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  1. Have/had a problem with this combination (and solved it). Was running Bandicam 3.0 with Eset Smart Security 9.0 without problems. After installing Bandicam 3.01 and trying to run it it freezed my system but just before freeze I saw ESS 9 window popping up to keep existing firewall rule for bandicam or to refuse it. Couldn't click at all and had to reset pc. After several unlucky attempts to find the cause I tried to disable all protection [ESS 9, closed malwarebytes and malwarebytes anti-exploit]. Bandicam ran fine. Restarting malwarebytes tools, again no problem. Then I tried to enable ESS
  2. ESET SS 9 on Windows 10 Pro: After installing ESS (free 30-day trial), sometimes (not every time), the computer Shut down, Restart and Sleep are very slow (take several minutes) and sometimes the system freezes. The last time when I want to put the system on Sleep mode my system froze - the screen is turned OFF but the system power, system fan and HDD led were still ON for along time (6 hours approx.). Knowing that, when I uninstall ESS, everything is working well with Windows Defender. In addition, I have tried the followings with no results and the issue still the same: - I uninstalled then
  3. Hi, I have notice that for all my user who I install the ERA 6 agent while they have the old antivirus (Nod32), it stop getting update. After I push the agent and the update stop, I have to manually enter my license information on every single PC to have them getting update. Is that by design?
  4. Hi After I upgraded from v6.1 to 6.2 I first had to deal wit freezing computers. By replacing the network.dll that issue seems to be resolved. But now my clients cannot update anymore. They use the proxy. On my ERA server I can see the update sessions for my computers when I run netstat -a, but clients "cannot connect to server" What am I missing? So far, ERAv6 gives me too much annoying issues to be honest. Greetings, Alexander
  5. i have installed new verision of ERA (6.2) on windows 7 64 bit OS. The issue is after installing ERA 6.2 System Freeze or hang several times in a day while working and System is in idle stat. If i removed 6.2 and keep antivirus on the system only then system runs normally. The issue is because of ERA. So kindly provide me the solution as soon as possible. There was same problem with ERA 6.0 So i installed newer version but problem continuous. System Configuration: RAM : 4 GB PROCESSOR: CORE I3 500 GB HDD
  6. Hello Eset, Issues with File Security in ERA6. We installed ERA 6 fresh without any other security products before on the target machines. Installed file security for 2008R2+2012R2 and configured the policy for update mirror and proxy, nothing else. After one week with no issues the "file security" began blocking needed processes and mail-routing. We created a policy that should overwrite current settings. Ended with no solution. The service.msc can not disable the erkn.exe and in the erapanel it shows last request is current, but in the settingoption and viewing the client it is past.
  7. We have couple of Terminal servers ( Remote Desktop servers ) and VDI desktop farm also. We are facing to remote desktop freezing or high latency response on thin clients. This is over the user acceptation limit, in some cases there are almost 7-10 seconds lag. There is nothing special on the screen, just standard MS office app. Have the ESET special edition for solutions like this? Is there any suggestion or tips how to optimize settings for this environment? In general: Do ESET recommend (support) to use your products in Remote desktop enironments? In the past we use antivirus/a
  8. I began deploying ESET Antivirus last week and so far I have had at least 4 PCs freeze up since the installation (including my PC!) These 4 locked up over the weekend. It was a hard lockup since none of the input devices worked (e.g., mouse, keyboard, etc.) Anyone else experiencing this issue on Windows 7 Professional? Each of the 4 machines are of different manufacturers so it should not be PC related. Thanks to all, Marc at Cal Spas
  9. Good morning, i have this strange issue, in a company with 30 pcs,win xp sp3,office 2007 we have installed eset endpoint internet security. in some pcs occurs the following:when ever the user composes a new email in outlook and tries to switch the input language either by alt-shift or by the language button outlook hangs and is not responding.When i disable eset protection outlook works without a problem. any idea? thank you.
  10. Hi, I'm experiencing problems with Eset Endpoint Antivirus (v. 5.0) and virtual machine. I've tryed both VMWare Workstation (v. 7) and Virtual Box (latest release). I have excluded (from real time) the path of virtual machines but when I try to run the VM Pc is very slow. I have disabled the real-time protection and PC is still slow. If I remove AV everything works fine. What can I do to run VMs with AV installed ? Thanks in advance.
  11. The following issue is a small GUI issue - some time ago I already reported one, but I think this is another issue. At some time I looked at the ESET GUI and it showed me this: So that's certainly wrong as the home tab displays the content of the "computer scan" tab. I created a dump file so if someone from ESET would like to get it just write it in this topic or write me a PM. OS: Windows 7 x64 ESS v 8.0.304.x
  12. Good evening from Greece, I didn't want to bother support for this minor problem. I had installed ESET SS7 and yesterday i got a message that i can upgrade it. I pressed OK and the installation of ESET SS8 started automatically. When i open the ESET interface, it freezes every time i choose the option "Computer Scan" from the left panel. It freezes for about 5-6 seconds. Of course the scan works fine. Every other option, like "Setup", "Tools", don't have this problem. I'm concerned if that could indicate another major problem, like a bad installment, and i must re-install it, o
  13. Hi, I have a big issue. Well i can't do a scan with the anti-virus. He freeze when he tries to scan specific file like mfc80DEU.dll. Can you help me ? My regards Ekmule
  14. For the previous story see this post. Again my ESS froze at the tab "Scan computer" and I also noticed that the RAM usage of ekrn.exe went up to 200 MB. ESS version: 7.0.317.4 I had 2 devices connected at this time. A funny thing was that I could move the main Window of ESS, but the black rectangle in the background stayed at the same place. @Moderators I prepared some more screenshots and dump files. Please signal me here to who I should send this information. Edit: Corrected the dumb files to dump files.
  15. I have a major problem with ESET complete package since I've had an (unknown- read on) "suspected infection". I have a 3 licensed end-user package for several years with great results but lately on one of my PC's (Windows XP - EeePC Note Book) I can't read any content of the programme as the "writing" or fonts cannot be seen as the screen just shows the frames and white background. I have checked my "FONTS Windows Directory" and all is ok and still there. Any suggestions?? Or is this a programme conflict with another? - No antivirus or similar of other brands has been installed. He
  16. Admittedly, I did install the program whilst having - but not having set to run at boot - Comodo antivirus. But then I uninstalled Comodo, uninstalled ESET, and reinstalled Comodo. But now - and indeed previously - shortly after booting my whole machine, save the mouse pointer, freezes. Even CTRL-ALT-BACKSPACE (which is meant to log off and back on again) does nothing. Nasty. Advice, please? EDIT: the problem seems to occur only when I open folders (and, so far, all those folders have been on my desktop). EDIT 2: ah, the problem may have been that somehow I had a setting set to invert
  17. Whenever I attach a phyically write-protected USB-stick / flashdrive ( yes, there a still some available like Trekstor CS), it takes 'hours' until icons are displayed and folders are accessible. (even if I 'don't care' the NOD32 message when detecting the device). NOD32 latest version 7.0.302.26 various OS ( XP, Vista, W7, W8, 32/64) If I switch off write protection, everything works normal. Can someone verify this experience and probably find a solution? I need this writeprotected stick when I approach unknown computers as a repair tool .
  18. Hello guys, since I installed Eset Nod32 version 6.0.316.1, my computer hangs on start-up, right after loading Eset service. It stops on the main screen. I think it's a driver fault, but how do I check? Thank you very much.
  19. Hello everyone, This will be a long post but I will add a TL;DR version at the bottom. We've got 1048 PC's that we've recently bought ESET Endpoint Security licenses for, we're upgrading from Symantec Endpoint Protection. So after we installed about 400 machines, we realized the machines were getting really slow, hanging, getting bluescreens, and the HDD light is constantly burning / processes running very high. I immediately contact our local South African Eset helpdesk, and they told me to install the new version EES 5.0.2228.1 up from 5.0.2225.0. The remote upgrade didn't wor
  20. In Chrome and IE everything is ok. There are no freezes when ESS is disabled. Looks like this answer is about the problem: hxxp://forums.mozillazine.org/viewtopic.php?p=11089325#p11089325 Any chance that this will be fixed by ESET?
  21. I have a problem installing Eset Endpoint Security Version 5.0.2122.10. The install begins, but then the whole computer crashes and the bluescreen appears. The system is a Lenovo Thinkpad T440 Windows 7. We have no problem installing Eset Endpoint Security on computers from other vendors. I have searched in earlier threads regarding this issue and found some fixes. But nothing have worked for me. The most popular fix is to disable ESET device control integration but this is disabled as default in this new install package version from Eset. I am very grateful for any help with this issue.
  22. I have installed Call Of Duty Ghosts about 6 weeks ago. I have created exceptions in the firewall for steam and the single and multiplayer exe's. All ran smoothly until about 2 weeks ago after a game patch. If the Eset firewall is running then Ghosts would crash\freeze so badly I would be forced to reboot my machine. The only way to run the game was to do so with the firewall disabled. I would like to run the game with the firewall enabled. I have tried disabling Hips etc. Can you please suggest a solution to my problem. Thanks SurfRat, Windows 8.1 (fully patched) Eset
  23. Hi, I have installed ESET Endpoint Antivirus version 5.0.2214.4 after some time my computer starts, egui.exe will start to process at 100% of CPU usage. It will freeze my PC and can not work with any application. I have attached some screen shots of this issue. Image 1 - Image 2 - Please help. Thanks.
  24. Hey guys! I have downloaded the ESET Online Scanner, and for some reason it's taking forever to install. I'm not sure if it's frozen or what, though I have restarted the installation. Please help me out here, thanks!
  25. earlier today i performed a custom scan of my local hard drives along with the operating memory and the boot sector. after some time passed i wanted to open the scan in a new window in order to check the location of an infiltration. it was this moment that the application froze and was unresponsive for quite some time. i created a dump file via the task manager. do you want to examine it? ___ Virus signature database: 8354 (20130520) Update module: 1041 (20120430) Antivirus and antispyware scanner module: 1392 (20130516) Advanced heuristics module: 1139 (20130208) Archive suppor
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