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  1. Help me please. I just installed antivirus. Everything went well but it does not open or via an icon in the system tray or through the application menu. It works and responds to potential threats but the GUI does not open after clicking the icon.
  2. As I searched on Google I found some program like ecls.exe on windows, but I did't find the counterpart on Mac. So anyone knows something please tell me. Thank you.
  3. Hi there, is there any way to log all files which are scanned by the real-time file system protection? THX a lot, best, meg
  4. Before I installed ESS 8 I got some viruses. Later I installed and activated it, and scanned my computer using the smart scan. It found 21 infections, but I still get popups when using firefox. The popups have links yxo.warmportrait.com. And I get random web sites opened that I didn't even click or search for. I looked it up and as I understand it is a virus, but ESS didn't delete or detect it. I ran a in-depth scan for all the partitions, and it found 5 infections, and it said eset deleted them. Now I'm running another scan. Is this removable? what should I do?
  5. HI, Do we have iSwift & ichecker based scanning in any of the ESET products.
  6. Hi, I am new to the forums and am having a problem. This morning had an online sale but was unable to print a label. After jumping through a dozen of hoop, called Lexmark who after having remotely connected to my computer, told me I have a virus. Oh well. I am bringing my laptop to a local shop, however all the ESET applications etc, is gone from the Downloads folder. I checked, and sure enough, my license is good until next year. BUT to my astonishment (and this is to put it nicely) everything that has to do with ESET, is gone from the downloads, except for the Installer. Can't run
  7. Hi Newbie here, I wonder what does this result mean? Please see the attached file Thank you very much in advance for any information you can provide me Came
  8. I am getting Infected files at location of /; showing in my log Files....where is that and how do I eliminate? BTW, the forum will not allow me to search with this term as it is too few characters..... thanks
  9. A little background first. My organization currently has a small test environment for EES 6 for Mac and PC. All computers were upgraded from EES 5 (PC) and Nod 32 v4 (Mac). We just began experimenting with v6 policies. First We noticed one of the PCs shows a "Smart Scan" in the computer scan tab with a scan date of 12/31/1969 4:00 PM, which is strange because we did not enable the "First Scan" policy. The scan itself has not made any progress and has been running for two days. The scan still appears in the computer scan tab after several restarts. Second In the computer scan logs, e
  10. Hello to all! I have few questions about Automatic startup file check (default scheduled tasks performed after user logon and successful update). How does ESET handle any threats that it finds during this scans? Does it ask user what to do or does it automatically remove (quarantine) them? Can the behavior be configured? If yes, where? Thnx for your help.
  11. Hi, i`m a new bie and not a techie, Can I install both Norton internet security and ESET Smart Security to my laptop? Windows 7? Best, Willie
  12. I open Eset from the sys tray. Sometimes it hangs at that point. When I click on custom scan it takes awhile for the next window to open or hangs. When I click scan as administrator there is hard drive activity but it is really just hung. Let it go all night. Only way to kill it is to turn off the computer. Win 7 64. Tried a repair install - no luck. Lloyd Plueschow
  13. The following issue is a small GUI issue - some time ago I already reported one, but I think this is another issue. At some time I looked at the ESET GUI and it showed me this: So that's certainly wrong as the home tab displays the content of the "computer scan" tab. I created a dump file so if someone from ESET would like to get it just write it in this topic or write me a PM. OS: Windows 7 x64 ESS v 8.0.304.x
  14. I often let people borrow my laptop on campus for presentations, and their USB drives have many computer virus programs. I am concerned that as soon as the person plugs in their flash drive, I will get the virus on my computer ... Is it possible to force NOD32 to run a scan before Windows mounts the volume? thanks, Hubert
  15. Good evening from Greece, I didn't want to bother support for this minor problem. I had installed ESET SS7 and yesterday i got a message that i can upgrade it. I pressed OK and the installation of ESET SS8 started automatically. When i open the ESET interface, it freezes every time i choose the option "Computer Scan" from the left panel. It freezes for about 5-6 seconds. Of course the scan works fine. Every other option, like "Setup", "Tools", don't have this problem. I'm concerned if that could indicate another major problem, like a bad installment, and i must re-install it, o
  16. Any ideas why ESS 8.0.304.1 stops responding when opening the scanning page in the control menu ? sometimes i appers to be scanning because it found something but the GUI id blank evept for the object found with the path written i red letter. Any suggestions would be great Things tried Reinstalling with og without eset remover tool Clearing ram and temp files before restart / reinstall Uninstall and the clearing regestry for alle keys relatet to ESET. Cheers Martin
  17. I have tried to scan a folder containing a sample of trojan Emotet.AB. The program version of ESET Endpoint Antivirus is 5.0.2228.1 and the signature database 10843(20141208). There are no exlusions defined for this folder or file pattern. The result was unbelieveable. Scanned objects: 0 infected objects: 0 cleaned objects: 0 Is there anybody who can explain this strange behaviour? Help would be much appreciated.
  18. I ran a deep scan and the report said it cleaned 1 object but there were 13 infected objects. How do I remove the infected objects from my Mac. I saw instructions on the board for Windows/PC but not for Mac.
  19. For the previous story see this post. Again my ESS froze at the tab "Scan computer" and I also noticed that the RAM usage of ekrn.exe went up to 200 MB. ESS version: 7.0.317.4 I had 2 devices connected at this time. A funny thing was that I could move the main Window of ESS, but the black rectangle in the background stayed at the same place. @Moderators I prepared some more screenshots and dump files. Please signal me here to who I should send this information. Edit: Corrected the dumb files to dump files.
  20. Running Endpoint version 5.0.2229.1 on Windows 7 - 32 bit. Issue: advanced scan with email files in advanced parameter setup selected takes approximately 2.5 hours to complete. Screen capture will show results from last scan. This includes a 1.5TB external drive. I'm finding the length of the total scan time too long. Am I at risk deselecting scanning email files ? I do realize they are scanned in real-time but I like to scan them all the same as they sit on my main drive. Feedback and comments on-topic would be appreciated.
  21. Hello, Yesterday I ran ESET NOD32 and was notified that my computer was infected with 3 files similar to C:\Windows\Installer\4a824.msi. I was very concerned that my computer was infected, so I did a clean windows 7 install. Now when I run ESET NOD32 I get 1 threat notification for C:\Windows\Installer\4a824.msi. I can't imagine my computer is infected as I just did a clean windows 7 install. Windows update downloaded almost 200 updates, is it possible that Windows Update installed infected files on my computer, or is it likely that this is a false positive? I tried to submit the f
  22. Hi. I have windows 7 64 bit ESET Smart Security 7 V 7.0.302.26..and i have some a strange issue. When I was trying start smart scan..then i've got messages about error opening HDD C;/D: and more stuff (in safe mode have this same message) How can I fix it ?
  23. Hello, I just made an experiment and I found out something funny. You can go on the steps to reproduce this. I downloaded the eicar test file. (it's an harmless file that should be detected as malware) Because ESET will delete it (and so it will directly after downloading) I deactivated real-time protection temporary. If you have it on your computer then you can go on. I wanted that ESS does not delete the file after I reactivated real-time protection, so I zipped this file with a password. (You can do this with a tool of your choice or you can download the already zipped file I attached)
  24. I have a MacBook Pro with 3 partitions that have Mac OS X, Ubuntu & Win 7 respectively. When doing a scan with ESET NOD32 it shows up some possible infections within the Windows partition but appears to give no options to deal with them. Do I need to enable read/write access to the Mac OS X & Windows partitions for ESET NOD32 to be able to eliminate/quarantine the infected files. In closing I do wish to say that I very much like the way ESET NOD32 integrates with the new Ubuntu Unity desktop
  25. When I click the Computer Scan icon, it immediately opens Custom Scan. In the window under Profile, items are listed with a checkbox to show what is being scanned. If I connect a Flash Drive, it appears in the list under Macintosh HD, which always has a checkbox and is always scanned. On a few occasions, "Boot OS X" appeared below Macintosh HD with its own arrow and checkbox. I did not connect anything to the computer when this happened; not even my flash drive. Why did "Boot OS X" appear and what was ESET picking up? What does this reference? Please note that in the attached snap
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