all on-site computers are properly reporting status, and receiving any Policy updates, but our remote laptops cannot.
  4. Hi Forum, I'm a happy NOD 32 AV user, since years. I'm running Win7 x64 and my firewall blocks everything, but not the whitelist. Could you please tell me, which executable files of NOD have to get access to the WAN , for flawless signature-updates and new versions of the software. thank you members RubyKID
  5. Dear all, I'm new to this forum but I have using ESET Security Endpoint for a few months, starting yesterday I got "Duplicate IP addresses detected in network" and "Detected ARP cache poisoning attack" alert every few minutes. Those target and source IP are internal (192.168.80.xxx). I googled it, scan those computers with no virus, added in Addresses excluded from active protection (IDS), however these alerts still keep poping up. I have no idea what cause this issue and seeking for help. Thank you very much.
  6. Hi, Facing issue while activating Endpoint Client AV using remote task. Client is using ERA 6.4 and AV 6.4 while giving activation task it goes fail. Client AV doesnt have internet access, we have setup apache http proxy. Then tried activating AV individually but unable to activate. Gives error unable to reach to activation server We ran V9ActivationTroubleshooter provided by support[at]eset.com again tried activation and its successful. Here I am attaching the logs checked on 2 different workstation within the same network. Since this is the only solution, can we save the file on network path & use run command from ERA to execute this file on client workstations with fix syntex 1 V9ActivationTroubleshooter.txt 2 V9ActivationTroubleshooter.txt
  7. in three workgroup machine I installed Eset endpoint antivirus latest version ,after that while opening outlook, showing "updating folder" and not receiving any emails, we have 10 more licenses but i stop the installation because of this crazy things from eset !!! please help me to solve this issues
  8. Hi, Some Mac users in my company want to use VirtualBox for browsing localhost server with IE. https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-edge/tools/vms/ However, ESET personal Firewall prevents connection. * running Apache server on Mac host * browsing with IE on VirtualBox guest * using VirtualBox's host-only network (restriction with company's policy) network, host is and guest is * disabling personal firewall works Could someone give me an advice, please?
  9. One of our customer has installed ERA 6 on windows 8 system. Firstly he has added NFR license on ERA and then activated few Clients AV, after some days later he received his new license, so he removed NFR license from ERA & added new license and then again triggered activation task from server selecting new license, even after successful task, client expiry date and license detail doesn't change in client AV. Also tried activating license on individual client but same issue. I tried activating remotely and separately on client system but same issue. Screenshot of the client details as follows: Screesnshot_1: Client PC, still showing old license after activating with new license remotely. Screesnshot_2: Client PC, still showing old license after activating with new license remotely and separate activation on Client. Screesnshot_3: Client PC, Showing new license activated individually (No remote task) Screesnshot_4: New License uploaded on ERA. Screesnshot_5: Activation Task created with new license. Screesnshot_6: Task finished Successfully but still Expiry date doesn\'t change (Clients are screenshot_1 & 2)
  10. Hi everyone We are using EES 6.4 on W10 64b, remotely administrated with ERA. The point is for a common/normal client(User1/ComputerA), I set up a policy where the GUI is on silent mode. So, User1 can't access or start EES. Now, if our helpdesk(User2) has to achieve some configuration on the computer, he logs in on an other Windows session. On the SAME computer (ComputerA), it's possible to allow User2 to acces the GUI? To resume : Is there any posibility to differenciate policy according the user on one computer? In fact when I asked for this particularity, 2 weeks ago to a member of the integration crew, he confirmed that it was ok to implement. Thank you in advance for your help Best regards
  11. I have successfully deployed ERA Server 6.3 in main office. Unfortunately for me company has 3 computers in 2 branch offices. I installed ERA Agents 6.4 in every branch office computer and configure them to communicate with ERA Server in main office trough internet connection with ports 2222 and 2223 redirected by router. I can say that status reporting and applying policies remotely works (so there is both-direction communication), but from the moment I installed ERA Agents virus signature update stopped working. I receive "server connection error" notification. Trying to apply specific update server address for NOD (by policy) didn't solve the issue. Do you think that deploying proxy server for branch office with 1 computer is absolutely necessary for virus signature update to work, or there should be specific policy applied for branch office computers? Best regards
  12. Hi guys, I did installing eset endpoint 6 on a file server Windows Server 2008 R2. After installation, all users are with extreme slowness in opening and saving office files, specifically Word and Excel. Deactivate the real time the problem is solved, but as it is a server can't leave it disabled. Can ur help me?
  13. I'm using ESS 9.0.381 on win 8.1 64bit with firefox browser. I'm having trouble accessing secure sites (https) that gives a firefox error page "Secure Connection Failed" when using vpn/proxy applications. At first I thought this was caused by firefox's vpn addon, so i tried using another vpn addon from firefox's official addon site (e.g. hoxx, zenmate) and another that is non-addon (e.g. betternet, zenmate windows version) but still unsuccessful. However, fortunately non-secure (http) sites can be accessed whether using the vpn application or not. After days of web searching, I came upon this eset forum post that addresses about firefox addon update problem which does not occur to me. However, thanks to the post, i got the hint that my problem is due to ESET's certificate handling when ssl protocol filtering is enabled. I solve this issue by turning the ssl protocol filtering mode to interactive and then to wait for eset to pop out prompts when i enable/run the vpn application to manually ignore and remember action for the certificates used by the proxy application. For non-tech savvy or advanced user such as I, the solution is somewhat a hassle and troublesome thing to do. Therefore, there's another easier solution which is to entirely disable the ssl protocol filtering under "web and email" or https checking under "web access protection" which is also not a favourable method to those who care a lot about extra security which I also am because by doing so will "remove a layer of security and could expose your system to security risks", which was mentioned in here. I noticed that when you disable ssl protocol filtering, the https checking slide bar is grayed out (not toggleable). Therefore, what happens when I enable ssl protocol filtering but disable https checking? What difference does it make compared to disabling ssl protocol filtering? May I remind once more that this only occur when i'm using a vpn application/program to access sites that happen to be secure and trusted such as google, yahoo mail, youtube etc. Is this a problem/matter that has not yet been addressed by ESET? If so, please fix this issue in the upcoming versions of the software. Thank you.
  14. Hi 3 Days ago I've been getting these warnings about a poisoning attack and I'm really scared It doesn't always show up It shows up at a certain times and It keeps showing for like 15 minutes I don't mind eset blocking it but It disconnect me from connecting the internet and I wanna know If It's dangerous or not so I can unblock it Can someone help me with this situation Thanks!
  15. Hello. I installed Eset Nod32 Smart Security 9 in my home network and after that I lost shared folders all around my network. I know the preblem is because of Nod32 firewall and I know that I should Add my network IPs to the trusted zone to solve my problem. BUT My networks IPs are dynamic and I'm looking for a way to make an IP range like to How can I achieve this using Nod32 Trusted zone? How can Make an IP range and put it in nod32 trusted zone? Thank you.
  16. Hello I am having big issue with ESS since I have updated to windows 10 ( 64 - bit ). I have 100mbit internet connection ( download speed ). Once I install ESS my Internet connection is halved and not stable. When I uninstall ESS everything is OK. When I install ESS again everything is working OK but after restart the problem is back and persist until I uninstall ESS again. My LAN adapter is : Killer E2200 Gigabit Ethernet Controller ( latest driver with latest SW ) Please help me I am desperate. Many thanks in advance.
  17. I found a little question about ess 9.0 network connection. 1、Open "Tool"->"Network connection" Dialog. 2、Click "Close" button。 3、Open ProcessHacker Tool. select a process then open "Properties" Dialog. 4、The screen will flash.
  18. Hi Guys, New to ESET form, my name is Ben. I am a Network Consultant for a small I.T company in South Africa. We Support mostly everything from a-z but unfortunately I do not know everything from a-z so this is why I decided to join this community. I am very excited to get to know you all! I just have a question about ESET File Security. I have a server that runs Windows Small Business Server 2011 Essentials. I am unable to find a download link for this specific server, it almost seems like there is no version available for this server. hxxp://www.eset.com/sg/download/business/detail/family/26/#offline,179,,,, Am I perhaps missing something? Kind Regards, Ben.
  19. Hello, There is an issue with the ESET Smart Security 9. I have no idea what could be the case. Can;t enable ( can only disable permanently - attachments as evidence below) the Network protection for some reason e.g. Personal firewall, IDS and Botnet Protection. Was running smoothly this morning, came after work, did the scan just in case whilst i was at work, nothing has been found, however before going to bed noticed the issue so decided to post it here. Thank you for your help.
  20. hello, we have problem with clients update. Telnet responds, ports are open (2222). Firewall totally disabled. Client: CAgentSecurityModule 2016-Apr-26 10:55:45 Verifying certificated user from host PROD-ESETV6 CAgentSecurityModule 2016-Apr-26 10:55:45 Creating replication server user NetworkModule 2016-Apr-26 10:55:45 Receiving: VerifyUserResponse CReplicationModule 2016-Apr-26 10:55:45 CReplicationManager: Successfully opened connection to 'host: "" port: 2222' (remote product type: 3) CReplicationModule 2016-Apr-26 10:55:45 CReplicationManager: Sending replication initialization message to replication slave CReplicationModule 2016-Apr-26 10:55:45 CStepProcessor: Replication slave identified as: 6f00364c-91d8-4993-bbac-354fa1d455f2 [realm: 6f00364c-91d8-4993-bbac-354fa1d455f2] (product type: 3, protocol version: 6200) CDatabaseModule 2016-Apr-26 10:55:45 CReplicationStaticObjectsMapperBase: Resetting mapper state CDatabaseModule 2016-Apr-26 10:55:45 CReplicationStaticObjectsMapperBase: Acquiring database connection CDatabaseModule 2016-Apr-26 10:55:45 CReplicationStaticObjectsMapperBase: Successfully acquired database connection CDatabaseModule 2016-Apr-26 10:55:45 CReplicationStaticObjectsMapperBase: Committing mapper operations CReplicationModule 2016-Apr-26 10:55:45 CReplicationManager: Success of scenario (type=Regular, task_id='00000000-0000-0000-7005-000000000001', link='Automatic replication (REGULAR)' (00000000-0000-0000-7007-000000000001), remote_peer=host: "PROD-ESETV6" port: 2222, remote_peer_type=3, remote_peer_id=6f00364c-91d8-4993-bbac-354fa1d455f2, remote_realm_id=6f00364c-91d8-4993-bbac-354fa1d455f2) CReplicationModule 2016-Apr-26 10:55:45 CReplicationManager: Closing network connection NetworkModule 2016-Apr-26 10:55:45 Forcibly closing sessionId:5569, isClosing:0 NetworkModule 2016-Apr-26 10:55:45 Removing session 5569 NetworkModule 2016-Apr-26 10:55:45 Closing connection , session id:5569 AutomationModule 2016-Apr-26 10:56:01 Trigger: Tick ALLOWED [uUID=00000000-0000-0000-7006-00000000000b, TYPE=UPDATE_MODULES]. AutomationModule 2016-Apr-26 10:56:01 Task: Executing task [uUID=00000000-0000-0000-7005-000000000017, TYPE=UpdateModules, CONFIG=updateSetting { server: "AUTOSELECT" type: Release }]. CUpdatesModule 2016-Apr-26 10:56:01 Performing update on ESET modules SchedulerModule 2016-Apr-26 10:56:01 Received message: GetRemainingTimeByUserDataRequest CUpdatesModule 2016-Apr-26 10:56:22 PerformUpdate: Module update failed with error: Could not connect to server. (error code 8449) Server: 2016-04-22 16:37:57 Error: NetworkModule [Thread 734]: ProtocolLayer: unsupported protocol version, ResolvedIpAddress:, ResolvedHostname:prod-esetv6.inssjp.net, ResolvedPort:2861 2016-04-26 03:55:07 Error: CRepositoryModule [Thread 1054]: GetFile: Failed to process HTTP request (error code: 20017, HTTP response code: 504, url: 'hxxp://repository.eset.com/v1//com/eset/apps/business/es/ms_sharepoint/metadata') 2016-04-26 09:55:06 Error: CRepositoryModule [Thread 884]: GetFile: Failed to process HTTP request (error code: 20017, HTTP response code: 504, url: 'hxxp://repository.eset.com/v1//com/eset/apps/business/ems/kerio/metadata') How to fix this? thank you
  21. Hello Eset How To generate web Control Reports in era 6.3 for all user who installed ees and set policy web sites block. Regards Vimarsh Panchal
  22. Hello Eset Any way to schedule internet access in ERA 6.3 With EES Clients Please tell me if any rule in firewall Regards Vimarsh P.
  23. I am a little bit concerned about my computer. I have purchased smart security and have been using it for a few months. I went into trouble shooting wizard on the network settings and see what is in the images below. Should I be concerned? This is a fresh install and a freshly configured router. Should I be concerned about these or is this normal network ongoing?
  24. I recently had to deploy a new ERA 6 Proxy for our main US HQ. Since the new deployment, we've been onboarding clients left and right. I am seeing this on the ERA Proxy in ERA web console: "The maximum number of open file descriptors is reached. " In VMware, I see this picture: Not sure if this would fix it, but a 2006 thread from a Google search found this: hxxp://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/linux-increase-the-maximum-number-of-open-files/ Is this something I should try? Should I spin up a second proxy at the HQ site? We're only talking 400 clients and 500 servers. Replication interval 10 minutes. I can do "DNS round robin" to "load-balance" the connections.
  25. Does anyone know of some Network Vulnerability Assessment tools that work well in a mixed PC/Mac/Ubuntu environment? We are always trying to harden our network security, and need a tool that can analyze PC/Mac/Ubuntu machines within our environment.
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