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  1. Good day to everybody, I am evaluating ERA 6, the company I work for is more or less a var, however the typical target is a LAN of maximum 20 computers. At a first glance I like ERA 6, however I wonder if, given this numbers, a windows server is really a technical requirement or not, is it possible to install ERA 6 on a windows pro machine ? thanks and kind regards Paolo Argenton
  2. After installing 9.0.349, Outlook 2016 gets stuck in a send/ receive and never completes. Existing emails are downloaded but the progress indicator never stops and new emails are not received as they come in. This behavior stops if I uninstall ESET and resumes again after a reinstall. I've tried disabling the Outlook integration both from inside ESET and from Outlook but that didn't make a difference. I've even reinstalled Windows 10 several times. Not really sure what else to do. If anyone has any idea how to fix this, I'd really appreciate it. If not, is there some way to get an official installer for 9.0.318? Thanks.
  3. I've lost my ERA Web console password (not server root pwd). FAQ says that I have to reinstall my server. What to do, not to run into lizence problems? Klaus
  4. Running ESET 8 on WIndows 10. Got a notification that I should update to ESET 9. The first part goes well, including downloading and settings. When installing, I get a message that NUPA93E.msi cannot be found in Windows\TEMP (see attachment). Installer breaks at this point. I don't have anything with that filename on my PC anymore. Please advise.
  5. eset smart security to activate the anti-theft feature my.eset.com address and asked me to create a bogus account with me as I created. I set it at stolen to try the anti-theft feature. the computer was restarted and the fake account was activated my problem ıs I can not enter the main account. my eset.com mistake I delete my account. I recreate the some account,but the anti theft feature active . but my computer starts with fake account login. what should I doin order to start a conversation with the master account ? Please help urgent !!!!!!
  6. Hi, We have Windows Server 2008 R2 standard operating system. We are facing issue with installation of Eset File Security both v4.5 and v6.2. We checked by SysInspector logs, it was showing Windows 7 Ulimate OS. Please find attached logs to resolve issue. 1. SysInspector Logs 2. OS Registry Snapshot 3. Installation Error SysInspector-SERVER-151125-1806.zip
  7. When attempting to upgrade using the instructions here on CentOS: hxxp://support.eset.com/kb3670/, specifically step 9: Run the ERA Server installer: ./Server-Linux-x86_64.sh --skip-license Extracting archive, please wait... Archive extracted to /tmp/tmp.lK8FpNVE9q. Checking OpenSSL ... done [OpenSSL 1.0.1e-fips 11 Feb 2013] Reading previous installation settings ..../Server-Linux-x86_64.sh: eval: line 495: unexpected EOF while looking for matching `"' ./Server-Linux-x86_64.sh: eval: line 496: syntax error: unexpected end of file ./Server-Linux-x86_64.sh: line 496: warning: syntax errors in . or eval will cause future versions of the shell to abort as Posix requires done Checking installed version... done Status of current installation is: UPGRADE Checking database connection ... failure Error: User login failed (invalid credentials provided) The log file in /var/log/eset/RemoteAdministrator/EraServerInstaller.log shows: 2016-01-27 20:19:21 Information: Exception thrown while connecting to the database as a user.. Error code: 1045, DB specific error code: 1045, error message: [unixODBC][MySQL][ODBC 5.3(w) Driver]Access denied for user 'era'@'localhost' (using password: NO) 2016-01-27 20:19:22 Information: Exception thrown while connecting to the database SERVER as a user.. Error code: 1045, DB specific error code: 1045, error message: [unixODBC][MySQL][ODBC 5.3(w) Driver]Access denied for user 'era'@'localhost' (using password: NO) It looks like the script is attempting to connect to the database and it is getting rejected as requiring a password?
  8. Hi, I'm using ESET Virtual Appliance 6.3 and I've successfully configured it. Now I have to install Agent in Linux system using Live installer. I have shared a folder on windows system which contains Agent installation file (Windows file path: \\servername\eset\Agent-Linux-x86_64.sh), but I am unable to understand what would be the link to be entered in installer file (EraAgentInstaller.sh) to get & install the Agent installer file over the LAN. For Windows agent installer I have edited path from ESET repository to file://\\servername\eset\agent_x64.msi and it works fine. So kindly suggest how to install Agent in Linux using Agent live installer.
  9. Hi, 10-15 customer complain is that the Update does not take place automatically for premium version. And created the same scenario at our end.And found the result to be same. We have to update VBSD manually. We have created the schedule for update after every 6hrs but still have to do updated manually. Kindly suggest us the solution.
  10. I have a win2012 server hosting several win2012 virtual machines. What is the correct way to install NOD file system for this configuration? 1) Install fs on the management os and all VMs? 2) Install fs only on the VMs? 3) install fs only on the management OS. I noticed under advances settings I have the option to include the virtual machines in the scanning. Also if I install fs on the management os shouldn't I exclude the extremely large virtual machine disk files that reside on the management os hard disks? Thanks.
  11. I have recently contact the eset smart security customer service to try to perform an unlock action on a remote computer. However, the unlock.exe tool is not capable of unlocking the current version of eset smart security 9.0.349. (admin right and shown Done when follow the instruction; but will hitting f5 will still prompt for the passoword) It's unfortunately that I have to perform all the action remotely and I do not want to risk losing the access to the remote computer via manual uninstall. As a result, Please update the unlock.exe utility.
  12. How to deploy ESET Endpoint Security (for Android) to a various, not specific number of clients? On ERAS 5 we used the following way: User gets the apk, installed and click the configuration link. DONE. Client is listened in ERAS, gets updates and can be managed. How to do this on ERAS 6? THX a lot, meg
  13. I have installed VA to Hyper V with no problems. I have connection to the domain and i can browse domain tree. But when i want to deploy Era agent i have several error messages like attachments. i have tried install agent manually, but agent doesn't communicate with server. Can you help me ?? Thanks a lot.
  14. Hi, We deployed in the passed ESET file security to our costume servers though our own private repository, used only by our customers. Is it possible to extract the latest version so we can deploy the RPM automatically 500 servers? If no what alternative unattended methods are there. We currently run esets-4.0-8 on all linux servers and we want to update to 4.0-10 Thanks in advance for your response.
  15. Cause ERAS not supports upgrading MDC, it should be done manually. But is there any guide, manual or something, which describes how to upgrade manually? Simply run the binary without params? Thx a lot, best, meg
  16. Is it yet (6.2.200) possible to created unattended/protected installers for the agent (Minimal dialog, no possibility to cancel the process) like in V5? Seems the exported batch file isn't signed, so simply change msi params would done this!? Dim params: params = "/qr /i" e.g. using /passive or /quite or /qn... Whats the /i for? Case it isn't signed, how to prevent some one from changing relevant params? Is it finally possible to protect the uninstallation of the agent (and the endpoint protection) via password? Thx a lot, best, meg
  17. Just wanted to provide some feedback. I deployed the ESET ERA Appliance for HTTP Update Caching (the ERA running on TCP 3128) and it is working great for caching updates for our clients. I've read a lot on the forums with end-user frustration with deploying the HTTP Proxy update/cache servers and this was very easy. Just required ticking a box during the web-OVA configuration. I wanted to note that on all eight servers running updating caching using the OVA, I ran successfully the Linux Agent to include these full-ERA HTTP proxies in the dashboard of our Remote Administrator that handles client tasks. It looks like the ERAAgent installs the SELinux policy and caching works normally after running the agent. In other words, the main ERA server can now communicate with other full ERA servers (not something that can be done during initial setup via the web gui). You can see in the attached picture that these ERA servers are designated with a "02" as they are the second ERA servers at their respective sites and are being controlled from the main ERA web gui. Additionally, since they are rogue detection sensors, they are also reporting in data from detected rogue agents to the main ERA dashboard.
  18. i have an activated eset nod 32 antivirus 9 till 2018 >>> and i can not be able to run an update for the virus database and the program is warning me for a security alert >> but in update tool it's telling me that the virus database is up to date and no necessary for update> my virus signature is 12270 please i need help >.. best regards and i am waiting for your help
  19. Hi, I am having issues with my outlook 2010 whereby new emails are going into 'draft mode', and are a pain to return to normal. (If anyone has experience with this issue advice is greatly appreciated!) After weeks of research I am fairly confident the issue is caused by a combination of Eset outlook integration, and having multiple users access the same accounts on multiple computers. My question is twofold - Can I remove all Eset integration with outlook (email scanning, anti-spam), without putting too big a hole in my security? I understand that any viruses or malware will still be picked up by other Eset components. Secondly - When I have attempted to disable the integration to test the solution to my issue, Eset is constantly telling me that my emails are not protected and anti-spam is disabled - is there anyway to tell Eset that yes, I am aware of this, but it is intentional and I do not need to see the red exclamation mark. Kind regards, Joshua Edit - This is the only other reference to the issue I am having I could find on the forum. Note a lack of a fix or workaround! - https://forum.eset.com/topic/989-email-message-in-outlook-changed-to-draft-by-eset/?hl=draft
  20. Hi, I've noticed this bug long time ago and it still exists in version 9. Latest version of eset 9 is 9.0.349.14, I have 9.0.318.0 installed and when i hit "Check for updates" eset does not notify me about the update, instead it says that my version is "up to date" Finally fix this or get rid of that button. Thanks
  21. Hi there, is there any guide/howto/step-by-step how to install the MDC on the Appliance? Especially: - where to find the https certificate - which is the password for the certificate - --db-use-existing-db= ... should this be the ERAS DB? Or is there no parameter necessary (as in example) - which other params are needed? Thx a lot, meg
  22. Hi, I have installed ERAS 6.2 around two months back and agents & client AV installed on approx 500 users, Yesterday due to some issue my Server got crashed and I am unable to recover the system, hence I have installed new ERA server on different system. As per my knowledge, to make the communication between Agent and new ERAS I have to follow one of the below steps, 1) I have to re-add the certificate and change the IP by repairing ERA Agent in each and every system manually 2) I can perform remote deployment of agent from ERA WebConsole, 3) Installation through live installer batch file As per the point 1, manual installation is not possible to do in all 500 workstations. In scenario 2, many of workstations are not connected to the internet for remote deployment, Point #3 again asking to run agent live installer in every workstation manually, which requires manpower to install in 500 clients and it is also a time consuming task. So kindly let me know if any other way available to make communication between agent and new ERAS other than above method.
  23. Hello, I have a Laptop Computer running with Windows 10 connected to the Internet via Mobile GSM/UMTS (3G) Connection with subscription (T-Mobile Germany) I run ESET NOD32 9.0.318.20 at this time. When I try to update the Virus signatures I get a red error message saying, that no Connection is possible and download was aborted. As soon as I reconnect the Laptop via WiFi Network all works fine. Is the IP-Adress from the ESET Update System so Special, that mobile Network doesn't like it or this there a Setting which I can check or Change?
  24. We are trying to install ERA server in CentOS 6.5 but unable to do. We have successfully installed the WebConsole as instructed in help.eset.com after that we started the installation of MySQL and we have installed 5.7 but service is unable to start getting error "mysql daemon failed to start" Check MySQL logs attached. so the ERAS is unable to make communication with MySQL database. We have reinstalled MySQL with community release 5.7 but the same issue. also followed forum hxxp://www.tecmint.com/install-latest-mysql-on-rhel-centos-and-fedora/but the issue is same. Logs attached: system info from get command, mysql error file. Linux_CentOS_issue.rar
  25. I was running ESET Endpoint AV 5.0.2228. I downloaded the newest 64-bit .MSI from ESET's website, and installed it over 5.0. After the installation completed, it asked me to activate the product with my key, which I did. Now the issue is, my Endpoint AV will not connect back to my ERAC, despite the settings being the same. I checked the settings on another machine just to make sure, and they are all identical. When I try to run an update on my Endpoint AV, I immediately get an error message, "Virus signature database update ended with an error. Unidentified server response." I accessed the "Advanced Setup" and changed the Update Server to "Choose Automatically", and it grabbed the updates just fine. However, I'd like for it to actually grab updates from ERAC. I am a novice when it comes to this, so I'm not 100% sure where to begin. Thanks in advance for any assistance!
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