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  1. Hello My network upnp is no longer accessible since installing eset smart security. I enabled the option "Allow UPNP for system services in the trusted zone". before I was using another firewall with nod32 before you buy "eset smart security," I had not had that problem. the box of my internet access provider , I see more my upnp network, I use "FreeMi UPnP Media Server" on my computer. sorry my english is bad, im speak french only
  2. I'd like to access my desktop pc with my laptop using Remote Desktop from anywhere. With anywhere I mean: work, university, girlfriend house, etc. The problem I have is that firewall is preventing this incoming connection, if I disable firewall there is no problem and I'm able to access my desktop pc. With firewall activated I get this event in the log: 15/10/2013 07:07:46 a.m. No usable rule found xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:49204 TCP System where xxx is IP adress of my laptop. I can't create a rule to allow a connection from an IP that I don't know in advance. I was thinking that a way it can work is allowing incoming connections through port 3389, but I don't have a clue on how to do it and maybe is insecure. Any suggestion? Thanks in advance! P.S: For security I've changed the Remote Desktop listening port, it isn't 3389, but let's suppose it is 3389 (the default)
  3. I am trying to set up a rule to allow port :81 and :80 so that other users can connect to this machine using a web browser and going to hxxp:// I followed KB SOLN3426 just on the local machine but it wont seem to let me connect. The EP client version for Windows 7 is: 5.0.2228.1
  4. Using ESET ESS 7x on Windows 8.1. Suddenly this morning, Chrome no longer works when the ESET firewall is turned on. I'm currently in interactive mode because I've had some problems with ESET quietly blocking things I don't want, but Chrome has been working fine recently. Only this morning it started getting blocked. When I turn off the firewall, Chrome works fine. See attached image of current settings. How do I get it to work?
  5. Hello, I'm trying to make a restoration of my system after a mistake I made a few days ago, but this isn't working with ESET because it blocks the process. How can I restore my system with ESET? How can I exclude the restoration system (if that's what I have to do?). Thanks a lot.
  6. So here are my findings... ...and a few suggestions. (the majority of them I already posted, but I wanted to link them again here) Everything was tested with ESS 8.0.304.x Bugs 1. ESET LiveGrid: Wrong window title I have already reported this to the support some time ago, but it don't seems to get fixed, so here is it again. If you show the reputation of a file with right-clicking on a file there is a small issue: In the window it says "Running processes" even if the file (which can also be a non-executable file) in fact isn't running. 2. Issue with the calculation of the processor speed This issue happened to me only when I'm installing ESS in a VM (Microsoft Windows Virtual PC)... And there it will claim that my processor has a speed of 2 or 3 Mhz! So... ehm... that's wrong... (The funny thing is that in my case the processor name already includes the processor speed, so it looks really funny) This will claimed everywhere where it is calculated - in the "About"-Window and even in ESET SysInspector: I used the following version of ESET SysInspector: I can send you the SysInspector log I created there if you want. 3. IDS - DNS Poisoning attack detection deactivated by default I also saw that the DNS Poisoning attack detection is deactivated by default. That means when you click on the IDS settings on the button "default" and reset these settings it will deactivate this detection. Is this by design? Additionally AFAIK this attack detection is normally activated after a clean installation of ESS, so a user using the default button in the settings will in fact reduce it's protection instead of restoring the "real" default settings? 4. Interactive mode - drop-down boxes in the advanced options Another GUI "bug" is in the interactive prompts from HIPS and the firewall. It's just that the drop-down boxes have a different design. Have a look at this post. There you can see that they are different. The boxes from the interactive firewall have the "normal" Windows 7 design, but the boxes from HIPS have a strange white background behind their text. 5. Buggy default buttons in ThreatSense settings And now another issue with these default-buttons. This time it's about the default buttons in the ThreatSense. To make it short: They are just not working and if they are working (like the button in the "exclusions") then they are not restoring the real default settings. But to make it easier to understand I made a video of this. There I at first show the real default settings, modify them and then test these default buttons and you can see what they (not) do. Watch video on vimeo (the password you have to enter is: esetforum) Or download it (in MP4, AVI or WMV) from mega.co.nz. 6. No Tray Icon-Bug I have only saw this two times on two machines. One time it was with ESS v 8.0.301.x and a second time it was ESS v 8.0.304.x. Detailed information you can find in this topic: icon in task bar Suggestions 1. ESET Smart Security should use GPS for Anti-Theft EMS already uses GPS to get the location if it is marked as stolen, but the Anti-Theft of ESS doesn't use this. So I think it is very useful to use GPS (if available of course) there too to have a more accurate location. More information: Does ESET Smart Security use GPS for Anti-Theft? 2. Exclude a threat by the threat name I think it would be to have a possibility to exclude a threat by it's name. Actually you can do this, but it will still only affect a specific file. I would like to exclude a threat for every file it is detected. For example it would be great if I could exclude Win32/OpenCandy, because I already created some rules by myself so that this PUA will be blocked. And because it is already blocked I don't want ESET still to recognize it. 3. Add an "apply" button to the settings I think this is more or less self-explanatory. If not then have a look at the post I posted some time ago in another topic. 4. Add an option to block SSL v3 so you are better protected against the PODDLE attack More information in this topic: Poodle Attack - Security flaw in SSL v3 - ESET blocking
  7. I have configured vpn server on my Router. I can connect to the vpn server from outside. I can not access my local files from a local PC where i have installed ESET Endpoint Security. But when i disable ESET Firewall, then i can access local files and folders. Please, help me.
  8. Hi, Since I have installed Eset Smart, my home sharing doesn't work anymore. Is there anything I can do to put it back? I always have an infinite loading. Thanks
  9. Hello. I have been using ESS for a few years and I love it. I've had some issues with the firewall and Windows network, and I have finally decided to get it all figured out. I have two computers running Windows 8.1. If I disable ESS firewall protection, the Windows network works great, I can see other computers and their shared files. But as soon as I enable ESS firewall, Windows tells me that I can no longer find those locations. Both computers have the network set as Trusted in ESET. I have tried turning on learning mode as well, and while it works great for creating program rules, it still will not allow my computers to see each other over the network. ESS is my only firewall, neither my router's firewall or Windows firewall is active. Does anyone have any experience setting this up? ESET's firewall works great otherwise, but I'd love to resolve this so I can access my computers without disabling ESS's firewall. Thanks!
  10. Hi There, I have some trouble to play to my last buyed game : Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Multiplayer Issue. Firstly, i was thinking it's was a game issue but, because of the fact i have played some multiplayer session without creating rule in my firewall. But after five session, it's done !!! impossible to connect to the multiplayer session. So i create a rule for my game, same issue. I have disabled my firewall and, it's work !!! So i don't how to configure my eset nod smart security to play my game on multiplayer (i've change the firewall rule's creation than interactive to learning, nothing) section with my firefall enabled (i've recreate firewall rule with the game exe indeed). Can you help me, please ? Thanks. PS : excuse my english, i'm french.
  11. good day ladies and gentleman.. - I'm using ESET Smart Security 8 on Windows 8.1 Pro x86, Office LAN (has proxy), IIS 8, my computer IP Address is xx.xx.x.44, other computer IP Address is xx.xx.x.45 (on the same network), both use Firefox 33.1, proxy turned off. ** I open my xx.xx.x.44 on my browser. IIS 8 default page appeared. It works. I open xx.xx.x.44 from xx.xx.x.45 on Firefox. Error page appeared. It's not work. I turn 44's ESET Personal Firewall off. Open 44 from 45. IIS 8 default page appeared. It works. I turn 44's firewall on. Open 44 from 45. Error page appeared. It's not work. So it's safe to assume that I have a firewall problem. My ESET Personal Firewall Filtering Mode is set in Automatic. I change the Filtering mode to Interactive. I open 44 from 45. On the 45 browser is loading. On my 44 appear this.. then I do this.. then I click Allow I do refresh on 45. IIS 8 default page appeared. It works. I leave my current firewall mode like that. I set log for that rule, so that I can see anyone that access. Then I remember, in my office network, there's some computers that have virus that always 'walk' from its den to another computer through network. Not long since I set the log. I see this.. I believe that I only access my 44 from 45. The 29 must be that virus. Then I see on the detected threat. I can't find 29 on the log. I don't know, but I think if the firewall for "Application : System" is already set to allow, then ESET won't detect any virus that come through it. I don't know.. so if I leave my current firewall setting like that, am I safe? ** good day ladies and gentleman.. - I'm sorry, thank you..
  12. Hi, I am having trouble with SSL and Endpoint Security and require advice. I am using Remote Administrator Console to manage EndPoint Security 5.0.2229, we are using a policy and I have been asked to restrict access to certain sites, I can block http but when I enable https protocol checking it impacts a majority of the sites we use (Outlook and Lync mostly) What is the best way to manage the Trusted Certificates, I really don't want to spend time importing every SSL cert we need, or running in learning mode, can I allow every Cert then blacklist specific sites? What have you found is the best way to manage SSL Certificates? Thanks for your time, James
  13. hi how to Disable firewall but enable web control in eset endpoint security? thanks
  14. Hello All! Is it possible to set for one Windows user interactive firewall mode and for others policy mode? I'm using Eset Smart Security 7 on Windows 7 Home. Regards.
  15. Hello, long time eset enpoint user and first time forum poster here. In the RAC policy editor, we have added all our company networks as zones (and checked the mark to add them to the trusted zone). The main goal for this is to make sure the client does not have to add their company network to the trusted zone each time (via the allow sharing dialog). This works perfectly so far. The second goal is to allow some services to work between our networks without hassle. (They are all connected with company-wide vpn) More specifically, I would like to be able to ping to my clients on other sites. This does not work unless I temporary disable the eset firewall. In the firewall rules, the standard rule "Allow icmp communication in the trusted zone" is present. So, this should work right, considering that all my company networks are added to the zones, and they in their turn are checked to be in the trusted zone? To get around this problem, I tried to add a new rule to allow icmp traffic in the zones I created myself, but I am only able to select "Trusted zone","Addresses excluded from IDS", "Addresses notified about unavailability of TCP/UDP ports", "Addresses excluded from protocol filtering", "DNS servers" and "Local Addresses" as zone selection at the remote side. Any help to as what I am doing wrong?
  16. I Am Using TPLINK-W8968 Router.I Upgraded The Version Of Eset Smart Security Yesterday From 7.0.302 to 7.0.317.4 After That My Network Connection Has Been Blocked.I do the same configuration as previous version, but it doesn't work. I am unable to access internet from my pc but able to access from my phone, laptop. I called Eset Customer support they said "No Serious Issue, Configuration Problem", But that was not very helpful the problem remain same, i tried many different ways like putting ip into safe zone, exclude from scanning but it wont help. turning off firewall also doesn't help, Seriously, very disappointed if ESET unable to fix this problem. i Have still 10 months license Remaining.
  17. VMware Workstation Bridged Networking installed centos with ESET Smart Security 7 Firewall. When I use Xshell to manage the virtual host, after few minute,it will disconnected.Xshell tips that: Connection closed by foreign host. I opened eset firewall log,it displays that: eset tcp packet not belonging to any open connection(from my virtual host ip, target my local host ip) I tried that: From the Personal Firewall tree on the left, Click IDS and Advanced Options, and then select Allow communication for bridged connections from the Allowed Services tree. But it still not working! And I tried that: Add rule to allow TCP & UDP connection to my virtual host ip, but it stall not working! when I closed firewall, it work! and when I change my vware virtual host networking switched to NAT mode, ite work! What do I need to do to let firewall to support Bridged Networking with Xshell link?
  18. In this Wikipedia article you can compare ESET Mobile Security for Android to other security software for Android. Wikipedia: Comparison of antivirus software - Google Android (old version) So here the things that EMS actually don't have (according to the Wikipedia article): Firewall - I think this is the worst thing of all (because EMS don't have it compared to some other vendors) Web protection - EMS scans all downloaded files, but is it true that it don't protect against malious websites? Privacy Advisor - OK, it isn't included in the product but you can train yourself online with a valid ESET licence if you are US-American or Canadian. Backup - IMO ESET don't need this. There are other backup soluctions you can use and it's nothing that EMS needs. Parental control - ESS already have it, but EMS not... And there stands it's "Non-free", but there is also a free version. So in truth it's Freemium. (Isn't it?) And there is also another strange fact about the "firewall". EMS for Windows Mobile and for Symbian have a firewall (according to the Wikipedia article), but for Android there is no firewall supported!? So what do you say about this? See also: product overview (PDF) on Google Play Store Edit: Changed link to old version, because some things were changed in the new version of the table.
  19. Hello.. new member here I'm using Smart Security 7 solution. For a long time I had my ffirewall filtering policy in Learning mode. Yesterday I thought that it's time to up the security a bit and go for a more strict firewall setting. I switched to Policy-based mode. After half a day fine-tuning my firewall, adding exceptions to allow stuff that I use, I was quite satisfied with the result. But after I restarted my computer, some rules that are prepackaged, which you can turn off, but not delete (not that I wanted), will switch back on and mess up my configuration. This is very annoying, since the exceptions that I've made, are still blocked by Block all unknown outbound traffic in Administrator mode rule. First, the rules I have added are not unknown and second, if I turn off a setting, it should stay off. Other rules that I prefer would stay off are: Block outgoing multicast DNS requests Block outgoing SSDP (UPNP) requests from svchost.exe I would much rather like a solution for this instead of somebody saying that's how it works.
  20. Hi all. I have eset smart security 7. I have the firewall in interactive filtering mode because i want to have always the in\out control. I try to play with my friend co-op Borderlands in LAN,we are both connected with wire cat5 in the modem. I start\HOST LAN game,my friend also start\JOIN game BUT he cannot find me. Then i disable the eset firewall and my friend find me an we play just find. Question: How can i add my friend in my firewall so i will not need to each time to completely disable the firewall? Thank you.
  21. We are running ESET Endpoint security in our offices to block employees from accessing urls that are not work related such as Facebook, etc and we have thought so far that the Web Access Protection feature was working for us when I realized today that if I add https on any url that is not on my Allowed Addresses list it will go through. www.facebook.com -> BLOCKED: OK https:www.facebook.com -> NOT BLOCKED! I use the allowed addresses list so whatever is not there should not work. How can this be fixed?
  22. For the second time (first was in April and the problem disappeared spontaneously after a couple of days) and since May 28th, I am unable to use Google and its attendant services like gmail or youtube. The problem started with the firewall blocking GoogleUpdate as shown by the example from the Filtered websites log of Eset: Attempts to start Google invariably result in a time-out or - when typing directly the address - in blocking communications. From the same log, this example: I have checked the filters of the firewall in Eset but they appear to be empty, so I do not know what the mentioned 'internal blacklist' means in this context. Maybe related, or maybe not, the Personal Firewall refuses outgoing communication for svchost.exe: Has anybody idea what is going on and what could be done about it? Thanks! Note: I am using Windows7, Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird. ThomdeG
  23. I created a server, did everything but i still cant connect to the server. I know its the firewall because i can connect using the ip method (console command "connect ipserver"). Other than that, i cant connect. My question is: how to allow the server to connect ? Allow the ports. I tried everything and didnt worked. This is what it looks like In the Personal firewall is automatic mode. I even added a port forward in the router configuration
  24. My work network has some PCs still running Windows XP, and given the ending of support for that OS and the security issues that go along with that, I'm wondering if blocking those PCs access to the internet is worth doing. I have a few queries regarding this - can I use Smart Security's firewall to do this, and if so, how? Can I block internet access while still allowing full access to the local network? Does having access to the network negate the benefits having the XP systems blocked from the internet? The remainder of the PCs on the network are running Windows 7. I'm aware that the best option is to update to a newer OS, but that will mean updating the PCs and while that's the plan at some stage it won't be in the immediate future.
  25. I have an optometry practice with a network of 8 or so computers, which has been running (mostly) happily under the protection of various versions of Smart Security for a few years now. About 6 months ago I purchased a new piece of eye-testing equipment (an OCT scanner) which came with it's own PC and software - the instrument does it's thing and the software is used to view the results. As I have multiple consulting rooms the software was installed on a couple of other PCs so that results could be viewed on them as well and everything was working fine until it occurred to me last week that there was no security software on the PC connected to the OCT. I duly purchased another license and installed Smart Security 7 and now I can no longer access the software from the PCs in the other consulting rooms. I've tried creating a rule on all the computers in question to allow the application, but this unfortunately hasn't worked. I've also tried running Smart Security in interactive mode, and this results in a pop-up appearing on the OCT's PC when another PC tries to access it, however if I click on 'allow' and 'remember this rule' I get a warning stating that the rule is too general. This is creating significant workflow issues, and unfortunately the OCT's software developer hasn't been able to suggest a solution. Does allowing a rule that is too general create significant risks? Any help much appreciated.
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