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  1. I run a laptop on Windows 10 Pro 1809, and run ESET Internet Security latest version on it. My primary browser is Firefox and I use MS Edge browser only as a PDF/ebook reader. So I wanted to block internet access to it. I created a couple of firewall rules in ESET IS to Deny access to Edge across all protocols, in and out. But for some reason, Edge is still able to connect to the internet. I am blocking two applications related to Edge as per attached image. Please help me understand why Edge is still able to access the internet despite this. Is there something else I need to do to achieve this? Thanks and Regards, RK
  2. Hi guys, My ESET remote Administrator is not communicating with Endpoint Security clients. I hope there is a quick fix out there. Thanks in advance, Scott Disabled the firewall of the ESET Endpoint Security client on the PC that the ERA server is installed and all the client machines are connecting now. Our Meraki firewall protects the computers on the network from outside attacks, but I'm not sure this is the correct solution to the problem.
  3. Hi There, I’m facing the issue with the firewall rules in automatic mode from ERA console. I created the rule to allow inbound traffic for certain port number. After creating the rule in ERA console I saved the configuration and log out. When I recheck rules, rules were disappeared. Same with trusted zones, the IP address wont be there. When the same rules created or trusted zone on client machine, the rules will be present but from ERA server, it just wont work. There is one more issue, I cannot upgrade ESET components from ERA console from client task, task will be in planned state even after 2 days. When the trigger was ASAP. Thanks! Server: Windows server 2012 R2 64 bit ESET ERA server version: ESET ERA web console version: 6.4.281 update module 1069 (20161122) Translation support module 1636 (20171010) configuration module 1526.5 (20170926) sysinspector module 1269 (20170321) Thanks!
  4. Hello, I've been using Eset Smart Security on multiple PCs for many years now. And I've come into a bug that is present on almost all my machines since more than a year (maybe 2). Basically, the "disable firewall" disappears randomly (when you right click the icon). Then if I go into the basic Configuration tab, the firewall ticks are all off and red. But the firewall actually works (I tested it), so Eset isn't saying anything. So if I want to disable the firewall for real or just fix this, I have to go into Advanced configuration, then disable all Firewall functionalities, click ok, then do it again to re-activate them. After that, I can finally right click my Eset icon, and click disable firewall, and choose for 10min or anything else. But the problem comes back every 2 or 3 days after I do this... It's doing it on Windows 7 and 10, on 3 different PCs (at least). But I have one windows 7 PC that's not having this problem... Anyone knows how I could fix it for real ? I thought it would fix itself after some time but it didn't. Thanks for your help
  5. Hello I noticed that following problems with all my Endpoint Security clients: Endpoint Security clients fail to save / create a new firewall rules in Learning Mode Endpoint Security clients unable to save new rules with Network troubleshooting wizard at all clients I suggest it's some thing wrong with my polices at the server... I have ESET Remote Administrator Server 6.5.417.0 and ESET ENDPOINT SECURITY 6.5.2094.0 How can I create different custom rules for small amount of particular endpoint security clients with. When which one of them needs different custom rules.
  6. After upgrading ESS from 9 to 10 Win 7 thinks there is no firewall or virus protection and wants me to turn on windows firewall and find anti-virus online. I have checked ess 10.0.390.0 setup and Computer Protection (RTFS, HIPS, & webcam) are on, Internet Protection (all are on), Network Protection (all are on), and Security (Banking & Anti-theft are on). Should I turn on windows firewall too? How can windows 7 know there is anti-virus?
  7. Hi, first my english not very well and i want to ask 2 questions Windows 7 ESET Smart Security 10 question 1: how can i input domain instead of IP to firewall zone ? i set the 3 major Win7 program allow access to internet svchost.exe/wuauserv (Windows Update) port: TCP 80, 443 svchost.exe/NlaSvc (detect internet for switch Home / Public network function) port: TCP 80 svchost.exe/CryptSvc (is about update the .cab files ...etc) port: TCP 80 so i go to Firewall > Zone > created a zone called Microsoft Trusted Zone, and input all the IPs is collected by popup ask Allow or Deny windows,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and then i go to Firewall > Firewall Rule > set the 3 major Win7 program allow access to zone: Microsoft Trusted Zone so now i just need to add or remove IP from Microsoft Trusted Zone, and no need change the 3 major program firewall rule anymore but actually all the IPs is ref to the domain as below deploy.akamaitechnologies.com ds.download.windowsupdate.com fe2.update.microsoft.com www.microsoft.com crl.microsoft.com so can i add the 5 domain to zone ?, instead of keeping mark down the IP from popup window and add to Microsoft Trusted Zone question 2: the popup window asking a program Allow or Deny to access internet, but i am typing a document and press a spacebar, and the popup window gone, so this action will make to default Allow or Deny ? if default is Allow access internet, i think this is the security problem so can i change the popup window default select Deny ? or the popup window ignore all the keyboard input ? sorry my english not very good, Thankyou
  8. I've just noticed this in my firewall log 3/12/2016 9:36:38 PM; An attempt to connect to the Server Service was detected; Source; Destination;TCP; ;System; Obviously this is something internal to my network rather than an external attack, but what is it trying to tell me ? Using ESS version 9
  9. Hello! I have a huge problem since a year ago with this thing... Now im implementing Office 365 and its getting worse... We have 300 users, and each one has the same exe, but in different location... for example: c:\users\johnappleseed\AppData\Microsoft\OneDrive\OneDrive.exe c:\users\holly\AppData\Microsoft\OneDrive\OneDrive.exe c:\users\stevenwoz\AppData\Microsoft\OneDrive\OneDrive.exe I need to allow those .exe's to use port 443. how can I do that? Thanks in advance.
  10. Hello I upgraded from Eset Internet Security v.9 fo v.10 and since then my log is being flooded with messages suchs as these: Time;Event;Source;Target;Protocol;Rule/worm name;Application;User 30/10/2016 18:47:58;Unknown IP packet version;;;0;;; 30/10/2016 18:47:58;Unknown IP packet version;;;0;;; 30/10/2016 18:47:59;Incorrect IP packet length;;;198;;; 30/10/2016 18:53:38;Unknown IP packet version;;;0;;; 30/10/2016 18:53:38;Unknown IP packet version;;;0;;; 30/10/2016 18:53:38;Unknown IP packet version;;;0;;; 30/10/2016 18:53:39;Unknown IP packet version;;;0;;; Does anyone know what is going on, since I have reset my router and changed my IP address and still getting such log entries. Some of the IP addresses are non existant when I look them up with nslookup. ps: Whether I'm using default settings or changed network to "public" the result is the same. Thanks
  11. Hi Guys, I am having some issues at the moment with some of my clients with ports and applications being blocked even though their subnets are within the trusted zones. Trusted zones are as follows: ::1 FE80::/64 Even though these are trusted I still seem to need to put exceptions in the firewalls when I shouldn't need to. Any help will be appreciated.
  12. I'd like to access my home pc with my laptop across the internet from anywhere. My problem is that my firewall is blocking this connection. I tried creating a rule, but i can't know the IP adress in advance. I want to allow all incoming connection from port 3389, but I have no idea how to do this. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
  13. Is there the possibility to block all outgoing DNS requests, leaving only the ESS, browser and torrent client? What rules should be created in the firewall?
  14. I just upgraded my customer from v8 to v9 (9.0.386) and I lost connectivity to one of my pc's. I have a four pc network and Eset Smart Security on all four machines. After the upgrade I was unable to detect pc1 on any of the other 3 pc's. However, on PC1, i was able to detect each of the other 3 pc's. By detect, I am referring to ping and visibility under Network on each pc. The pc's are interconnected via a Comcast modem/router. All pc's are wired. After troubleshooting a while, I decided to disable the Eset firewall on PC1 and my connectivity was reestablished both in the ability to ping and seeing the pc under Network. I have two questions. 1. Why did an upgrade cause this problem and 2. how should I configure Eset to allow pinging and Windows network discovery. At this time, the firewall is still disabled on pc1. Thank you.
  15. today I've update nod32 SS to 9.0.402.1, after reboot no internet connections were allowed. My cmputer is windows 7 64b ultimate, nearly fresh install some help? is possible to download previous version, i thing it was 9.0.375... or similar? Thanks
  16. Hello, I upgraded to ESET 9.x a couple of months ago. I immediately found that the new interface presents some serious usability issues, but I waited patiently for following updates to fiss this mess. Unfortunately, in recent Software updates, nothing changed on this front, so I decided to create a user account for this forum to ask whether it is planned to fix at least the most annoying issues, or if this is the "new course" ESET is willing to pursue, in which case I will decide on my next renewal accordingly. The issues - mainly tied just to (very poor) UI design - are the following 1) the Interactive Mode popup is mostly useless: - there is no longer the possibility to "Create a custom rule" from said popup: you only decide to create an Allow or Deny "Create a rule and remember permanently" with the selected options - the "Remember until application quits" option when HIPS popups show up is utterly useless: especially during windows updates, the SAME executable spawns tens of popups one after the other, even if the options selected along with the "Remember until application quits" should basically whitelist that executable for anything it could attempt until it closes (and no, I do not want to create a permanent rule for an executable which will only run ONCE, as my rule list would get incredibly long and cluttered for no good reason) 2) the Rules editor in the Personal Firewall advanced setup has suffered a heavy blow in the last edition of the UI: while I can understand (and appreciate) the possibility of showing rules in order of execution, I permanently lost the possibility to group rules by application, and - even more shocking - there is no way to display the list of rules ordered by any other column! Why on Earth can't I just click on the "Application" or the "Protocol" column to change the order the rules are displayed (not executed) is beyond me... This makes it very difficult (and incredibly annoying) to manage different rules for the same application, especially if those rules were created at different times and end up being all over the place... (yes, I know there is a very cumbersome filter funcion on the top-right, but it's nowhere near as useful as it should be) The previous UI was working way, way, way better, and (even if this is subjective) it was also clearer to read... this one, with its ample white spaces and its low-contrast grays, and the general lack of icons, hinders way more than it helps, and this is clearly a sign something is seriously wrong with it... If this is the new look you want ESET applications to have, I can adapt, but at least don't strip away functionalities when you make these changes (especially if there is no good reason to do that). Thank you.
  17. Hello, This issue is not related to the newest release of ESET Cyber Security Pro, but a general issue that I am facing. I have the latest ESET CSP installed on MacOS Sierra, and Webshots does not work anymore. The moment I uninstall ESET CSP, it works again. I have tried to add this app to the firewall, but still fails to function. Is there anyone using or willing to try Webshots and ESET CSP and help me out with it? Many thanks!
  18. Hi Eset, Can you take a look on this? I think there's a bug on your latest version of ESS. The interactive firewall keeps popping out when trying to permanently add a rule in this format - Process+Service+IP+Port+Protocol. Thank you. Keep in touch
  19. The interactive mode of my firewall is not working as intended. It blocks all non explicitly allowed connections without prompting. Since when I upgraded to ESET 9 the problem occurred. I even uninstalled it and installed it again (exported/imported all my settings) the problem did not resolve. In my log the blocked connections no rule name is specified. I'd checked all firewall rules, but I can not find global deny rules. <ESET><LOG><RECORD> <COLUMN NAME="Time">8/29/2016 5:14:25 PM</COLUMN> <COLUMN NAME="Event">Communication denied by rule</COLUMN> <COLUMN NAME="Source">X.X.X.X:1843</COLUMN> <COLUMN NAME="Target">X.X.X.X:80</COLUMN> <COLUMN NAME="Protocol">TCP</COLUMN> <COLUMN NAME="Rule/worm name"></COLUMN> <COLUMN NAME="Application">C:\XXX.exe</COLUMN> <COLUMN NAME="User">xxx</COLUMN> </RECORD></LOG></ESET>
  20. Hi, Some Mac users in my company want to use VirtualBox for browsing localhost server with IE. https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-edge/tools/vms/ However, ESET personal Firewall prevents connection. * running Apache server on Mac host * browsing with IE on VirtualBox guest * using VirtualBox's host-only network (restriction with company's policy) network, host is and guest is * disabling personal firewall works Could someone give me an advice, please?
  21. ESET Smart Security Firewall did not turn off Windows Firewall automatically. i already did re-install ESET, Windows... anything. but not solved. ESET version is 9.0.386.1 and OS is Windows 10 64 bit. (Galaxy Tab Pro S) with Another Internet Security products, Windows Firewall turn off automatically.
  22. Hi.​ ​ ​The firewall logs, I noticed that the ESS tried 100 times to connect to the server within four hours. This does not update server. So what is it and what he wants to connect to it? The second issue of concern to me. How big is the difference in the level of protection between the EES 6.4.2014 and ESS 9.0.381? I just did not like that the EES has Eset Service x86, and ESS x64. Although from a financial point of view to move to EES it was more profitable, but now I'm not so sure.
  23. Just installed Endpoint Security 6 on Windows 10 desktop with ESET firewall active. Can RDP locally from one workstation to another - but can no longer RDP from external. Windows firewall did allow RDP from external via internet - and still does if I disable ESET firewall completely. Can someone please supply rule to be added to permit RDP through ESET firewall from internet - and what setting to select - Automatic mode; Interactive mode; Policy based mode or Learning mode ?? NB - need to RDP from a laptop - so don't have fixed public ip! Many thanks
  24. Hi 3 Days ago I've been getting these warnings about a poisoning attack and I'm really scared It doesn't always show up It shows up at a certain times and It keeps showing for like 15 minutes I don't mind eset blocking it but It disconnect me from connecting the internet and I wanna know If It's dangerous or not so I can unblock it Can someone help me with this situation Thanks!
  25. Hello. I installed Eset Nod32 Smart Security 9 in my home network and after that I lost shared folders all around my network. I know the preblem is because of Nod32 firewall and I know that I should Add my network IPs to the trusted zone to solve my problem. BUT My networks IPs are dynamic and I'm looking for a way to make an IP range like to How can I achieve this using Nod32 Trusted zone? How can Make an IP range and put it in nod32 trusted zone? Thank you.
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