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  1. Is it possible to use a wildcard in the target for the program in endpoint security firewall exceptions? I have endpoint security 5.0.2225.0 on windows 7 pro x64 and my firewall set as interactive. I use chrome remote desktop to connect to my system from home. Every time chrome updates I have to re-allow the remote host in the firewall. I'm wondering if there's a way to use a wildcard eption so that it doesn't have to be allowed every time there is an update to chrome.
  2. I am having trouble getting Quickbooks to allow multiple users while having Endpoint Antivirus 5.0 installed. The only way I can get the Quickbooks sharing to work is by disabling ESET. Has anyone found a fix for this?
  3. Hi all, I have a problem with the firewall in Smart Security 7 (DNS requests seem to be blocked suddenly but go through when I deactivate the firewall). I thought perhaps I did something wrong with a rule. So I went to check what's blocked to see why dns requests don't go through. But there is nothing in the firewall logs. It is just empty. I checked that logging of firewall blocked trafic is enabled following this entry: hxxp://kb.eset.com/esetkb/index?page=content&id=SOLN2841 The box was checked. So here are my questions: - why do I get nothing in the firewall logs ? - is the firewall log only for rules where the "Log" checkbox is selected? Thanks. Hector
  4. Hi, I have ESET Smart Security and I can't find out how to disable it from managing my firewall. I'm trying to have a friend connect to a game server (Minecraft Voltz Pack) and i have set it up correctly but he cannot join. I go to my firewall to see if he is blocked but i can;t change anything because of this pain in the a** management thing.
  5. Hi! I am trying to learn configuring eset firewall. I hope someone can help me with my queries. 1.) Is it possible to create a zone with firewall rule to block ALL connection? Just like the option on Network Traffic Filtering that has the option "block all network traffic: disconnect network". 2.) When changing zone with firewall rule , is the firewall fast enough to cut the connection and prevent the resticted program from the network? for example: firewall rule "A" linked to Zone "A" will allow the program "X" to connect to the network. Firewall "B" linked to Zone "B" will restrict/block it. If Zone "A" is currently active and program "x" is currently running , if Zone "A" changes to Zone "B" , is the firewall fast enough to block program "X" immediately? is there any seconds gap in between changes? Thanks!
  6. I seem to be having an issue with my network where I cannot browse my own PC's (PC with Eset SS 7 installed) from other PC's on my WLAN network. I have a total of 3 PC's connected to this WLAN network in which I share files between and print etc. One of the three PC's use Avast and the other uses Kaspersky as an antivirus program. Accessing those PC's with my main PC (Where Eset is installed) always works without any issues but the moment I try to browse shared files from my main PC from those 2 PC's then I am unable to, I get an error message saying that the network directory I am trying access does not exist but the moment I disable Eset then the problem is gone. Keep in mind that I've been having this issue for 3 years where sometimes I able to access my main PC from the other 2 PC's and sometimes (most of the time) I cannot. I had Eset installed on the first two PC's but then all the PC's on the network were unable to share files via WLAN network. I have read a particular article showing Eset users how to go about fixing network issues by enabling a few features and by enabling interactive firewall which as you know pops up alot. Is there any alternative to fixing this issue without having interactive firewall enabled?
  7. Hi, I am trying to configure the personal firewall so that it blocks an application except when I am connected via VPN. Once VPN is connected then the application should be allowed. I can achieve this using Windows Firewall as it allows the setting of a scope that matches a local IP address assigned to the VPN, but it seems there is no way to do this with the firewall in Smart Security 7. Does anybody know of a way to do this? I have tried enabling learning mode and then looking at the rules generated when using the VPN and when not using the VPN and I can't see anything that would help me lock it down. Many thanks.
  8. Hey all, I've been having an issue ever since installing Windows 8.1 Pro that I never had happen when using Windows 7. I have Smart Security 7 installed and configured to use Interactive mode. I have a Freenas machine set up with hundreds of movies which I view using XBMC. All works fine when viewing and playing the media normally, however when I scan the drives for new media, the connection to the machine is completely lost (mere seconds into the scan), and only comes back upon disabling the firewall. I also use a media manager to automatically download artwork for my movies before hand, and the same thing happens whenever I begin scanning the drives for new media. I'm at a loss as to what can rectify the problem and would appreciate any and all assistance given. Thanks.
  9. Hi there, I'm basically trying to host my Minecraft server from my computer, so people over the internet can freely join the server. (Public server) But noone can join my server. I have tried every guide out there on how to remove the protection on the firewall, etc etc. But nothing works. So my questions. 1. Can I remove ESET firewall, or do I have to remove the entire program? I have used ESET Nod32 for probably 4-5 years now and don't feel like changing. 2. If I can't remove it, how can I disable it? How can I let people come thru the Firewall and connect to my server. I just had to disable Windows Firewall with an easy button and everything worked out just fine. Am I able to do that? 3. As we all know, ESET takes control over Windows Firewall. Is there something I can do to use it again? To take control and just have the ESET firewall on timeout? It has to be an easy way for this, going nuts here. Thanks for the answers.
  10. Hi, after an immense amount of troubleshooting, I have finally isolated the issue of COD Ghosts multiplayer consistently completely crashing every time it starts. It crashes so badly that I have to restart my PC from the ctrl-alt-del screen. The crashing started on 12 Dec after the latest patch was applied on the Steam platform. It appears to be related to my ESET Smart Security firewall. Whenever I disable the firewall completely, the game runs. But it used to work fine before the patch! I have: Upgraded to Smart Security 7 (didn't make a difference) Recreated the firewall rule for iw6mp64_ship.exe (didn't make a differerence) Tried to run the firewall in automatic, automatic with filtering, interactive and learning modes (didn't make a difference) Are other users experiencing the same, and maybe have a solution? I cannot see that it would be a good idea to run the game with firewall disabled!? My system specs are: Windows 7 64-bit 8Gb RAM Intel i7-3770 3.4Ghz Nvidia GTX 760 OC
  11. I have a problem with the Eset Smart security 7 Firewall. It began about 3 days ago, even though I have had steam installed for a year on this system, Eset began asking repeatedly for more ports/destination addresses for Steam to access, despite Steam having been given full in/out permissions on UDP and TCP. I even created a second rule that allowed specifically all the ports and ranges that steam actually uses, and yet it still asks for more. I think Eset is the problem because Steam is meant to have full access anyway, it's not that steam is requesting something out of its normal bounds, Eset just keeps asking tens, even hundreds of times for every single IP and socket every few seconds. It makes playing games impossible, and Steam is unable to download updates most of the time because it's being prevented from accessing the CDN most of the time unless I sit there and click through tens or even hundreds of requests. Any ideas? I've already tried reinstalling steam just in case, but it didn't help.
  12. Smart Security running on HP EliteBook 8460p with Windows 8 Pro 64 It is supposed on install SS should stop MS Firewall but it seems it is not the case. Some applications still trigger "Windows Security Alert" saying "Windows Firewall has blocked some features of this app" and invites me to let the app to communicate on Private and/or Public networks (see attached pic). is this normal?? My problem; While my wireless connection is seen as a private network and I get Internet connection w/o problem all the other networks (1 Ethernet NIC and 2 VMware virtual NICs) are considered "Unidentified Networks" with "Limited conectivity". (the trick of right clicking "Unidentified Network" to enable sharing capabilities on it does not work, (right clicking on this case does not bring any option). Then there's no way to convince Windows 8 that those networks are in fact "Private" networks with full rights. Even when I stop SS Firewall and MS Firewall is already stoped those Interfaces are blocked by some security level. If i.e. I externally ping the Ethernet interface I'm able to see the ping packet is read by the OS (Interface packet counters and Wireshark say so) but the answer to the ping is never sent... I can believe I cannot get a simple ethernet conection working.... Is anyone here able to tell me how to get these humble local net interfaces working??? Thanks
  13. Hi xnview is a freeware protable version xnview , not xnviewMP but can bypass the firewall interatictive mode both on a pc v6 , laptop v5 run xnvew , check for update and the firewall doesn't pup up in short xnview can connect to the net bypassing the interatcive mode can someone test it? the program hxxp://download.xnview.com/XnView-win.zip thanks
  14. I have deployed Eset Endpoint Security In different PC. And i uses web control and url address management.Under url adress management i have used List of allowed address. after that when i try to access yahoomail page is loaded like this and id i use in in Load Basic Html its look like The pictures and graphics are not loaded properly. And i have setting Like this in Eset Endpoint Security this is setting i have used I have uploaded configuration file i have used in Eset Endpoint Security Please help me as soon is possible
  15. Today I got a new hd to replace the old one. Installed my second pc [win7 32bit],tested new HD,all is fine. Most recent network drivers added (working ok) and went offline to install eset smart security 7.0.302. Seems to work good except I cant find 'network/firewall option in ESS. [snip] . . . . . Need new medication Im sorry,but I have somehow overlooked things.. solved now /regards
  16. Hi, I have two systems in Home Network in same Workgroup connected via cable to DSL router both running ESET SS 6. The Desktop is running Win 7 Pro x64. The Laptop is running Win XP Pro. Both systems connect to the internet individually through the DSL router. The Laptop can't view subfolders on the Desktop. The Desktop doesn't have any issues viewing folders and subfolders on the Laptop. Is this a possible firewall setting issue? Do I need to make any changes to the ESET Firewall configuration for this Home Network? Thank you in advance for your assistance. Regards
  17. Hello, Problem is pretty simple, but the recommended solution didn't work. I am using a file sharing app on my iPad and iPhone that is called Polkast which works great when I disable Eset protection temporarily. I have the eset software in "Automatic Filtering with Exceptions"....and have enabled uPNP in the trusted zone... hxxp://screencast.com/t/crfjtSbgQw5 however it may not be considered trusted because my wireless devices are on a different port on my router, but they are on the same network though. I need to let port 19500 pass, but it doesn't look like eset is going to let me. Anyone have a clue on how to make it work?. Thanks
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