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  1. Hello, i'm already installed ESET SysRescue into USB. and everything is fine but i'm just wondering do i have to purchase a license/username and password ? if so, can i use the same license that i purchased for ESET smart security 9 ?
  2. Hello, trying to create a new Annual report with chart including the following: Active Threats report Threats Resolved Threats Unresolved But there are some issues cretating this report. Anyone may help or to propose current or create a new report with the above topics? Thanks in advance, Vasilis
  3. Hi All, Is ESET NOD32 Antivirus for Linux Desktop is compatible with RHEL6.5 ? I have tried it and I got below error message.
  4. I see this regardless whether I install ESET manually or deploy via ERA to Linux servers: "Product is not connected. No connection attempt occurred." What does this mean?
  5. Hi, When I try to run Windows update I got a message "error 0x800706d9". My searches on​ Google tells me that the problem is that Windows firewall is turned off. Of course, it is turned off because Eset manages the firewall. I did try to deactivate Eset firewall but I never succeed to activate Windows firewall. I don't understand why Microsoft wants their firewall to be turned on, to install updates? Thanks for any help, Jackske
  6. Hi I have installed ERA 6 on windows server 2012 R2 and Eset File Security on this server. Then I activate mirror on Eset File Security Server that all client receive update from mirror by SMB. Update for client os windows 7 is ok, but windows xp client receive invalid username and/or password. what is problem?
  7. Dear Team, Configure Offline update mirror tool but its download all version update like ep4, ep5, ep6, era6.. Is this possible to download update only for era 6? I have configure below configuration. MirrorTool.exe --mirrorType regular --intermediateUpdateDirectory c:\temp\mirrorTemp --offlineLicenseFilename c:\temp\esetendpointantivirusforwindows.lf --outputDirectory c:\temp\mirror
  8. As per the title, I have a new laptop (MSI) with a windows 10 installation and the installation process for smart security freezes at 2% with the process 'stopping services' The laptop is a factory install and I've already updated windows to the latest patch. I uninstalled norton beforehand....
  9. Hello Tell me why the archive with offline update from your website does not contain all the updates that are available from the network . More specifically it does not have a "module rootkits detection and treatment" and the "module network security". Where can I download the missing modules?
  10. Hi All, We're using the Microsoft SCEP for the Linux, we know the core engine of the SCEP is provided by the ESET, and it will connect to ESET to get the latest definition update. my questions is how could we manually download the latest definition files? Is there any URL that you can provided? Any information will be appreciated. Eric Zhang
  11. Good day, I have done an All-in-one installation of ERA Server. Product Version: (Setup.exe file) I have and error with the ESET Remote Administrator Mobile Device Connector saying that the Product is not activated. I have tried to run the Product Activation task on the server. The feedback says it was successful, but Mobile Device Connector still is not activated. Anyone have any ideas?
  12. Recently upgraded from Win 7 64-bit to Win 10 64-bit. I have eSet installed along with the Comodo firewall. After reinstallation, I've been occasionally seeing BSOD on boot in inspect.sys (Comodo). Working with the Comodo team analyzing memory dumps and they are suspicious that there's some type of interaction issue w/eSet. After uninstalling Comodo, I got one BSOD that the Comodo team reviewed and said was in eSet (ekrnAmon.dll). I'm running Win 10 (10.0.10586 and eSet 9.0.381.0). I have a memory dump if anyone from eSet would like inspect it. One other point. The evening I planned on doing the Win10 upgrade, eSet refused to start on Win7 even after multiple reboots. After upgrading to Win10, eSet has installed and run without incident.
  13. Hi, I am trying to install ESET Endpoint Security 6 locally in windows 7 system, but the installation ends with rolling back message. Under the system event log I found below error message-- "The ESET Service service is marked as an interactive service. However, the system is configured to not allow interactive services. This service may not function properly". Sometimes it gives ERROR 1603 under event log. Please help to resolve it.
  14. Hi all, We are actually deploying the ERA 6 server on our Linux Debian 7.8 server to manage our licenses but we do have some troubles. The ERA server and Web console have been installed succesfully. By that we mean that installation has ended without any problem and that we can use the web console (and generate the needed certificates). But next step is to setup an agent on the server itself (as it seems to be needed), and that's were we actually do have problems. From web console we donwloaded the "Agent Certificate" and the "Certificate Authority Public Key" that were generated at server installation (those that are allready listed). Then we just run following Agent-Setup command specifying the agent certificate and CA public Key: ./Agent-Linux-x86_64.sh \ --skip-license \ --cert-path="/PATH/Certificate Export CN=Agent at _ C=US.pfx" \ --cert-auth-path="/PATH/Certification Authority CN=Server Certification Authority C=US public key.der" \ --cert-password= \ --hostname=SERVERIP \ --port=2222 Note, the pre-generated Agent Cert has no password, therefore we leave the password field blank. But the installation fails with following error: Database status is 'DB_INVALID'. Database cannot be upgraded, because it is corrupted or it is not ERA database. Searching through log file, those are the last lines: 2015-03-04 10:37:23 Information: Installer: Reading database status... 2015-03-04 10:37:23 Information: DbCheckStatus: Action invoked with: --cert-auth-content "" --cert-auth-path /PATH/Certification Authority CN=Server Certification Authority C=US public key.der --cert-auth-temp-path "" --cert-content "" --cert-password ********** --cert-path /PATH/Certificate Export CN=Agent at _ C=US.pfx --cert-temp-path "" --cert-to-check-password ********** --cert-to-check-path /PATH/Certificate Export CN=Agent at _ C=US.pfx --computer-added-uuid "" --computer-group-choice DEFAULT --connection-chosen host --current-version 6.1.450.0 --db-connectors-dir /opt/eset/RemoteAdministrator/Agent/setup --db-path /var/opt/eset/RemoteAdministrator/Agent/data.db --db-scripts-dir /opt/eset/RemoteAdministrator/Agent/setup/Database --db-type SQLite --db-upgrade "" --era-lib-dir /opt/eset/RemoteAdministrator/Agent/ --hostname SERVERIP --installed-version 6.1.450.0 --log-sequence-id "" --modules-dir /var/opt/eset/RemoteAdministrator/Agent/Modules/ --port 2222 --product-guid GUID --product-name Agent --replication-interval "" --server-cert-temp-path "" --webconsole-hostname "" --webconsole-password ********** --webconsole-port 2223 --webconsole-user Administrator 2015-03-04 10:37:23 Information: Entering function: std::string Era::Setup::Common::CustomActions::CDatabaseReader::GetDatabaseStatusForEmbeddedDB(const string&, const string&, const string&) 2015-03-04 10:37:23 Information: Entering function: std::string Era::Setup::Common::CustomActions::CDatabaseReader::GetDatabaseStatus(const string&, const string&, const string&, std::stringstream&, std::vector<std::basic_string<char> >&) 2015-03-04 10:37:23 Information: DbCheckStatus: Set output property: P_DB_STATUS = DB_INVALID 2015-03-04 10:37:23 Information: DbCheckStatus: Return code: 0 2015-03-04 10:37:23 Information: Installer: Parsed output property: arg_db_status=DB_INVALID 2015-03-04 10:37:23 Information: Installer: Database read successfully. 2015-03-04 10:37:23 Information: Installer: Database status is 'DB_INVALID' 2015-03-04 10:37:23 Information: Installer: Database status is 'DB_INVALID'. Database cannot be upgraded, because it is corrupted or it is not ERA database. As we can see there seems to be a problem with the database... But which one ? Regarding following line in the logs, we assume that the Agent has its own database (an sqlite one): --db-type SQLite But we have no idea on what to do to debug this situation... If someone has any idea or steps to find out what is wrong here, we would be very pleased. Best regards, G.
  15. Hi all, I am using Linux - CentOS release 5.5 with 2.6.18-408.el5.centos.plus Which ESET product I supposed install on it or which one is compatible for this Linux distribution??
  16. Hallo, I have bought a Eset nod32 365days key from G2A. I had thinking it's a fullversion, but it make's a 30days testversion to a 365days "testversion", only. It was no information for this from the seller on the G2A webside. In the Eset faqs I've read to late that's a "use once key", when I understand it right. My question is, can I use the key for a another activation when I make a "new install" with Windows 10, on the same PC in the next time? In the moment I still use windows 7 with this "activated" 365days nod32 testversion. The G2A hotline says, that I can use the key for another activation on the same PC. Is that right? Yours truly, Markus
  17. I wish to have policies that make Local update (from lan source) when client is in lan, but when client leave lan (lan source is unreachable) then client should to update antivirus base from eset internet sources. I made two policies Lan Update (with lan source) and Internet Update (with Choose automaticaly - on and update server - autoselect.) Lan update is first, Internet update second... and always Internet update works (even in lan). what I done wrong?
  18. Hi guys, I have this situation: I have old eset era 5 on server1 and new eset era on server2. Problem is: from new server2 is not sucessfully deploy era agent to client. Allways I got error Failed. On all clients is instaled endpoint securyty. If I disabled on client edpoint firewall, deployment from new server2 will be sucessfully. Is it possible set on all clients firewall rule form old eset era server? I mean set in policy enable some ports to allov agent deployment from new server2. Thank you.
  19. ​Hello, ​I try to install Eset Endpoint Antivirus with SCCM 2012 but i can not. No problem to install ERA Agent with SCCM, but even I try to install using ths following command line : ​msiexec /i eea_nt64_fra.msi /qn, the installation start, and stop 30 secondes later, without error message. ​Is it possible to install eea with a msiexec command line or may I do Something wrong ? ​By the way, I have an other issue. We use Direct Access on our network, and the clients which are pass trought DA take the name of the DA server on the ERA Console. Is there a fix for this issue. ​Regards,
  20. Hi all is a "Microsoft Lumia 550" mobile phone bought in Australia able to have eset antivirus installed under a smart security Multi device lisence? I need some pointers as i have not been able to get it happening and i am not clear on it being posible. any help is appreciated
  21. I need to install esets.x86_64_RHEL.rpm.bin on 200+ Linux servers. I tried using a script with a heredoc: ./esets.x86_64_RHEL.rpm.bin <<EOD ^M y n EOD But it's pretty much ignoring the input. Are there command-line arguments to accept the license agreement and skip the samples submission? I'd really like to do this in a script as I want it to be included in my new server standup (scripted) process.
  22. Hello, I didn't use the Eset Smart Security program in a long while due to problems with it, and was using "Microsoft Security Essentials" until now. I was about to install "AVG Internet Security", but it immediately prevent me to do so, because apparently it found old traces of an Eset program. As mentionned, I uninstalled the Eset I was using a while ago. So I searched manually typing "Eset" and deleting the folders I found. But now I can't find anything on my computer that would be called Eset or "Smart Security". I still can't install AVG. I would need help to completely erase Eset from my computer, thank you by advance.
  23. Hello, I was about to install AVG internet security, but I had an error that said that I can't install it because it will conflict with Eset. I was suprised because I uninstalled my Eset nod32 a while ago. I manually searched my computer to delete many folders of Eset. I deleted everything I found, but apparently I still can't install AVG. Is there a way to really delete everything ? I didn't found any Eset removal tool that aim at uninstalling Eset itself, the tool can uninstall Malwarebytes, but not Eset ( maybe it doesn't find what AVG intall program can...
  24. Hi guys, We have issues with our ERA. The service SQL Server Agent (ERASQL) is starting for 1second and then stops again. And after that it won't start at all. What we have tried: - Repair SQL server - Repair the ESET install - Starting and stopping all SQL services - Running the service under different users ( local admin and a created user with admin rights etc.) Does anyone know a fix for this ?
  25. This morning I came in to find both of my ERACs, one in the USA, one in China unable to link with any of my clients. The errors within the event log are: Column Name Value Primary Server **-**-***-av01 Date Received 2016-05-17 12:14:59 Date Occurred 2016-05-17 12:12:23 Level Critical Warning Plugin Update module Event Bad link to update server. User NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM No changes have been made to the network, the servers, the ESXi host they are both on. I have rebooted them both to no avail. Plugin Name is Update module. I have no insight into why BOTH of these servers would stop meeting out updates at the same time. i have spoken to the network team here - nothing has changed, but I still find it odd that they both went offline at the same time. I would assume that would point to something internal to the network, or port issue. I cant ping the update mirror address anymore - but I can ping the server itself.i was thinking maybe something along the lines of DNS? Anyone else ever have an issue like this and if so - how did they resolve it? Thanks All. Ted
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