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  1. Hi, Some Mac users in my company want to use VirtualBox for browsing localhost server with IE. https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-edge/tools/vms/ However, ESET personal Firewall prevents connection. * running Apache server on Mac host * browsing with IE on VirtualBox guest * using VirtualBox's host-only network (restriction with company's policy) network, host is and guest is * disabling personal firewall works Could someone give me an advice, please?
  2. We are developers of internet radio website putinradio.com. We faced a problem with Eset Security. We have HTML5 webpage with <audio> tag on it. Audio source stream points to stream.putinradio.com:8000/mystream We have Icecast server 2.4.1 running on stream.putinradio.com:8000 When user opens the page on putinradio.com and clicks play button, ESET warning window popups with message "Address has been blocked" It blocks audio stream as well as JSONP callback to hxxp://stream.putinradio.com/sse?callback=radio_get_np_callback We would like to know if we can prevent this window popup on default user settings Maybe we need to recofigure our servers somehow? Browsers tested: Firefox/Crome/IE ESET version: ESET Smart Security 7 (v. 7.0.325.1)
  3. Just installed Endpoint Security 6 on Windows 10 desktop with ESET firewall active. Can RDP locally from one workstation to another - but can no longer RDP from external. Windows firewall did allow RDP from external via internet - and still does if I disable ESET firewall completely. Can someone please supply rule to be added to permit RDP through ESET firewall from internet - and what setting to select - Automatic mode; Interactive mode; Policy based mode or Learning mode ?? NB - need to RDP from a laptop - so don't have fixed public ip! Many thanks
  4. Hi.​ ​ ​The firewall logs, I noticed that the ESS tried 100 times to connect to the server within four hours. This does not update server. So what is it and what he wants to connect to it? The second issue of concern to me. How big is the difference in the level of protection between the EES 6.4.2014 and ESS 9.0.381? I just did not like that the EES has Eset Service x86, and ESS x64. Although from a financial point of view to move to EES it was more profitable, but now I'm not so sure.
  5. Hi 3 Days ago I've been getting these warnings about a poisoning attack and I'm really scared It doesn't always show up It shows up at a certain times and It keeps showing for like 15 minutes I don't mind eset blocking it but It disconnect me from connecting the internet and I wanna know If It's dangerous or not so I can unblock it Can someone help me with this situation Thanks!
  6. Hello. I installed Eset Nod32 Smart Security 9 in my home network and after that I lost shared folders all around my network. I know the preblem is because of Nod32 firewall and I know that I should Add my network IPs to the trusted zone to solve my problem. BUT My networks IPs are dynamic and I'm looking for a way to make an IP range like to How can I achieve this using Nod32 Trusted zone? How can Make an IP range and put it in nod32 trusted zone? Thank you.
  7. I'm using ESS 7.0.302.26 and OpenVPN 2.3.2 When I start OpenVPN and connect to a server (TAP up), sometimes will trigger BSOD which says IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL, uncheck Epfw NDIS LightWeight Filter in wireless network properties can solve this issue, so I think it is a conflict, but uncheck filter seems not safe, so maybe ESET can solve this problem? I can provide minidump file if you want and I can promise this issue happens since ESS v5. Thanks~
  8. I have 768 rules,How to add new rule before in the first?
  9. I'm using ESS 9 with firewall in Interactive mode. Today, for the first time, a dialog popped up and I clicked the "Block" button without reading. I need help identifying this dialog so I know what I just did. This is not the typical dialog with the buttons "Allow" and "Deny", that comes up when an application tries to connect to the Internet. The only thing I remember is that this dialog looked similar, involved "chrome.exe" and some other url, and had the buttons "Block" and "Allow". Would appreciate it if someone knows what it is or have a screenshot.
  10. Inspired by a user who wanted to import a list of 222 IPs into the ESS firewall, I made this tool. I called it the "Firewall Rules Generator" for ESS. It simply converts a list of IP addresses into a settings file for the ESS firewall, so you can import it via the settings. Limitations Currently it only supports IPv4 addresses. IPv6 support may be added later. [Done] The firewall rule will be set to use the protocol TCP & UDP. You can only change this manually after the creation of the XML file. You can't specify any ports to block. Changelog How to use Start the program. (or use drag & drop to drop a IP list file on it) Select your IP list file, set the options and select specify the settings file, which should be created. After the settings file is created you can import it into ESS: Alternatively you can also create the XML from the commando line. The process can be fully automated by using the parameters of the program. To see all available parameters just start it with the parameter "/?". (like this: ESSFirewallRulesGenerator.exe /?) About the tool The tool is written in AutoIt and you can download the source code is on GitHub. It's licensed under a MIT license. This way you can be sure that it is not malicious and only does what it says. Additionally here you can find the virustotal scan. (A few AVs may detect it as a "backdoor", but happens is just because of the compressing algorithm I'm using. More information here.) Download Here are the download links for the tool: Download file SHA-1 hash: 4BDFDEADACE5BA77A1853D4B1CF650A7CDFED384 Alternative download link 1 Alternative download link 2 View source on GitHub If you find problems or other things then any report is of course very much appreciated. You can do this on GitHub or in this thread of course. If you're looking for an example of a created settings file you can use the one created from the C&C servers of Zeus Tracker (download here).
  11. Hello, There is an issue with the ESET Smart Security 9. I have no idea what could be the case. Can;t enable ( can only disable permanently - attachments as evidence below) the Network protection for some reason e.g. Personal firewall, IDS and Botnet Protection. Was running smoothly this morning, came after work, did the scan just in case whilst i was at work, nothing has been found, however before going to bed noticed the issue so decided to post it here. Thank you for your help.
  12. Hello everyone, I have eset smart security 8 on windows 8.1. I created a network wifi hotspot to share my connection with my smartphone using these commands: netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=nome key=password keyUsage=persistent netsh wlan start hostednetwork The network works perfectly if and only if I disable the firewall eset, otherwise the firewall is blocking the connection to me and my smartphone can not navigate. How can I fix?
  13. I've got a server running Windows Server 2012 R2, using ESET 5.X on the server and about 20 workstations, using ERA to push install. I migrated to Server 2012 from a 32-bit 2003 R2 server, using a second machine as an intermediary. Following the migration, and after installing the ESET stuff, I discovered that no user machines could connect to the server unless I disabled the server's Windows Firewall for the domain. Looking at the firewall rules, I saw a bunch of rules, as you can see in the attachment, which appear to be ESET rules, and which I suspect are the source of my problem. (Actually, you won't see it in the attachment, since I get a 403 when I try to attach files, but you can view it at https://www.dropbox.com/s/g745o02qrhfvaj5/Screen%20Shot%202016-03-22%20at%2012.59.27.png?dl=0) Each of the rules are for the domain, are enabled, and action=Block. The rule names are: 137-138:UDP:Enabled:ESET 139:TCP:Enabled:ESET 2221-2225:TCP:Enabled:ESET 2846:TCP:Enabled:ESET 445:TCP:Enabled:ESET My first question is: how do I get rid of these rules? If I try to disable or delete them, I get a message which I should have written down which made me think that they were set in Group Policy, but I didn't see them there, though I didn't do an exhaustive search. My second question is: What do I have to do to get ESET to answer a question like this? I put in a support ticket on this 4 times, and each time the ticket was immediately closed without any communication to me.
  14. Hello Eset Any way to schedule internet access in ERA 6.3 With EES Clients Please tell me if any rule in firewall Regards Vimarsh P.
  15. I am a little bit concerned about my computer. I have purchased smart security and have been using it for a few months. I went into trouble shooting wizard on the network settings and see what is in the images below. Should I be concerned? This is a fresh install and a freshly configured router. Should I be concerned about these or is this normal network ongoing?
  16. Hi all, I am doing a large number of unattended ESET Endpoint Security installations via an ERA server, and I noticed that after installation the clients existing network seems to be marked as a Public Network type in the personal firewalls Known Networks, by default. I am trying to run a fully silent unattended installation and I would like the network the client is connected to during installation to be marked as a Home or Office network zone by default instead. I couldn't seem to find any command line parameters for the installer to do it. I also couldn't find a post-installation command line option to change the current network location to Home or Office. I don't want to pop a GUI to the client to ask, if I can possibly avoid it. As the clients are spread all over the place, their network connection details are unique to each and cannot be assigned using ERA policies to alter the known network settings. Do you know of any way to achieve this?
  17. Can't get the ESET firewall to play nice with Blizzard games, specifically World of Warcraft and Hearthstone. I've used ESET for years, played these games with it previously. But this last month, it refuses to let them connect. The only way I've been able to run either is to disable the firewall the entire time I play, and that's not a good solution. That also tells me though, that ESET is definitely the problem. Every other thread I've seen on this topic ends with "delete all the existing rules and put it into interactive mode" but that has not worked for me. Interactive mode is how I normally leave the firewall, and it works for everything else, but I am never getting the pop-up for these. I've even tried a trick I've learnt with some other programs, which is to disable for 10 minutes, run the application and then wait for ESET to 'discover' it when it turns back on. But in these cases it just shuts down all communication at that point. Which in WoW kicks me off, and in Hearthstone crashes the application completely. I've been trying to manually configure both applications. First allowing all, then specifically allowing the ports indicated on https://us.battle.net/support/en/article/firewall-proxy-router-and-port-configurationbut I'm not getting anywhere with that either. It's possible I'm setting it up wrong, because I have no idea what I'm doing there. Does anyone have any thoughts? I feel like I've exhausted all the normal solutions here. Surely someone else has managed to get either of these to run through ESET.
  18. Hi, I am using ESET Endpoint Protection v6.3 & Multi user Tally. Unable to connect to the tally server from client, both system running with ESET Endpoint Security v6. If I disable the firewall traffic from tally server system, it works on server. For more information please refer the attached image. Please let me know which setting I need change(in the Firewall for ESET Endpoint Security v6/ESET Remote Administrator Policy) in order to allow the firewall traffic for tally. Note: I can able to access shard folder & able to ping the tally server, still I am not able to use tally. Looking for expert advise on this issue.. thanks in advance..
  19. We have been experiencing a growing number of "Non-Functional" Personal Firewall, Network attack protection (IDS), Botnet protection (see attached picture) issues with our Security Endpoint clients. This first presented itself with Security Endpoint 6.1 and it is still happening as of 6.3. We have seen this happen most commonly with our Microsoft Surface Pro 3 machines, however it has also occurred with Lenovo Thinkpads as well. If this happened once to a user, it could be chalked up to an anomaly, but for some users it has happened upwards of 5 times. There also seems to be no rhyme or reason to it as well. A user could go weeks or even months before they turn on their computer one day and their ESET Network services are suddenly non-functional. ESET's response to this is to uninstall and reinstall the product. A repair will simply not work. We have opened up tickets in the past and have provided ESET developers with extensive log files but they had not provided any other solution. I am curious as to what others who have dealt with this issue have done.
  20. Hi There Using MAC OS X Endpoint and trying to setup web control with Categories, this is not working. How does ESET do its category lookup? I am not seeing any network traffic from the client that may be blocking the lookups. Regards Mohamed
  21. i have a windows 10 system. my smart security was running fine but now I have a warning that my firewall is not open. I tried to open it but it will not. I have removed and reinstalled smart security. still no firewall. any ideas?
  22. Hallo, ich hoffe mir kann jemand auf Deutsch helfen. Ich werfe in letzter Zeit öfter einen Blick in die Firewall-Fehlerbehebung. Dort finden sich allerhand IP-Adressen. Einige lokal aus meinem Netzwerk die mir bekannt sind, ich allerdings nicht weiß warum mein Fernseher versucht auf meinen Rechner zuzugreifen, einige aber auch die mir völlig unbekannt sind. Habe die mal durchs "Whois" gejagt, mit besorgniserregenden Ergebnissen. Da sind Adressen aus Osteuropa dabei, aber auch aus den USA. Das macht mir Angst. Sind diese Anzahl an Zugriffen normal? Der DHCP-Client von Windows wird in einer Stunde rund 80-100 mal geblockt. Sind diese versuchten Zugriffe normal oder muss ich mir gedanken machen? Bin eigentlich ein sehr vorsichtiger Mensch, lasse meinen Rechner regelmäßig von ESET prüfen, habe auch alle Schutzmechanismen auf "sensibel" gestellt. Zusätzlich nutze ich den Malewarebyte Scanner. Ich setze auch in regelmäßigen Abständen mein Windows neu auf. Auch meine Fritzbox 7490 ist auf maximale Sicherheit getrimmt. Wie kann ich herausfinden was das ist und es dann abstellen?
  23. I recently upgraded several computers from ESET Smart Security v8 to v9. I use the firewall in interactive mode and have developed a reasonable number of specific rules so rather than a clean install and manual recreation of all the rules, I installed the newer version over the older, thus achieving migration of my v8 setting to v9 (as otherwise v8 configuration files are not compatible with v9). The procedure went well mostly. The problems I had were: 1) Firewall rules which use manually created zones in v8 are not functional or editable in v9. They are displayed in ESET SS v9 -> Setup -> Network protection -> Personal firewall -> Configure -> Rules edit Rule information appears correct except the zone label is not displayed. But if one of these rules is selected on this screen and the "Edit" button clicked, a blank pop up windows frame is displayed. The rule also does not function despite being displayed. I believe this is a program bug in the v8 to v9 settings migration code. 2) ESET Smart Security v9 enables adding new rules manually but does not have an add similar rule or duplicate rule which v8 supported (a useful feature in my opinion). 3) ESET Smart Security v9 explicitly shows firewall rule evaluation order, a feature I like. It enables promoting or demoting a rule by one place or to the end of table. Multiple rules can be selected but not moved as a group, which would be a useful enhancement. 4) Column widths can be changed and need to be to see the typical rule name and Application path, but aren't saved. Another potential useful enhancement. 5) I would also like to group rules together which apply to the same application. I'm not sure the best way to achieve this, perhaps add a button or pop up menu to "Group Application's rules". They can manually be grouped at the moment but program support would be a nice enhancement.
  24. Can someone advise me how to fix this options ? hxxp://img98.rajce.idnes.cz/d9803/8/8775/8775150_d035e0e32bce0560b630fc3d7da0e9f4/images/options.jpg?ver=0
  25. Hi. Not while ago I upgraded to eset smart securty 9. My operational system is windows Xp sp3. I get alerts as that I cant seem to solve them. My support team told me that eset 9 has unresolved problems with Xp. Can you help. THE ALERTS ARE: PERSONALL FIREWALL - NON FUNCTIONAL NETWORK ATTACK PROTECTION (IDS) - NON FUNCTIONAL BOTNET PEOTECTION - NON FUNCTIONAL
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