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  1. In case anyone is interested, you can boot directly from the SysRescue ISO from a bootable USB drive with persistent updates, by adding it to an Easy2Boot multiboot USB drive (free). See my blog post here.
  2. So, there's supposedly an exploit to Apple Quick Time that has every one, including the government saying we should immediately uninstall Quick Time. From what I understand, the exploit relies on Quick Time (V7.3 and higher) playing content that causes malware to be loaded. I have a number of programs that need to have QT running so I can't really afford to summarily uninstall it. Fortunately, I and the programs I use don't need to use the external-media playing functions of QT. That, and I've disabled it as a default multi-media player in general. My question is what are the known workarounds are available until ESET has either protection implemented or a statement regarding protection availability.
  3. Hi, We are facing number of cases regarding shortcuts folder/icons and data hide issue in external USB/Pen Drives on daily basis. Kindly integrate ESET Generic USB Fixer tool in ESET application itself.
  4. Dear NOD32 Antivirus people, My NOD32 Antivirus find a "potentially harmful" application named: Win32/HackKMS.A I would like to know if this application is really harmful or if it is something coming fron Microsoft Windows that is important to right operation of the computer. Please help me to know if it has to be eliminated or not. Thank you in advance.
  5. Just checking - ESET OS/X shields me from this install? on El Capitan. https://www.intego.com/mac-security-blog/mac-users-attacked-fake-adobe-update/
  6. Hello Eset We are getting Many Of Issue From Our Partner & Customer That ESET Not Resolve Shortcut Malware/Virus Issue Properly. There is two Issue Regarding USB Removable Drive. 1. System Slow & Flash Drivers Cant open @ Scan Time & SlowDown While We Select Scan Now For Removable Media.(Mostly In Scandisk Pendrive) 2. Regarding Shortcut Virus/Malware. ESET May be Detect and Clean Virus if any But Still Hidden Data Not Shown and Short Cut Link Not Deleted Like Other Antivirus Do. We are Using ESET USB Fixer Utility To Manually Unhide Data. But It is Not Possible at Client Place. We Know about USB Fixer And Using But How Client Know That? If Other Anti Virus Clean Virus and Unhide Folder/Data and Remover Unwanted Shortcut So Why Not ESET? This is Hot Issue in Our Area and because of That Many Partner Switch in Other Anti Virus Software. Dear ESET Team Take Immediate Action and Add. Shortcut Virus / Malware Removal and Unhide Data In Updates So Client Easily Clear Virus and Also Get Data Back. Thanks & Regards Vimarsh Panchal
  7. Hello! I am new to the forum and over a long time i used NOD32 again. Yesterday i was battling a computer virus that basically destroyed windows defender and started making all sorts of interesting stuff like installed all kinds of different programs and disabled this and that, popped up something here and there - it was obvious, i was infected and it scared the hell out of me since it used programs in non readable languages for me, like Chinese and Russian, i had a feeling someone had hijacked my pc, and thats a scary tought aswell. Sadly enough i didnt have antivirus installed before that, i dont know why but i guess i just sort of forgot after being away for a while from computer and its a new one thats been in and out of warranty repairs. Virus was my own fault, i shouldnt have downloaded a file from a random place for a random program. But what im feeling concerned about is that it seems like no matter what, when or how much you pay - it dosent do the trick. Well maybe antivirus wouldnt have let me to open, download or install this file but what if i would have given permission - would be still the same. I didnt know what to do, so i tought if i disconnect pc from internet it wouldnt atleast download anything else in there. And then started to look for the answers. In my bright dream i tought if i give it a try by installing the latest good name Antivirus i would be saved, and if so i would definitely pay for the thing after the trial is over. I got myself an NOD32 smart security trial. Eventually it found few errors here and there, deleted them but that was it - the virus was still full blown. What saved my life was youtube video which to good luck lead to numerous videos about the same virus infection (Tencent). After a while i started following the video step by step which ended up in manually deleting registry keys and what not - it looked good, something was going on and it felt like im going to actually kill it. Drawback - eventually the good news stopped, i had run into the end of that, unable to delete the last ones. I found another video that this time wanted me to download the reigstry cleaner adw or something like that. Step by step again and eventually - its gone, all the side programs seem to have disappeared too. But then it hit me - is it really worth paying for Antivirus if it dosent do the trick? Sure it would warn me for things and it would kill all the flies in the knife fight but i would still get stabbed. I dont know what sort of information the virus creator or user has about me, my banking or what ever else. I dont understand if a virus could be defeated by a step by step by registry cleaner program, why cant a big name Antivirus do that for me. Its looking very bad for me, Antivirus not fighting my viruses, windows not finding all the drivers and updates if it actually needs to repair something it tells me everything is up to date, new windows and/or computer functions need to be manually set to normal because the new Windows is the new thing and we dont do things the normal way anymore. I feel good that i have helped myself with basically googling and tubing but to me it looks like it shouldnt be like that, we should be able to trust and lean on software developpers that have it all, especially if we are paying them. I hope i have seeded good toughts out there for regular users and developers and other like me. I am sorry for my English, its not my mother.. All the best!
  8. Hi! I wanna know, if it is possible for a Malware to steal all the contact list on your e-mail (outlook for example), to spam them too. It is a doubt that I have, because sometime, the users of the company are victims of some suspicious links on e.mails, and apparently the PC is not inffected, but I think that the malware did something else (like steal the contact list). Regards!
  9. GettingJS/ScrInject.B Trojan and HTML/Refresh.BC trojan on Amazon, Crunchyroll, Ebay, Funimation, etc. It terminates connection to all said websites. Windows 7 x64, ESET 9.0.349.0 - Virus signature database version 13102
  10. Hallo, ich hoffe mir kann jemand auf Deutsch helfen. Ich werfe in letzter Zeit öfter einen Blick in die Firewall-Fehlerbehebung. Dort finden sich allerhand IP-Adressen. Einige lokal aus meinem Netzwerk die mir bekannt sind, ich allerdings nicht weiß warum mein Fernseher versucht auf meinen Rechner zuzugreifen, einige aber auch die mir völlig unbekannt sind. Habe die mal durchs "Whois" gejagt, mit besorgniserregenden Ergebnissen. Da sind Adressen aus Osteuropa dabei, aber auch aus den USA. Das macht mir Angst. Sind diese Anzahl an Zugriffen normal? Der DHCP-Client von Windows wird in einer Stunde rund 80-100 mal geblockt. Sind diese versuchten Zugriffe normal oder muss ich mir gedanken machen? Bin eigentlich ein sehr vorsichtiger Mensch, lasse meinen Rechner regelmäßig von ESET prüfen, habe auch alle Schutzmechanismen auf "sensibel" gestellt. Zusätzlich nutze ich den Malewarebyte Scanner. Ich setze auch in regelmäßigen Abständen mein Windows neu auf. Auch meine Fritzbox 7490 ist auf maximale Sicherheit getrimmt. Wie kann ich herausfinden was das ist und es dann abstellen?
  11. eset smart security to activate the anti-theft feature my.eset.com address and asked me to create a bogus account with me as I created. I set it at stolen to try the anti-theft feature. the computer was restarted and the fake account was activated my problem ıs I can not enter the main account. my eset.com mistake I delete my account. I recreate the some account,but the anti theft feature active . but my computer starts with fake account login. what should I doin order to start a conversation with the master account ? Please help urgent !!!!!!
  12. Hello. I don't want to waste time talking so let me get right to the topic. So i have this flash disk [ purple 4gb old kingston ] which was totally safe and usable. One day i needed it for a file transfer ( some work WORD dossiers ) and gave it to one of my partners, when she normally opens a flash disk on her computer, some my videos and my music kinda folders slip in and there is the fast usage made button whic leaded to the original files, the original files always had my music things like that in it too. So i give my flash disk to my partner and she plugs in to her computer and i don't know where it came from, but those my music files came to my flash too, normally it jjust opened the folders. Then, i get it back after two or three days, those my music folders are still there, INSTANTLY when i plug in, ESET antivirus program started to say possible thread. i scanned and there was a worm virus thing. Now i got these disorderstatus . ru and differententia . ru worms trying to give my status to sites i've never heard of ( h t t p : / / d i f f e r e n t i a . r u / d i f f . p d f . . . . h t p p : d i s o r d e r s t a t u s . r u / o r d e r . p h p ) and eset is nearly like SPAMMING this adress blocked messages ,after some research i know these are viruses. I have windows 8.1 by the way, i can give more info if you think you can solve it. I TRUST YOU ESET, YOU NEVER LET ME DOWN!! right now im making full scan, probably not gonna delete those worms but whatever it blocks it so i feel safe
  13. I have been doing ym final year graduation in one of the leading university in USA. I have been using samsung galaxy s6 android phone and now, i have been searching for the best antivirus app available for my andriod phone. I had tried with so many antivirus app for my android phone. But, none has been working well. So, I request you all to suggest myself any one best ESET antivirus app available for samsung galaxy s6 android phone.
  14. Hello! Today December 4, 2015 I'm afraid that I've got a virus from a romanian news web site Hundreds of PDF files, JPG, RTF, TXT, Microsoft Office, from my Windows 7 computer have been renamed as follows and I think they are encrypted SN851989.JPG.id-3338587358_av666@weekendwarrior55.com SN852029.JPG.id-3338587358_av666@weekendwarrior55.com I send you zip with encrypted files and virus. They store in: C:\Users\*****\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\6D9B.tmp Can you help me! 3338587358_av666.zip
  15. I'm having problems with this trojan alert 28-Nov-15 7:18:58 AM Real-time file system protection file C:\Users\USER\Dropbox\.dropbox.cache\~6e01f8a7.tmp Win32/Filecoder.EM trojan deleted - quarantined WIN8PC\USER Event occurred on a new file created by the application: C:\Program Files (x86)\Dropbox\Client\Dropbox.exe. File for sometime now "eset security" has been detecting and putting into quarantine it hasn't effected may computer but is really annoying it keeps popping up 6 at a time. has any one got any clues on this please. Cheers Brian
  16. Hi, Following files getting created in SQL Jobs automatically. ESET File Security 6 installed on system was not able to detect same. Other antivirus programs are able to detect same. cook.exe, dbdotas dbdotas2 ftpbacks.exe install.exe kills.exe kugou2010 macs.exe pdoors.exe 1regs.exe regsa.exe
  17. I'm considering converting my wife's website over to WordPress but have been reading that WP sites are easy to hack/infiltrate. There is a company named Sucuri (https://sucuri.net/website-antivirus/)%C2'> makes an antivirus to protect WP websites. Is this website protection any good/a good idea? Does it cause website slowdown/downtime? Does anyone have an opinion on this? Is this something ESET could offer in the future? I would go with ESET over anyone else for security and protection.
  18. Greetings! I need help. Our program lost it's backup files. How can I retrieve cleaned objects from the past day? I can't see the cleaned objects in quarantine. Please help. What to do?
  19. Hi All, Does anyone on here know how I can remove the HTML/Scrlnject.B.Gen virus from my Mac using OS 10.9.5, ESET Endpoint Antivirus 6.0.24 & Mac Mail. I receive the below message around 100 times a day and despite clicking the delete button every time it keeps coming back, any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  20. Help me please. I just installed antivirus. Everything went well but it does not open or via an icon in the system tray or through the application menu. It works and responds to potential threats but the GUI does not open after clicking the icon.
  21. For the past week, my Eset Smart Security (version 8.0.312.0) has been blocking these two sites even though I did not visit them. They showed up at the bottom right hand side of my screen, "Address has been blocked". Please see the links below: Initially, this one is blocked: hxxp://cache-download.real.com/free/windows/installer/upgradehelper/xml/v11/rp17/stubinst_config_en.xml And now, this is blocked instead: hxxp://cache-download.real.com/free/windows/installer/upgradehelper/xml/v14/rt1/stubinst_config_en.xml?prod=RealPlayer&ver=18.0&distcode=T10ENUH06&loc=au&li=en&oem=rt1_en_us I also experience the same thing when I tried to do a Windows Update. I use Windows 7. Ran in-depth scan twice and no virus was detected. I also ran free version of Malwarebyte and again no threat was found. May I know do the above links pose any threat to my laptop? Are they virus? Why Eset is blocking them? How could I update my Windows then? I am also experiencing problem with my Word document. Sporadic scrambled sentences appear after I make changes, save and open the file. I am not entirely certain whether these two issues are interrelated. Could someone please help me solve these problems? Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you. I use Windows 7
  22. Today EMS detected Duet as Android/Locker.EJ during an on-charger-scan. It's the official app from Google Play and hasn't received an update in the last days, so it's very strange that it's now detected. From a description of the same thread (group) I've read the malware should block access to the device. However nothing like this occurred. So is this a false-positive? Edit: Link to this thread sent to ESET labs.
  23. When my ESET license comes close to expiring, suddenly ESET shows its true colours and starts spamming my notifications for renewal. There are notifications in the bottom right, but recently they expanded to also using pup up warning messages in the middle of the screen. Did I mention there is just no way to disable this at all? So basically ESET starts acting like malware, its constantly in your face and you have to pay to get rid of it. Can you please start thinking of the customer instead of only thinking about getting renewal money like a normal software producer does? This is ridiculous, its an abuse of your position as AV software, since people are scared into renewing by the threat of viruses, very very sad way of marketing. Do us a favour and allow these notification to be suppressed.
  24. Before I installed ESS 8 I got some viruses. Later I installed and activated it, and scanned my computer using the smart scan. It found 21 infections, but I still get popups when using firefox. The popups have links yxo.warmportrait.com. And I get random web sites opened that I didn't even click or search for. I looked it up and as I understand it is a virus, but ESS didn't delete or detect it. I ran a in-depth scan for all the partitions, and it found 5 infections, and it said eset deleted them. Now I'm running another scan. Is this removable? what should I do?
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